Future freaks: the natural conclusion of diversity

March, 2008

Just a few freaks? Nothing to worry about? Well, judging by the speed with which the tattoo and piercing crazes have become mainstream, I say we should worry that freaks like this will become the norm of tomorrow. After all, in a world that says appearance doesn't matter, race doesn't matter, isn't this the natural conclusion of that logic? What controls does society have to prevent our children from waking up in a Star Wars cafe? None. From a Peter Overton show on Sixty Minutes:

This was, by far and away the weirdest assignment I had ever been given in seven years at 60 Minutes. My producer began the big sell:

"Peter, we want you to go and interview a bunch of extremely modified people, it’ll be great... great pictures… you know, you’ll meet a man who looks like a cat, then there’s the bloke who looks like a lizard...

Oh, and the fella who has two big horns in his forehead..." ...

Naturally, my thinking was WHY? …why tattoo your entire body to look like a lizard, have someone (not a doctor) cut open your skin and put horns in your head with no anaesthetic, get your tongue split, expand your ear lobes to the size of golf balls…


Are these people odd? Did they have a troubled childhood and were searching for their place in society? And everyone had their own answer …most because they simply wanted to, no really deep philosophy. Just because they could ...

We took a stroll down Santa Monica beach, and the reaction from the crowds was extraordinary. You could see the wide eyes, the dropping jaws… a real fascination that the human form could be changed so dramatically ...

But hey, these people were great. I found once you got to know them, you could close your eyes, listen to them and you’d swear you were talking with an UN–extremely modified person! Enjoy the journey on this Sunday's show, I did.
It is disturbing that Overton and Sixty Minutes see this as a fascination to be enjoyed. Er, no. It is a butt-ugly sign of a culture out of control. Your reaction should be horror that these people exist and we have to look at them.

The orienting response:
Orienting response, also called orienting reflex, is the reflex that causes an organism to respond immediately to a change in its environment. The phenomenon was first described by Russian physiologist Sechenov in the 1850s in his book Reflexes of the Brain, and the term was coined by Ivan Pavlov, who also referred to it as the "What is it?" reflex. The orienting response is a reaction to novelty.
Welcome to orienting overload. In a diverse population, your subconscious is already in constant orienting overload dealing with the diverse races, cultures, sub-cultures and fashions. It will be constant-vomit if these freaks become mainstream. Our liberal society has no response to someone's desire to freakify themselves -- after all, appearance doesn't matter, so we are told.

I still favour Australia breaking up into ethnic/racial zones, where one's human right to a relaxed and comfortable subconscious is protected -- protected by the visual homogeny of shared race, and agreed norms of appearance. It will be even more desirable once the freak show begins.

Pass the bucket, please ...

MORE: video and transcript

Sydney stabbings: alleged triad members held

Mar 25, 2008, SMH:

Two alleged members of a new Sydney triad gang preying on overseas Asian tourists have been refused bail, charged with the stabbing murder of a Korean student.

The men, Chinese nationals Ivan Wong and Michael Lee, both 18-year-old students from Carlingford, are charged with the murder of Joon Yup Lee at 1am last Thursday.

The victim died during a running street fight that began in the Liverpool Street Hungry Jack's restaurant and spilled into the adjoining World Square complex.

The pair are also charged with wounding with intent to murder Korean student Jung Ho Song, 20, who was stabbed ...

Both Wong and Lee are alleged to be members of the Yee Tong triad style gang whom police allege have been preying on fellow foreign students in a stand-over extortion racket ...
Triad linked to student's murder:
The Herald has learned that the deportation request, on the grounds of student visa violations, was made the day before last Thursday's fatal stabbing of the 19-year-old brother of the prominent South Korean actor Lee Dong-gun.

Concerned members of the NSW Asian Crime Squad are understood to have met Department of Immigration officials to detail the activities of the gang that calls itself "Yee Tong". While police have yet to establish how many members the gang has, those identified to date are from mainland China and many are on study visas.

Yee Tong, whose members are in their late teens to early 20s, emerged in the Sydney CBD in the past year amid rising night-time violence in and around the World Square business and residential complex.

Police intelligence suggests Yee Tong has laid claim to the World Square complex, bounded by George, Liverpool, Goulburn and Pitt streets, as their turf against the long entrenched rival Big Circle- and Sing Wai-stylised Hong Kong Triad gangs in nearby Chinatown.

Five years ago, the Big Circle and Sing Wa gangs were involved in a series of violent clashes over protection rackets.
Celebrations from Asian Sydney 'hubs'.

Globalisation, diversity: what a mess ...

March, 2008
Stop refugees and help WA homeless: Liberals:

The State Government should call a 12-month halt to its support for refugees and ensure public housing was used to address the poverty crisis sweeping the State, according to the Opposition.

