The lighter side of Robert Spencer

October 16, 2007, Interview with

RWB: Are there ways in which you think Dylan’s work meshes very well with your values and point-of-view, whether political or spiritual?

SPENCER: All kinds of ways. He is, I think, particularly adept at illustrating the vanity of human wishes, the insufficiency of human pleasures, and the brokenness of the world. These things are always useful to keep in mind. He assumes the transcendent and has no political illusions, although many if not most of those who follow him don’t seem to have noticed that. In my work I have found that both Democrats and Republicans are generally clueless about the actual nature and magnitude of the global jihad threat, and I don’t think that bipartisan cluelessness is anything Dylan would have trouble understanding. It is also worth noting, perhaps, that I was interrupted on September 11, 2001 by the news of the Twin Tower attacks just as I had started playing a Dylan album. The album? World Gone Wrong.

The image is from a separate article, June 2005:

Darth Spencer, Master of the Dark Side ...

This image comes to you from the passworded, Muslim-only forums of the Islamic Thinkers Society, the outfit that trampled on the flag on video and then wished painful torment from Allah on me when I posted the video -- which is tantamount to asking that someone fulfill Allah's will in this regard.

You can see that they have called this image "Darth Fagget." Don't these huckleberries know that I am neither "Darth Fagget" nor "Darth Spencer," but Freakin' Batman?

Aye, Freakin' Batman. Great man is Robert Spencer. Don't care much for Bob Dylan, myself, probably too young. Except Hurricane and Joey are cool, musically.

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