Sultan: I don't believe there is moderate Muslim

October 02, 2006, You Tube

Nine minutes of Wafa Sultan on Danish television, in English, on Islam and the cartoon jihad. Is it really "the crack in the wall"?

Interviewer: ... in the wake of the cartoon crisis, how strong do you think moderate Muslims are in the Arab world?

Wafa: I believe, wrongfully, they were called moderate. I don't believe there is moderate Muslim. I believe they are ... Muslim in term of culture ... not in term of religion. Because, in Islam, you have to believe in every teaching as a Holy teaching you cannot change. You have to accept it the way it is, otherwise simply you are not a Muslim.

Interviewer: Does Islam have a role to play in the modern world, do you think?

Wafa: Of course it does, but not in the way it looks now. I have very different point of view regarding this matter, and I was advised by so many friends to polish my message and to soften my way of saying it. I tried, but I failed. I see the truth as naked and I feel it more powerful to stay naked. I cannot, just in order to make it look better, put a nice dress on it. So I'm gonna say directly the way I used to do it ... I don't believe Islam can be reformed. I really don't. I believe Islam shall be transformed, and it will take fearless religious leaders and very well educated people to cause the transformation. If Islam was transformed, absolutely it will have a role to play in our world.

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