Not your "ordinary Saturday night bashing"

Dan Oakes, October 19, 2007, the Age

IT TOOK a couple of minutes and two stops for the tram to become the scene of panic and savage violence. When the attack was over, two men had been severely beaten and other passengers were spattered with their blood.

The unprovoked assault — 10 late-teens turned on two men — took place on the No. 96 tram in St Kilda on a recent Saturday night and, experts say, was part of a worrying trend of violence emerging in the inner-city entertainment precincts.

Police, academics and doctors have told The Age of their concern at a new trend towards unprovoked bashings meted out by packs of young men.

While violence around late-night venues is traditionally seen to be alcohol-fuelled, this new type of assault is often committed by people who are not under the influence of drink or drugs.

Police and criminologists say these men travel to precincts such as Chapel Street, Fitzroy Street and the CBD with the sole intention of bashing "innocent bystanders". The attackers are usually of the same ethnicity, but the trend is not confined to any one ethnic group ...

"Passengers were covered in blood, it was really full-on. It wasn't like an ordinary Saturday night bashing, it was really very violent." (Via AANCC)
Dear Dan Oakes,

If ethnicity is not a factor in these assaults, why don't you tell us what the ethnicity was is each of the incidents you refer to? Why can't you let us judge whether ethnicity is a factor? If there are groups dishing out random savage beatings, isn't it in the public's interest to issue descriptive warnings of the perps? Instead you tell us NOTHING and perpetuate the myth that there is NO REASON for this violence.

The biggest causes are the cultural vacuum and baseline tensions caused by living with the constant ill-feeling of diversity. Throw in a violent media, Jackass movies, gangster chic, YouTube violence, offensive doof-doof culture, etc, and it's all downhill. So it's a 'free for all': the most brutal culture wins. Even the Aussie kids will become violent because they know parents, cops, and politicians have betrayed them and cannot protect them. Such is the end result of diversity.

Dan is taking the same line as Andrew Bolt in the wake of the Sudanese flare-up i.e. he's highlighting the complete breakdown of law and order in this country. By crying "it's everywhere, and everyone is doing it, all ethnicities, and there's no reason" you have succeeded in deflecting the focus off the Sudanese, for now.

But, like Bolt, you also shot yourself in the foot. Again, what right-thinking country would bring in incompatible black Africans into savage randomness?

Dan Oakes is another fatalistic PC parrot, masquerading as a journalist. They tell us nothing but mopey sad stories with no happy endings and no solutions but the dumbass ratcheting-up of reactive-policing numbers.

"For that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it."
Diversity as an idea is dead. It's time is done. Give it up. Time to start afresh. I vote to break up the country into separate states, to solidify and accept the country the way it is - zones for Anglo, mixed, Asian, Muslim, Black, etc. At least that will halt the march of diversity.


KG said...

I vote we create a new state--somewhere people can barely scratch out a living. Supply the most basic infrastructure (and I mean basic) then begin deporting thugs such as these to the new state.
Patrol the borders with predator drones and kill anything trying to leave the place.

Abandon Skip said...

And make a reality-TV show about it!

KG said...

Great idea Skip! That way it'd be self-funding. :-)