Shadow housing and works minister John McGrath suggested the drastic action to help solve WA’s growing housing crisis, claiming refugees were being provided with housing at the expense of West Australians.

The West Australian revealed at the weekend that crisis shelters and refuges across Perth were closing their doors to an unprecedented 98 per cent of people seeking help. They blamed the increase on soaring rents and rising house prices caused by the resources boom.

Mr McGrath said while the national humanitarian and refugee program was important, he believed WA should drop its quota for one to two years until the State’s housing situation improved.

“As unkind as it sounds, if we’ve got West Australians who can’t get accommodation I think we should look at just putting it (the refugee program) on hold for 12 months until we can make some inroads into the public housing waiting list,” he said.
Farming workforce at crisis levels: NFF:
Farmers say Australia's agricultural workforce is in crisis, placing the nation's economic growth at risk.

New data reveals the number of people working in the agriculture sector has declined by almost 100,000 to 330,000 since 2002, with 70,000 workers walking away from agriculture in 2002-03.

Areas hardest hit include farm hands, livestock farmers, shearers and heavy farm equipment operators, according to new data from the National Farmers' Federation (NFF).

The long-running drought has been a significant factor but so too has the stifling of regional development and a lack of incentives for training.

The federation says the "crisis" has already impacted on farm production.
Defence must arm up for 'Asian threat':
A MASSIVELY restructured Australian Defence Force equipped with a fleet of 400 advanced combat aircraft and 30submarines could be needed to provide for the nation's security and counter the rise of Asian powers, a former senior defence official has recommended.

In a paper published in the latest edition of the Kokoda Foundation Security Challenge series, Ross Babbage - a former senior defence official and now adviser to Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon - recommends a home-grown military capability that could "rip the arm off" any threatening Asian power ...

Australia would need to be able to stand its ground among its Asian neighbours, he warned, citing the rise of Indonesia, India and China.

"Nevertheless, despite the myriad uncertainties, the seemingly irresistible strategic tide with which Australian defence planners will need to come to terms is that the country will be walking among giants, some of whom may not be friendly," Professor Babbage says ...

The Babbage plan for 30 submarines comes at a time when the crew-strapped Royal Australian Navy can barely keep three Collins Class subs operating out of a fleet of six ...
Defend Australia with women, islanders - Stott Despoja:
AUSTRALIA can ease the defence recruitment crisis by lifting restrictions on women and allowing entry of South Pacific islanders, says Australian Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja.

A solution to the problem of how to recruit quality candidates to the Australian Defence Force (ADF) was desperately needed, she said.

The ADF would always find it difficult to attract and retain personnel when the economy was performing strongly, but one solution was to widen the pool of potential candidates, she said ...
Sounds like a lot of self-inflicted damage, worsened by short-term fixes:
  • The joys of a resource boom give us a shortage of housing and steal workers away from farms and the military.
  • The joys of refugee intake worsen a housing shortage.
  • We help build Asian giants by buying their goods, outsourcing and selling off stuff to them, and then need to spend up big to defend ourselves against them.
  • We destroy the social fabric of our nation with the social-capital-destroying diversity program, so we then have no pride in our nation, and then have trouble recruiting in the military, and naturally we go looking for an outsourced and feminised solution.

Melbourne: put Africans out of city, say police

Mar 25, 2008, the Australian:

POLICE are advising the Immigration Department for the first time about how and where to settle troubled African refugees.

Senior Victorian police have urged the department to settle Sudanese families in country towns such as Mildura and Sale, away from suburban Melbourne where young African men are being caught up in street crime.

The Australian understands that police first appealed to immigration officials last year following a spike in criminal activity among young Sudanese men, while Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon was attempting to play down the problem ...

Police advised against settling Sudanese in "dysfunctional areas" such as housing commission flats in Melbourne's north and east, and a growing number of the 15,000-member state community are now living in Mildura, Sale and Wonthaggi.

African Think Tank chairman Berhan Ahmed yesterday praised the rural settlement, saying it would help the Sudanese integrate, find work and avoid drugs, alcohol and street crime.

"The influence of drugs and alcohol will not be there, and it will be much easier for kids and refugee families to adjust in rural areas," he said ...

Victoria Police's multicultural liaison officer, Joseph Herrech said helping Sudanese refugees to settle in Melbourne was a challenge for immigration officials and police.

He said grouping the Sudanese together at times led to crime-related problems, and separating them often exacerbated their emotional hardship.

"We've recommended to Immigration that they be spread out slightly more," he said ...

Police sources have told The Australian that gangs involving Sudanese men, including African Power and the Bloods and Crips - inspired by the Los Angeles-based crime groups - have grown in numbers and become more of a concern in the suburbs of Collingwood and Carlton ...
So Christine Nixon was telling lies. Enjoy the 'celebration', Mildura.

