Anti-dhimmitude in New Zealand

(from Pedestrian Infidel, March 2007)

A conference of Christian church leaders on the "threat" of Islam to New Zealand is being condemned as a "conference of bigots" by senior New Zealand Muslims.

... the conference would address the threat posed by Islam to New Zealand society – a threat he likened to the terrorist attacks in the United States of September 11, 2001.

"It's an underlying threat, but it's like the twin towers – they imploded. Islam
does the same thing to a society – it makes it implode," he said.

"The mindset of Islam is to take over the world. They will do that by any means they can. The church in England ignored Islam. If the church in New Zealand doesn't rise up, we will be in the same situation."

... "Muslims don't have the freedom to change religion. If you do, they'll do their best to eradicate you," Dillner said.

A fellow organiser, Open Doors New Zealand director Bruce Quedley, said Islam was often portrayed as a religion of peace, but "realistically that's not what happens".

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UK: Ivinghoe Beacon is Alight

(from LionHeart, March 2007)

The Legend of Ivinghoe Beacon whispered throughout the Chiltern hills is that during Saxon Times when there was impending danger of War & Attack from the invading enemies, the Beacon was set alight so that everyone for miles around were aware of the danger coming their way and could prepare for War.

Ivinghoe Beacon is part of a network of Beacons spread throughout the country ...

I was stopped yesterday as I was doing my usual walk through my town centre which I do as an act of defiance against the Pakistani Moslems who have invaded my town. I was stopped by an old gentleman and given a disc and told that the Royal Knights hear my cry's and the legend of the Beacon is now a reality in this generation. I checked the disc and found these pictures and have obviously posted them in the interests of the local non-Moslem population. I will endeavour to obtain a picture of the restaurant so you have a clearer picture.

It seems that the warning has now been given for those who live around the vacinity of this Anglo Saxon Beacon to prepare for War and the impending danger coming their way (I hope it is not too late). More ...


(by Lawrence Auster, at View From the Right, December 2006)

I subscribe to the now tiny but, I believe, some-day-to-be prevalent Separationist School of Western-Islamic Relations. We separationists affirm the following:

  • Islam is a mortal threat to our civilization
  • But we cannot destroy Islam
  • Nor can we democratize Islam
  • Nor can we assimilate Islam
Therefore the only way to make ourselves safe from Islam is to separate ourselves from Islam. Other writers who might be called separationists include Serge Trifkovic, Diana West, Randall Parker, the Norwegian blogger Fjordman, and Hugh Fitzgerald ...

It must be remembered that Separationism is shorthand for a strategy that includes Rolling Back, Isolating, Containing, and (from its margins) Policing the Muslim world. Furthermore, this policy must be permanent. As long as Islam exists, radical Islam or jihadism will always exist, in an active or potential state. More ...

Western and Muslim honor create a divide

(from Ultima Thule, May 2006)

Western and Muslim concepts of honor create an unbridgeable cultural divide

In addition to honor and shame ... comes the Muslim sense of manhood or manliness, which involves being capable of great violence and mayhem in defense of the family name or his religion. Our own concepts of tolerance seem hopelessly weak and pathetic to a culture such as this, and in no way makes us palatable to the Muslim male, who sees only weakness -- probably the weakness of a woman in our attempts to be compassionate and tolerant. So much for winning hearts and minds! ...

We would be wise to take into account these cultural characteristics, and not make the mistake that the compassionate liberal makes -- which is that given enough understanding and tolerance, the other fellow will see your point of view, and come in the end, to be as tolerant as you. In a sense, this is the illogic of tolerance, it assumes that tolerance is the logical endpoint of all understanding and culture. It is not. More ...

Limit Muslim migration, Australia warned

February 2007 (Sydney Morning Herald)

LIFE can become untenable when the Muslim population of a non-Muslim country reaches about 10 per cent, as shown by France, a Jewish expert on Islam says ... Professor Raphael Israeli told the Herald:

"When the Muslim population gets to a critical mass you have problems. That is a general rule, so if it applies everywhere it applies in Australia."

He said Muslim immigrants had a reputation for manipulating the values of Western countries, taking advantage of their hospitality and tolerance.

Professor Israeli said that when the Muslim population increased, so did the risk of violence.
"Where there are large Muslim populations who are prepared to use violence you are in trouble. If there is only 1 or 2 per cent they don't dare to do it - they don't have the backing of big communities. They know they are drowned in the environment of non-Muslims and are better behaved."
In Australia, Muslims account for about 1.5 per cent of the population.

