NSW: The Voices of Bennelong

24 October 2007, Life Matters, ABC Radio

Richard Aedy visits the marginal electorate of Bennelong to meet some of the old and new residents of this changing electorate.

The electorate has a high percentage of overseas born voters, particularly from China and Korea and it's commercial centre has underdone big changes over the last decades.

Real estate is booming with strong demand due to growth in the industrial centre of the electorate which houses major companies like Optus.

We also hear about the strong focus on academic achievement in the local schools.


Justin Li - 25 year old lawyer from Eastwood

Kirsten and Jennifer - Grandmothers and long term residents

Oliver Yap - Real Estate Agent

Sue Leitch - Deputy Principal of Eastwood Public School

Jason Ko - Editor of Hoju Donga Ilbo, daily Korean Newspaper

Listen to future Australia ... The program concluded with an Asian saying that their community would remember John Howard's anti-Asian comments made back in the 90's (?) when it came time to vote. It's clear where their loyalties lie, and who can blame them in such an Asian dominated area - it's the Aussie kids who are now adapting to a dominant Asian culture. An old lady commented how she felt like she didn't belong there anymore.

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