She'll be white, mate

25 March 2008, Blacktown Sun:

Look around any busy street and you'll have all the evidence you need that Australia has become truly multicultural. Look at Australian television, however, and you'll see a different picture. With a few notable exceptions - most of them on SBS - local programming is rigidly Anglocentric, in terms of the actors employed and the issues canvassed.

It's something that's bothered Leah Vandenberg for a long time. The striking thirtysomething actress has been appearing on our screens since the late '90s and is enjoying something of a purple patch at the moment ...

Nevertheless, she knows that as a dark-skinned actress her options are limited in this country."I know that it's an issue. My colour is taken into account. I know that. It's just the way it is. It's getting better but it's still very 'blondist'. Look at McLeod's Daughters. I mean, hello - how many blondes can you get on the screen at one time? It's hilarious ...

"I was in Melbourne not very long ago," she says, "and some lads go by on a Saturday night and go, 'Welcome to Australia, love.' I actually think we've gone backwards in the past 10 years. "Suddenly race is becoming more in the forefront of our psyche as how we view people and what they represent to us, which is why it's so important to put these faces in our lounge room - so that people can start seeing these people as people."

Australian television never has been a true representation of Australia. There's such a fantastic hotchpotch of stories we could be telling but we have such an Anglicised way of thinking on our television screens.
There you go ... not only do we lose our country, our identity, but a show full of blondes is now "hilarious". How about a white working-class TV season? More to your liking? ...
For it regards the white working class as a kind of vanishing primitive tribe towards whom disdain is only temporarily suspended in the interests of anthropological curiosity.
Yes we have gone backwards in the last 10 years. Why? Because immigrants have turned into a dominant force. Shouldn't we then suspend immigration and return to immigrants being a minority, and only from compatible sources? You've admitted it was better back then.

I don't watch much TV, but have started to notice the browning of some shows: I think there's a dancing show, and gladiators. Anyone know what time Mcleod's Daughters is on? Sounds like a good show ...

Asian 'hubs', white flight, and Laurie's agenda

Immigration lends foreign flavour to Aussie lifestyle
Mar 23, 2008, Tony Jensen, Courier Mail:

SUBURBAN multicultural hubs are on the rise, with overseas-born residents accounting for more than 50 per cent of the population in some suburbs.

... Robertson, in Brisbane's south, is home to the highest proportion of overseas-born residents, with migrants comprising 58 per cent of its population ...

"Robertson was followed by Stretton, with 55 per cent of the population born overseas, also mainly from China and Hong Kong," he said.

"The Brisbane CBD comes in as the third highest suburb based on residents born overseas. This would be due to the high number of international students that reside within inner-city accommodation." ...

Hong Kong-born Mr Lee said he and his family had lived in Carindale, in the city's southeast, since they arrived in Brisbane about 10 years ago, but had wanted to move to the Stretton area because of its multicultural reputation ...

He said migrants, particularly those from China and Hong Kong, were attracted to the southside because of its standing as an Asian hub.

"There's the Chinese shopping centre in Sunnybank and a lot of people have relatives here," Mr Soh said.

Mr Lawless said migrant clusters were evident throughout Brisbane ...

The Australian Demographic Statistics report shows more migrants settled in Australia last year than in any other period in history.
Well, despite Tony Jensen's word play with "flavoured hubs" and so on, the truth came through crystal clear: migrants are attracted to their own kind. No big surprise about that elemental force of nature. They reject diversity and create areas that don't lend anything to Aussie lifestyle: rather, they extinguish Aussie culture.

So the Lees "wanted to move to the Stretton area because of its multicultural reputation" is just word play. They moved because of it's Asian reputation.

The sleepwalking into segregation continues. And what plans does Laurie Ferguson have to remedy this?

He said refugees needed to be housed across a broader spread of suburbs instead of being concentrated in small areas. While he welcomed the intake of African refugees, he said it was a mistake to house them in single suburbs, such as Blacktown.

"The Department of Immigration historically has been less active than they should have been with settlement patterns," he said. It needed to ensure that school populations were more diverse ...

"People may not want to talk about it but this is a real issue," Mr Ferguson said ...

We need to ask ourselves what kind of society will we be in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years' time if we continue down the path of state-sponsored segregation and education by class, religion and ethnicity.
You can run, Australia, but you can't hide from the diversity fascists: they're coming for you. We don't want it, the Asians don't want it, the blacks don't want it: left to our own devices, segregation is the desired choice of most. But they're gonna ram it down your throat anyway.

