Andrew Bolt: carrying the corpse of diversity

October 12, 2007, Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

HAVE we gone mad? A few drunk Sudanese louts bash a policeman yesterday and we carry on as if we've never seen such savagery on our streets.

Never, bellow the talkback callers to an eager ear, until we let in these uncivilised Africans.

With all due respect, Mr Talkback Caller, you are an idiot. We've got thugs of all colours -- white in particular -- now punching police and anyone else they find, and the Sudanese aren't the worst of them.

While you were on the phone panicking about a few Africans, 50 extra police were this very week deployed into the city to deal with the grim fact that scores more people are getting bashed in the heart of our state's capital, and not by Africans. Panic about that, sir ...

But crimes of violence are still rising: homicide, rape, kidnaps, assaults -- all have jumped over the past five years. So has our rate of imprisonment, to the highest level since the Depression ...

We have work to do, folks. All of us. (Via: AANCC)
Dear Mr Bolt, you did us a favour by highlighting the wide collapse of respect and law-n-order in this country. But in that context, you shot yourself in the foot. For what right-minded country, in such decay, would think it had the capacity to assimilate, rehabilitate, and educate black Africans who are bound to create racial tension at the best of times? A country has got to know it's limitations, and our country has to get its house in order before it has the capacity to even think about absorbing any more foreigners.

We know we don't have water, but hey we'll still bring in immigrants anyway. We don't have any community or respect or law-n-order, but hey we'll bring in some brutalised and traumatised refugees anyway.

"We have work to do, folks. All of us." And this is the pure folly with which he finishes on. We can't get anyone to work on the diversity frontline: no nurses, police, teachers, bus drivers, doctors. Pfft! Go on Bolt, what are YOU going to do? Nyit. Cause diversity fails on the ground. Fails on the ground Bolt. Ya still don't get it. All these isolated enclaves are self-determining entities because nobody, bar a few Mother Teresas, Les Twentymans, and police Ramadan soccer games, wants anything to do with diversity. Isn't anyone game to call it? The ball's out, way out of court, out of the freaking park! And still no-one will call it: DIVERSITY FAILS ON THE GROUND. It is as dead as a dodo and Bolt and y'all nutters keep carrying the corpse around in the name of "save the refugees". In the long-run diversity only means segregation and self-determination. Kiss it goodbye.

If you are going to bring in incompatible foreigners into an already fractured metropolis, then it must be clearly stated to the country that we are creating states within states: of which we will have no control. These sub-states will be entirely self-determined, and we have no idea what will happen within them. Leadership will be entirely from within. Any policies from outside will be mere window-dressing. So it must be stated to the country that pockets of the country are being given away, and we don't know how big those pockets will grow: hey, maybe even the whole country will be given away - it's all up for grabs, fastest breeder wins!

If Aussies had an isolated, homogeneous community we would still be faced with an uphill battle to restore law-n-order, respect, and civility, but at least we would have half a chance. It is precisely because everyone knows the country is in decay, and y'all dumbass politicians go and throw in incompatible Africans into the mix, that they go berserko on talkback radio. The fire's burning and ya go pour petrol on it with black refugees. It's a corpse, Bolt. How long ya gonna carry it around? As long as Britain?

Maybe we need to break off parts of the country into Anglo sanctuaries, get them in order, and then deal with the decaying melting pots. That way the folk have something worth fighting for, some place to start, some base to work from, some hope.


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Skip, yep it's complex except at the level of fear.

When my Japanese had one of our cafes in a high immigrant area, it was quite a microcosm to hideous parody of a Left/Socialist Council & an atomised, low grade area. The immigrant shop owners were some of the nicest and hardest working people you could meet.

But they too, the Africans, Vietnamese etc, were all suffering under the inbuilt dysfunction of multiculturalism and the taboo against criticism. It was Hell.

The best of immigration is often enjoyed by the middle-class and the brunt of worst of it is taken by the lower classes, hence little sympathy from comfortable media twerps.

I will do a post on this soon maybe called, 'The Age looks away from the Dark of the Sun', after a film with Rod Taylor on the Mau Mau. All the best from Colonel Robert Neville. blogspot

Dan Zaremba said...
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Dan Zaremba said...

It's interesting to see da Bolta changing and losing his "edge".

Something happened there. He is not the same.

Unknown said...

sadly, Bolt is just another neo-con fool.

Unknown said...

I've also had a bit of a rant about the whole immigration situation - I'm fed up with the establishment and it's BS.

Abandon Skip said...

Didn't Bolts say something like: if we don't address the troubles we've got with diversity/Muslims, we could see an escalation 10 times as worse.

Methinks he went on holiday and realised if that does happen, those words will come back to haunt him - because he will get the blame for talking it up.


Abandon Skip said...

BTW, Dan, I like the work you're all doing over at AIM. Good stuff.