Professor Israeli said that in France, which has the highest proportion of Muslims in Europe at about 10 per cent, it was already too late. There were regions even the police were scared to enter, and militant Muslims were changing the country's political, economic and cultural fabric, and demanding anti-Semitic and anti-Israel policies.
"French people say they are strangers in their own country. This is a point of no return."
More: Sydney Morning Herald, Winds of Jihad

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

April 2005

Denmark's Queen Margrethe II warned against the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Denmark and the world in a new book out on Thursday, saying people must on occasion "show their opposition to Islam":

"It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and very lazy," she said in the authorized biography "Margrethe" written by journalist Annelise Bistrup.

Here is her forthright analysis of the problem in Denmark and of reactions to their attempts to rein in cultural destruction in at least one European country:

"And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction," added the queen, who has reigned since 1972 and celebrates her 65th birthday on Saturday.

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UN predicts huge migration to rich countries

March 2007

Fjordman writes:

This UN report confirms what most of us already knew: The waves of migration that the Western world will be facing over the coming generations are far, far greater in scope and speed than those who brought down the Roman Empire. Can our democratic system survive this? Unless we take harsh measures, including military ones, to uphold our borders at all costs, our countries will simply be destroyed and will cease to exist because of this immigration, and Western civilization itself will collapse.
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Hanson slams door on Muslims

March 2007

PAULINE Hanson will urge major political parties to stop the flow of Muslim immigrants into Australia when she launches her bid to become a senator this year.

Warning Australia could go down the same road as some European countries, where she says racial tension are "out of control", Ms Hanson says federal politicians will eventually have to decide on Muslim numbers in Australia.

"We have to decide now whether we want to go the way Britain, France and the Netherlands have gone," she told The Herald Sun. "England's being lost. It's losing its identity and its way of life."
She says the Muslim way of life is totally opposite to the Australian way, citing instances of multiple marriages, the forcing of women to wear the burqa, closure of pools to males and shopping centre bans on Christmas decorations.
"The fact is they're Muslim first and Australian second," Ms Hanson says.
More: Democracy Frontline, Herald Sun

Nile wants stop to Muslim migrants

March, 2007

THE most successful Christian political party in NSW is calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration to Australia, replacing them with persecuted Christians from the Middle East.

Christian Democratic Party leader Fred Nile, the longest-serving MP in the NSW upper house, who made an unsuccessful bid for the federal Senate in 2004, said the moratorium should be in place to allow a study of the effects of Muslim migration.

"There has been no serious study of the potential effects upon Australia of more than 300,000 Muslims who are already here," he said. "Australians deserve a breathing space so the situation can be carefully assessed before Islamic immigration can be allowed to resume.

"In the meantime, Australia should extend a welcoming hand to many thousands of persecuted Christians who are presently displaced or at risk in the Middle East."
More: The Australian, Winds of Jihad - video

Murdoch warns on Muslims

June 2006

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has sounded a warning by saying Muslims would always identify themselves by religion before nationality. Mr Murdoch told the Nine Network that care needed to be taken to avoid a divided society.

"You have to be careful about Muslims, who have a very strong, in many ways a fine, but very strong, religion, which supersedes any sense of nationalism wherever they go," he said.

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Why we're all living under a fatwa now

Salman Rushdie (October 2006) :

"What I fear most is that, when we look back in 25 years' time at this moment, what we will have seen is the surrender of the West, without a shot being fired. They'll say that in the name of tolerance and acceptance, we tied our own hands and slit our own throats."

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Sweden's suicide note

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the Swedish government, said during a radio debate:

"We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us."

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These pages will highlight the problems with current immigration programs ...

It's life, but certainly not as we want it

Dr Clive Hamilton (December 2006, Sydney Morning Herald)

Plans to squeeze a further 1.1 million people into Sydney over the next 25 years will transform it into the nation's least liveable city ... Sydney must stop growing sooner or later.

... in the end Sydney's expansion is decided in Canberra because overseas migration drives population growth ... Rarely in our history has a federal government pursued such a high level of immigration as the Howard Government ... The Government plans to increase the numbers ... The fact that John Howard, who has gained re-election by exploiting Hansonite xenophobia, has presided over a record inflow of foreigners is an irony little remarked, not least because the Government tries to keep the figures quiet.