'No idea' how to stop Thai violence

Mar 18, 2008, news.com.au:

THAILAND'S Interior minister has said he has "no idea" how to curb unrest in the nation's Muslim-majority south, as the government announced an emergency meeting following a deadly hotel attack.

"I must say I have no idea how to solve this problem," Interior Minister Chalerm Yubamrung said, saying the insurgency stemmed from Muslim feelings of discrimination by mainly Buddhist Thailand.

"The southern unrest is a very serious problem. It's about their religion and their beliefs, and their grievances about discrimination," he said ...

Two people were killed and 10 others injured Saturday when a car bomb exploded in the parking lot of a smart hotel that had been considered a safe zone for business and political leaders visiting the province of Pattani.

The conflict is entering its fifth year, but Thailand has made little visible progress even in identifying the people or groups behind the attacks ...

While the previous military government launched a raft of peace-building measures, almost daily shootings and bomb attacks continued to rock the region ...
Another victory for interfaith dialogue ...

A victim's relatives cry next to the body of an elementary school teacher shot dead by Muslim militants in Yala province, in September 2007. Militants have killed 75 teachers and burned down 297 public school buildings since early 2004, according to a regional educational office in Yala.

Thai-Muslim protesters chant slogans next to a photo of a Danish cartoonist during a protest outside the Danish embassy in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday, March 12, 2008. Some 800 Thai Muslims took part in the protest against the reprinting of a cartoon in Danish newspapers perceived as insulting to Islam.

Thai policemen inspect the wreckage of a vehicle after a roadside bomb attack in Thailand's Yala province, February 27, 2008. Suspected Muslim separatist rebels killed one soldier in a bomb attack, police said.

Thai-Muslim protesters chant slogans during a protest outside the Danish embassy in Bangkok, Thailand Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No idea? Robert Spencer can help you:

For this to end, peaceful Muslims around the world would have to confront the fact that bin Laden and other jihad terrorists are regularly justifying their violence by reference to passages of the Qur’an and the words and deeds of Muhammad. If they don’t acknowledge this and formulate new and non-literalist ways of understanding this material, it will continue to be used to incite violence. In other words, the use that jihadists make of elements of the Qur’an and Muhammad’s teaching makes it incumbent upon peaceful Muslims to perform a searching reevaluation of how they understand those elements, so as to neutralize their capacity to set Muslims against non-Muslims.
Instead, the best we get from peaceful Muslims is the "not in our name" routine. It's not good enough.

Thai Muslim villagers pray at a mosque in Pattani province on March 7. Thailand's insurgency-torn south has witnessed an escalation in drive-by shootings and bomb attacks.

Miranda Devine invites contempt for the law

Even the safest driver is being set up to fail
March 23, 2008, SMH:

HAPPY Easter and welcome to another holiday blessed with double demerit points and draconian fines - all in the guise of lowering the road toll ...

In other words, chances are these drivers were travelling with the traffic, paying attention to the conditions, rather than anxiously checking their speedometer every 15 seconds while easing a foot off and on the accelerator in deathly fear of copping a fine and losing three points off their licence ...
So going with the flow justifies breaking the law? Everyone does it, so it's right? If you are tired of the on-off accelerator ordeal, then just drive a little under the speed limit rather than always at the maximum.
... almost every driver is a sitting duck for speeding fines and demerit points. If they are careless or unlucky enough, they will find their licence suspended or cancelled, as was the case for 13 per cent of drivers in 2005. And the very real prospect of jail looms for driving unlicensed. Thus, otherwise law-abiding people are criminalised.
Say what? Did you just condone driving unlicensed? Yes, of course, that's the natural response to a law you disagree with - what was I thinking ...
What's more, a NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research report last year revealed nearly one in 10 people born before 1984 - Generation Y - had a criminal record by the time they were 21, mostly for driving offences. That is an absurd statistic, leading inevitably to contempt for the law.
Er, no. It may lead to debate and protest over particular laws, but not contempt for the law in general.
In Sydney, speed cameras are often studded along roads which flip-flop between as many as four or five different speed limits over a couple of kilometres. Keeping up with variable limits while navigating traffic and driving safely is a challenge for even the most focused driver.
Usually only if you're in a hurry - and that's the real issue isn't it?
Some European traffic planners have gone further, removing traffic signs in town such as Drachten in the Netherlands. Eliminating excessive regulation has resulted in more courtesy on the road, fewer crashes and a psychological shift in drivers taking responsibility for their own behaviour.
Maybe for the current generation that has been conditioned with "draconian" laws. But the next generation will challenge all that.
Winning hearts and minds is a lot more useful in reducing road deaths than criminalising the entire driver population. It will also probably free up the traffic and reduce road rage.
Whoa, there you go again: bad laws justify road rage? Did someone miss their coffee this morning? What planet are you on Miss Devine?

