Sudanese bash policeman in Melbourne

October 11, 2007, Herald Sun

A GROUP of drunken youths assaulted a policeman in Melbourne's troubled suburb of Noble Park following a wake for murdered Sudanese teenager Liep Gony, police said.

Det-Sen-Constable Scott D'Razario, 30, was driving along Isaac Road with his female police partner just after 2am when the pair stopped to speak to a group of 20 youths standing on the road.

The detective asked the men, aged in their late teens to early 20s, to keep the noise down.

But when another police van pulled up, one of the youths king hit the detective and others began to kick him.

Several other members of the group joined in the attack, kicking the detective a number of times before fleeing ...

Mr Evans said in Sudanese culture boys were taught to be men from a young age and not back off from a fight.

"That is part of their cultural upbringing, and this is what we're seeing and this is why we have had some injuries with police and some confrontations, because they don't back away," he said.

Yesterday, up to 300 people attended a funeral and wake for Liep Gony, who died after being bashed in what is believed to have been a racially motivated attack two weeks ago near the Noble Park railway station.

Two men, aged 19 and 21, have since been charged with his murder ...

Police Association Victorian secretary Paul Mullett said a police "softly softly'' approach had failed to combat youth group violence.

"Let's get away from the slowly, slowly, hang back, warm fuzzy style and back to a good, practical, strong visible police presence,'' Mr Mullett said.

"Policing should be proactive and preventative, and we should let them do their job and core function properly supported by a proper level of resources.

"Our members are accountable and the blue uniform is sacrosanct and should not be touched.''

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Problem 1: police woman most likely holds no physical intimidation to these youths, and unable to back up her partner once it got physical.

Problem 2: there will always be an underlying racial tension with black Africans because they are so visibly different. Denying human nature doesn't make this fact go away. Hence violence is closer to the surface with them, and groups they interact with. The only way this could be minimised is if everyone was put through a finishing school and cultured in manners, etiquette, grooming, civility, etc. Which sounds improbable given that the current culture is going in the opposite direction.

Problem 3: talking the problem down by generalising it: "accidental confrontation", "That could easily have happened with a number of white youths," "Drunks fight, and I don't care what colour you are."

Cut the crap and take Tony Blair's advice to "call it like it is".

Problem 4: the Sudanese boys are taught not to back off. Where have we heard that before? ...

A great divide takes some understanding:

"They don't go in for the greater good. Their families have survived a brutal civil war. They are tribal. They are aggressive. They are in your face. And they are not grateful ...

The minute you talk tough, and these Lebanese guys lose face, they only know one thing to do. Retaliate. You saw it immediately after the Cronulla riot ...

They react with emotion. Violent emotion. You've seen the funerals in the Middle East where people are tearing their hair out. There is also the mentality you see in prison, where any failure to retaliate, immediately, and with violence, will mark you as weak, and therefore vulnerable. This is the logic of the street, not society, and they have completely insulated themselves from society".
Stop bringing in immigrants and refugees who are so visibly, linguistically, culturally or religiously different, and who have brutal backgrounds, and dumping them into a cultural vacuum.

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Abandon, aah, exactly as I experienced at my cafe. One time an undercover Detective had to mace a group of about seven young African males as they came toward me, and over nothing.

They demanded to be allowed to sit at the table for free while sexually harrassing female customers and passers by! Yeah, that's gonna work!

I said to the possible ringleader, "I can still tell that you're swearing even in Arabic, mate". He said, "I don't have to speak English!"

And he was right. There is no demand on him that he does.