The immigration program is a response to pressure from big business, which demands a steady flow of labour and dreams of a market of 50 million people ... The business lobby and the Government will not admit it, but a high level of immigration is of no economic benefit ... Unlike natural population growth, the immigration tap can be eased back tomorrow. Doing so is the only way to protect the quality of life in Sydney.

More: Sydney Morning Herald

The Muslim Problem and What to Do about It

John Stone, Sept 2006, Quadrant Magazine

There is an old adage that, when you are already in a hole, stop digging. The entry into Australia of Muslim immigrants over the past thirty-five years or so means that we are now in a hole. The first thing to do, then, is to stop digging. We should curtail very sharply, to the point of virtually halting, the further entry of Muslims within our immigration programs. That will be attacked as "discriminatory", and so it is. We have every right to discriminate against the admission to Australia of people of any culture that we believe will be incompatible with the peace, order and good government of our country.

More: Quadrant Magazine
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Abandon Skip

What does “abandon skip” mean?

It means a few things that describe what this blog is about:

  • Our leaders have abandoned Australia to the forces of immigration, multiculturalism, and globalisation.
  • We have turned our backs and run away from these problems, instead of facing them.
  • If we are not careful, Australia may become so foreign that future generations will reach the “abandon ship” stage, and want to leave.
  • Other Western countries are being described as galloping into cultural surrender. Australia is likewise hopping into cultural surrender.

If Australia was a ship, it would be sinking. This website says 'enough' of submitting to the seemingly unstoppable forces. It is time to put the spotlight on these dangerous policies. Otherwise, the problems will be passed onto our children. We want to stop the “abandon skip” mentality. No more running from these problems.

Last call for drinks, Australia

In a pub, a last call is usually announced 10-15 minutes before the bar closes for the night, urging the customers to buy one more drink while they still can.

If Australia was a pub, it would be near closing time.

We are at a defining point in our history. Our nation is being flooded by immigration, divided by multiculturalism, and surrendered to globalisation. Australia, as you know it, will soon cease to exist - it’s future identity unknown and a cause for concern.

Hotel Australia is near closing time, and tomorrow it will be sold to new owners. What plans the new owners have for the pub is anyone’s guess. But judging by other nations that are further down the path of change, you won’t like it. The question is whether we all sit around and order one last round of drinks, or we rally and try to save what’s left of the pub.

Across the globe, people are waking up to the problem. Australia has the advantage of learning from other countries who are further down the path of change.

There won't be much of my own thoughts on this website. Rather, this blog will seek to highlight important information from the growing list of websites and news articles that are documenting the “Death of the West”.

Note - for international readers, the term Skip refers to an Australian of Anglo-Celtic descent, more or less.

Isn't "abandon skip" a negative and defeatist title?

Maybe, but the target audience of this blog are Australians that don't seem to recognise the problem. You have to point out the problem before people see the need for a solution. Inch by inch, day by day, we see evidence of the surrender of Australia to foreign interests. I want to highlight this process so folks can feel the loss. Only then will they be moved into action.

What hit me between the eyes were the words "the Death of the West". That's a negative statement, but that's what it took to wake me up.

Am I a Christian or a racist hate-monger?

No, neither. I once was a Christian, but I am now a happy atheist/agnostic - although I do retain most Christian values. I don't hate any race or religion, and I respect the beauty of each within its own kind. However, I believe that diversity has its limits and, in recent times, peoples' tolerance has been stretched beyond breaking point. I don't believe that all races and cultures are compatible and can comfortably co-exist.

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Please Note: whilst this blog deals at times with the issue of race, Robert Spencer and Hugh Fitzgerald of Jihad Watch (whom I frequently quote) hold the view that the anti-jihad resistance is not about race.

Group hugs can be dangerous

Janet Albrechtsen

GROUP hugs get us nowhere. And that about sums up a talk-fest in Canberra last weekend called “Australia Deliberates”. About 350 “representative Australians” came together to ask panellists questions about the fractured relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in Australia. Gushing headlines told us that, having listened to “detailed discussions”, non-Muslims are now more comfortable about Muslims. Of course they are. It was a con job. The hard issues were flicked aside. Here’s something we did not deliberate on: lulling ourselves into complacency is a dangerous option. More ...