Have a debate about road laws by all means. But encouraging contempt for the law, justifying driving unlicensed, and justifying road rage are not in the public interest. Unless, that is, one has a touch of Gen-Y and Corey Worthington anarchistic sympathies ...

ACT: girl, 14, escapes from abductors

Mar 22, 2008, news.com.au:

TWO men tried to abduct a 14-year-old girl in suburban Canberra yesterday, police said.

The teenager was walking beside an arterial road in the north-west of the capital when the men, believed to be Indian and aged between 25 and 38, tried to bundle the girl into a white hatchback.

"The men tried to force the girl into the car, but she managed to escape and fled the scene,'' police said in a statement .

Police are calling for two witnesses who are believed to have seen the attempted abduction to come forward.

Kosovo – prelude to the destiny of Europe?

Kosovo seen through the eyes of a Dane.

Mar 17, 2008, Harry Vinter:

The situation in Denmark

The Danes are descendents of people who entered the landscape, which is now Denmark, when the ice withdraw after the ice age 12,000 years ago. Neither the Roman Empire nor the large emigrations reached Denmark. For this reason the Danes have little experience with the kind of ethnical conflicts, which the Serbs have endured through centuries.

It was therefore easy for different NGOs and irresponsible politicians to make the Danes accept an influx of immigrants from the beginning of the 1970ies. The immigration was presented as a “cultural enrichment”, which would bring about a “colourful society”.

Today, 30 years after, these positive words are never heard any more. Now the key word is “problems”: Problems with integration, problems with criminality, problems with ghettos, problems with forced marriages, “honour” killings and terrorism.

The main problem seems to be, that the vast majority of the immigrants are Moslem ...

... Denmark has a growing population of Moslems, who are directly hostile towards the Danes and the democratic tradition, which the Danish society is based on.

Riots in the streets - including many cases of severe arson, primarily targeting schools and cars - have become part of daily life in Denmark. Stabbings, which until a few years ago happened very rarely in Denmark, are now an integrated part of the nightlife. The vast majority of the culprits are young Moslems, and the victims are almost always Danes ...

The situation in EU

The situation is similar in all the old EU-countries. Growing groups of Moslems are becoming increasingly hostile towards their host countries. Fear, terror and self censorship has become part of life in many large cities all over Europe. Everything is done to appease the Moslem immigrants. Piggy banks are abolished, people refrain from wearing crosses in necklaces, companies abolish the traditional Christmas lunch, schools serve halal-food, and criticism of negative sides of Moslem culture silences. Freedom of expression is gradually abolished and with it democracy itself ...

At the same time EU is developing the Euromediterranian project, the aim of which is to merge EU with the countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

The demographic consequence of this project is obvious. Millions of people from these countries will rush into Europe and multiply the 40 millions, who are in EU already.

But even without this future influx, the collapse of the European civilisation seems to be inescapable. The low birth rate of the Europeans and the high birth rate of the Moslem immigrants will have the consequence, that the Europeans will be outnumbered within few decenniums [decades], - unless something drastically is done very soon.


The demographic development, which is now threatening the mere existence of the European civilization, has been going on for many years in Kosovo. And the consequence looks the same.

Albanians have the highest birth rate in Europe, so even without the ethnical cleansings of non-Albanians from Kosovo, the Albanians would have made up the majority anyway ...

At the same time it is a fact, that the future of Serbia does not look bright with Kosovo as part of the country. The high birth rate of the Albanians will inescapably have the consequence that the Albanians are going to become the majority in Serbia within a number of years.

I do not need to tell Serbians how life is for Christians under Moslem rule.

Denmark, EU and Kosovo

In many ways the development in Kosovo looks as a prelude to the fatal development in the rest of Europe. The hostile attitude and behaviour of Moslem immigrants in Denmark and other EU-countries reminds of the hostile attitude and behaviour of Albanians towards non-Albanians in Kosovo ...

... many Danes argue in letters to editors and in blogs and homepages, that if it is accepted, that the Albanians can tear away Kosovo from Serbia, then immigrants in Denmark can also tear away parts of Denmark and declare independence.

There is an increasing understanding for the Serbian point of view among Danes. But it is a struggle against the clock – and the Moslem birthrate ...


Why do the leaders of Europe want to destroy their own civilization and exchange it with a culture, which has never produced anything but babies and poverty? ...

There are many theories about this, and it is beyond the scope of this article to explain them here. But of course the oil of the Arab countries plays a key role ...

Because of the power of energy resources, the friendship with Russia is Serbia’s best hope for the future. And I dare say: Probably the hope for Denmark and the rest of EU as well.
And also a prelude to Australia's destiny, unless things change.

Kosovo & the population imbalance

Mar 16, 2008, Ioannis Michaletos,

It is important also to illuminate around the existence of the Kosovo issue as a demographic one, shaped by the expansion of one group of people (Albanian Muslims) versus the other one (Serbian Christians). Moreover the existence of facts on the ground as resulting from the population growth of the former, signify a real precedent for other regions in the world.

In 1913 when Kosovo & Metojia became a part of the Serbian state the population of Christians exceeded 50% , whilst the Albanians counted around 350,000 souls, approximately 40%, the rest being occupied by Roma, Bosniaks, Turks and people of mixed origin. A generation later in 1948, after WW2 that resulted in the killings of 20,000 Serbs and the expulsion of some other 150,000 by the Nazi Albanian collaborators, the balance tilted in favor of the Albanians. On top of that, the Tito administration willingly opened up the border up to 1949 and accepted 150,000 illegal immigrants in order to deliberately change the population makeup of the province as a counter-measure against the Serbs. Tito’s motto was “For a strong Yugoslavia we need a weak Serbia”.

Thus, in 1961 the Albanians numbered 650,000 people, and the analogy was 65% Albanians, 28% Serbians. From that period onwards a dramatic –And basically unexplained- population expansion derived from the Albanian community. In the mid-60’s the Albanian population had a 6.5 children per woman ratio, whilst the Serbians around 2.5. Although the second number is enough to replace the previous generation, it was much less and that resulted in a virtual takeover of the land by the Albanians. In 1981 just after Tito’s death and the start of the first rebellions in Pristina, the Albanians numbered 1.2 million, a 100% increase in less than 20 years. The pressure exercised by them against the Serbian farmers that took the form of homicides, arsons, rapes and vandalism obliged to an exodus a considerable part of the Christian populous.

Nowadays the Albanian population is estimated at around 1.8 million people, and one has to consider that a part of the population immigrated to Western Europe and Northern America during the past 15 years. In short the demographic imbalances altered the established order and of course the international intervention took advantage of this fact by initiating a round of land take over from the Serbian state. The message that a neutral observer can get is the following: Population imbalances endanger national sovereignty therefore measures have to be taken to ensure that the Kosovo precedent does not apply to them.

In simple terms no prudent government would let its minority citizens reproduce to a pace that will ultimately lead them to declare themselves independent, or even worse form a state that will constitute a real threat against them ...

In Kosovo the 1,500 Churches, Monasteries and pilgrimages constitute one of the “Holy places” of Eastern Orthodox Christendom on par with Mount Athos, Meteora, Constantinople (Hagia Sophia), Alexandria, Jerusalem, Ohrid and Mystras and other important regions. A 350 million strong Eastern Orthodox population is being subject to a humiliation of historical proportions, similar to that of the Ottoman conquest with two major differences: The Turks were far more tolerant and respectful towards the Christians than the modern-day Albanians and secondly the role of the West has been a total disappointment, to say the least ...

Since 13/06/1999, 350,000 Serbians, Roma, Gorani and other were forced to flee from Kosovo. It was a flight of survival, considering the 1,500 homicides against Serbs in the coming months, up to early 2000. Around 80 UNESCO “protected” Christian monuments were blown up by the Albanians in front of the eyes of 40,000 KFOR personnel. It has to be stressed once more that even during the days of the Ottoman Empire and the numerous battles in the eparchy, nowhere close did the destruction of shrines came that close. This constitutes another issue having to do with the psycho-synthesis of the nationality that committed these acts and has a specific modus opperandi from the medieval ages and onwards. Another 1,300 Serbs were killed up to 2003, 80,000 houses and estates were grabbed by the Albanians along with 20,000 automobiles and 15,000 shops, barns and commercial property. Some other 30,000 houses were burned to the ground in well-organized arson a campaigns another method regularly exercised by Kosovo-Albanians over the 20th century. It is also interesting to point out the situation in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo. Until 1999, Serbians constituted some 20% of the population. Nowadays there is a mere 0.1% having being entirely wiped out. The declaration of Kosovo’s independence as a multicultural state-Without minorities- is one of the worst public relation campaigns that someone would advise the Albanian leaders in Kosovo. Certainly it is something that only certain State Dept. officials could explain.

In 2004 the last phase of the most recent genocide in a European soil (By Muslims against Christians) took place. In a space of 2 days, 27 Churches were burned to the ground, 7 Serbian villages, 40 people dead, 1,000 wounded and 4,000 refugees on their way to Serbia. The 17th of March 2004 constitutes a stigma for the United Nations and marks the imposition of the will of the fanatics that control Kosovo ...

The Kosovo issue will soon become another frozen conflict that will erupt from time to time in accordance to the local geopolitical balances, the demographic shifts and the various economic interests. What will remain though is that Kosovo marks the first definite victory of the European Islam since the occupation of Crete by the Ottomans in 1669. The difference was that then all the major European powers fought in unity ...
File under: How to Lose Your Country 101. Demography is destiny. Australia, and the West, likewise has a ratio of approximately 6 children per Muslim woman to 2 children per non-Muslim woman.

Photos of church destruction:

Kosovo: stand everything you know on its head

Jan 7, 2008, Vojin Joksimovich:

Take everything you think you know about the stated U.S. policy of combating jihad terrorism, organized crime rackets, trafficking in persons (i.e., sex slavery), the global drug trade, peddling weapons and explosives to terrorist groups, and so on. Now stand everything you think you know on its head - and picture the U.S. supporting all of these activities, not combating them. As incredible as it sounds, that describes in a nutshell American policy in Kosovo, which seeks to separate the province from Serbia and create a new terrorist and criminal statelet in Europe ...
Mar 20, 2008, AFP
Bush OKs supplying arms to Kosovo:
President George W. Bush authorized Wednesday supplying Kosovo with weapons, signaling the establishment of government-to-government relations after recognizing its independence, the White House said.

In a memo to the State Department made public by the White House, Bush said: "I hereby find that the furnishing of defense articles and defense services to Kosovo will strengthen the security of the United States and promote world peace." ...

The official said that providing military equipment to Kosovo would improve security relations and engagement with Kosovo, promote security and stability throughout the Balkans, improve Kosovo's capacity to take part in peacekeeping activities, to detect, deter and defeat terrorists, and to deal with humanitarian emergencies.
That is, unless Kosovo becomes a jihad base in Europe, and proves just the opposite.
I've been to Hollywood
I've been to Redwood
I crossed the ocean
for a moderate Islam
I've been in my mind,
it's such a fine line
That keeps me searching
for a moderate Islam
And I'm getting old.

Moonbat-offensive in Macarthur rag

They look like you, they sound like you, but all similarities with the moonbat end there ...

Without immigration, we're 'rooned'
Phillip O'Neill
19 March 2008, Macarthur Advertiser:

Thirty/fifty, or 30/50 if you prefer, might become a new buzz phrase. It means there will be 30 million people in Australia by 2050. Thirty/fifty is the title of a report from the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, or ATSE. The report responds to the question: can Australia cope with 30 million people by 2050?

Faced with climate change and a crisis in infrastructure across the board, a 50% increase in the nation’s population might be a stretch. Some say, and have been saying for a long time, we should shut down immigration and keep the continent to ourselves.

ATSE disagrees. Without immigration Australia’s population would not even reach 22 million, the nation would be dominated by old folk, we’d run out of young, skilled workers and we’d all be rooned. Our living standards would fall ...

Importantly, ATSE expects the extra 10 million people will live in the same places that people live presently. There’ll be no new large cities, no revival of rural living, just more growth in the places that have been growing for the past twenty or so years.

So Sydney, the nation’s frenzied global superstar, will reach 6 million people by 2050. Melbourne, that grand old girl, will maintain second place with 4.9 million well ahead of Brisbane with 3.8 million. The bullet performer will be the Gold Coast which will grow to 2.2 million people by 2050 and become Australia’s fifth largest city, just behind Perth.
So Macarthur can go and get stuffed and expect to be run over by immigrants. Phillip O'Neill, you have no right to use the colloquial words rooned and chipper. Because they are Australian words, and yet you are happy to see Australia disappear up it's own backside. Pathetic betrayal. Not even the possibility of solving our problems by ourselves was canvassed. Nope, just bugger the environment and community and gimme the quick fix now like the immigration addict that you are. Pathetic junkie.

UK: Muslim preacher jailed 10 years for rape

18 March 2008, BBC News:

An east London Muslim, who was well known for giving religious talks, has been jailed for 10 years for rape.

Abdul Makim Khalisadar pleaded guilty to raping a 27-year-old woman after forcing his way into her home in 2005.

Scotland Yard was originally examining Khalisadar's links to terrorist Kazi Nurur Rahman but the investigation did not lead to a terror arrest.

But DNA taken when the 26 year old was arrested for downloading child abuse images linked him to the rape ...

He also worked with an anti-drug-and-violence project in east London's Brick Lane, and was well known for his religious talks.

Seven of Khalisadar's friends who last month admitted conspiracy to pervert the course of justice were each jailed for 12 months ...

They claimed Khalisadar was giving a talk at the East London Mosque at the time of the rape.

The victim's ordeal began at around 0330 as she returned to her home.

She was accosted by Khalisadar who forced his way past her as she opened the door ...

It was the middle of Ramadan, and young men would often meet at the mosque through the night before eating their breakfast ahead of sunrise. His friends supported the alibi, but now admit they lied ...

Eleven charges of possessing photographs of child abuse are not being proceeded with at present.
Mosque fiend caged:
He claimed a substance he took to help with fasting during Ramadan had made him “hyper” ...

And he hit her face when she refused to call him “daddy”, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard ...

Burka-clad women in the public gallery yelled abuse at the judge — and one screamed that the victim was a prostitute.
Bloody Valentines Day! If only there were no red roses, and she was in her room, in her hijab, none of this would have happened ...

MORE at Western Resistance:
The East London Mosque has been associated with extremism since it was built. It was partly funded by Wahhabists from Saudi Arabia ...

Burn, my Valentine, burn

Feb 14, 2008, Robert Spencer:

... a member of the Kuwaiti parliament, has called for Valentine’s Day celebrations to be banned. “We call on the commerce minister,” he declared in a fine froth of moral indignation, “to perform his duties by banning celebrations of Valentine’s Day which is alien to our society -- and contradicts our religion’s values and teachings.” ...

Over in Saudi Arabia, meanwhile, the notorious religious police who go by the name of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have banned red roses. The Virtue Cops have even ordered florists and gift shops in Riyadh to take any red item off the shelf, lest Saudi lovebirds associate red with hearts and start a-spooning ...

All this indicates that in at least some parts of the Islamic world the dour spirit of the Ayatollah Khomeini is alive and well. For it was Khomeini, a man who took pains to make sure he was never photographed smiling, who once gave vent to this classic statement of religion-based dyspepsia: “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” ...

Clash of civilizations? If there was ever any indication that it is upon us, it is this. The gulf between that noted American philosopher Dr. Seuss’s lapidary phrase, “These things are fun, and fun is good” and Khomeini’s barren “There is no fun in Islam” is yawning and unbridgeable. Many analysts and policymakers have remarked that the threat of the worldwide jihad has an ideological dimension, but political correctness, multiculturalism, and a fear of offending religious sensibilities have prevented most from articulating this dimension in any meaningful way. Perhaps the annual assault on Valentine’s Day, renewed again this year, points the way: the global jihad pits the civilization of fun and joy against the civilization of anger, rage, and dreariness.
Feb 14, 2008
Kashmiri separatists raid restaurants on Valentine's Day:
SRINAGAR, India — A Kashmiri Islamic women's group Thursday raided restaurants to prevent young Muslim couples from meeting on Valentine's Day, an event it denounced by as "anti-Islamic."

"We have formed a number of squads to educate young couples that Valentine's Day is a Western conspiracy to involve Muslims in vulgar activities," said Nahida, a member of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, or Daughters of Faith, as she took part in a swoop on a restaurant in Srinagar.

The women's group, all covered from head-to-toe, did not encounter any resistance as couples patiently listened to them and left restaurants.

Nahida, who did not give her second name, said such "peaceful raids" were being conducted across Srinagar, Muslim-majority Indian Kashmir's summer capital.

"Thanks to Allah, no one sold Valentine's Day cards in Srinagar this year," she said ...
23 Feb, 2008
Saudis haul in 57 men for "flirting with women":
Saudi Arabia began interrogating 57 men Saturday who were arrested after allegedly flirting with women in front of a shopping mall in the holy city of Mecca ...

... alleging behavior that included dancing to pop music blaring from their cars and wearing improper clothing ...

... could be released if they could prove they did not flirt with any women. Otherwise, they will be transferred to court and stand trial
Feb 7, 2008
Woman Jailed for Sitting With Man at Starbucks:
A 37-year-old American businesswoman and married mother of three is seeking justice after she was thrown in jail by Saudi Arabia's religious police for sitting with a male colleague at a Starbucks coffee shop in Riyadh, according to a report in The Times of London on Thursday.

Yara, who does not want her last name published for fear of retribution, was bruised and crying when she was freed from a day in prison after she was strip-searched, threatened and forced to sign false confessions by the Kingdom's “Mutaween” police, The Times reported.

“Some men came up to us with very long beards and white dresses. They asked ‘Why are you here together?'. I explained about the power being out in our office. They got very angry and told me what I was doing was a great sin,” recalled Yara, who wears an abaya and headscarf, like most Saudi women.
Fire up the barbie, we is goin' burnin' ...

Yep, we get the point



If you can't sell em, feed em to the cows

Paging Dr Seuss, paging Dr Seuss ...

Burn it!

Burn it!

Burn it! And stop smiling!

Proximity warning!


Burn! Burn! Burn!

Proximity warning!

Lock her up!


Disease for young generation!

Burn em!

Pig with heart patch! Burn! Burn! Burn!

Sunset warning! Burn the sun! Buuuuurrrrrn it dooowwnn!