Cool Hand Ruddock's suicidal narrative

Sept 17, 2008, Janet Albrechtsen:

... on Friday evening ... Philip Ruddock celebrates 35 years in federal parliament ... an opportune time to review his role in some of the most contentious areas during the past decade in Australia ...

Never fazed or flummoxed, Ruddock always responded with indisputable facts, not uncontrolled feelings. Even his demeanor infuriated the critics ...

In that time, Ruddock has had a clear narrative, long before that word became fashionable. He steered Australia towards greater appreciation for, rather than suspicion of, immigration. Even for a country steeped in a migrant history, there is a need for Australians to feel comfortable about immigration.

... As minister for immigration from 1996 until 2003, Ruddock recognised the need to take people with him, not scare them off, when advocating increased immigration...

Ruddock helped to allay the discomfort with strangers factor. He encouraged community acceptance of immigration where new arrivals would be seen as contributors, not freeloaders ... Rather than seen as stealing jobs from Australians, migrants came to be seen as the saviours for small towns looking to employ people in their abattoirs, on their farms and in their small businesses.

And when, in November 1999, boats of illegal immigrants started arriving on Australian shores just about every second day, border protection became integral to building long term confidence in an organised immigration program ...

Ruddock knew better than to be swayed by hysterical emoting. His ministerial eye remained fixed on the long-term objective of securing mainstream community acceptance for increased immigration. Ruddock’s place in Australian political history will record that immigration grew every year after 1996, rising from 67,100 in 1997 to more than 142,000 in 2006. The fair-minded will call that a genuinely compassionate outcome.

... The appointment of Ruddock—one of four Liberal MPs to cross the floor of parliament to vote in favour of prime minister Bob Hawke’s motion against discriminatory immigration policies—signalled a commitment to non-discriminatory immigration policies. Under Ruddock, more than 80 per cent of Afghans and Iraqis were granted protection visas at the primary decision-making stage and the local Islamic community is more than 40 per cent higher than it was in 1996. Under Ruddock, Australia had one of the largest per capita refugee and humanitarian resettlement programs in the world. More compassionate outcomes accepted and supported by the community because they knew that Australia, not people smugglers, determined them ...
Wow, Mr Ruddock is a super-cool visionary immigration reformer. Ahead of his time. A Cool Hand Luke who managed to convince Australia that immigration is a good thing. All without any hint of uncool emotion. Let's look at Cool Hand's work...
"As attorney-general from 2003 until 2007 ... over national security and anti-terrorism laws ... Ruddock once again steered a course to ensure community acceptance of laws needed to protect Australia ... concluding ... as the most successful terrorist prosecution this country has seen."
Let's see, Cool Hand's government presides over increased immigration for 12 years. The increased Muslim population causes the need for new terror laws. Cool Hand delivers new laws and convinces us that they're a good thing but does not question the wisdom of an increased Muslim population, that would be uncool. The increasing Muslim population also spawns the Benbrika terror cells but, thanks to Cool Hand's laws, we have the "most successful terrorist prosecution". So he's digging holes with the left Cool Hand and filling them in with the right Cool Hand. Progressive dilemma solved?

"Ruddock neutralised the issue" that he created. What's even cooler is that, as the Muslim population continues to increase with Cool Hand's increased immigration, the number of successful prosecutions will increase! Although, to a fair-minded person, as your Muslim population increases, so also does the likelihood of successful terror attacks, and successful sharia creep, successful honour killings, etc. But it's not cool to talk about that. It's only cool to talk about Cool Hand's laws, not Cool Hand's increasing Muslim population. Why? Don't ask me, talk to the Cool Hand.

Surprisingly, Cool Hand, whilst still being cool, is then booted out of office. Not his fault, I'm sure, it's probably because of his evil boss:
When the Howard government lost office last year, he did the honourable team thing. Insisting on the need for party renewal, the father of the house went to the back bench. It was a shame the party allowed him to do that.
Did Cool Hand misread a curveball?
The truth is that, while Howard did not change his spots much during the 33 years he represented Bennelong ... the demographics of Bennelong were transformed by migration ...

By 2001, almost one-fifth of Bennelong residents were Asian-born. More than 40 per cent of them speak a language other than English at home, which is more than twice the national average. The new Australians of Bennelong are not anti-Howard, but the point is they are not glued-on Liberals, unlike the WASPs they replaced.
Surely Cool Hand's visionary abilities saw it coming?
"Any seat with more than 20 per cent of its voters born in non-English speaking countries at the 2006 census has a Labor sitting member today with one exception - Bennelong" ...

So is the Liberal Party taking stock of the situation and slowing down immigration to preserve its long-term viability? Not at all. It's doing the very opposite. The current Government has almost doubled immigration over the last ten years to about 180,000 per year.
So Cool Hand Ruddock was suicidal? How can that be? Don't ask me, talk to the Cool Hand.

I'm starting to lose confidence in Cool Hand. Not only is he filling in holes he dug himself, but he's still digging bigger holes, and he's suicidal too! I'm starting to wonder if Cool Hand really did convince us that immigration was good. Maybe we were just mesmerised by his cool? If only super-cool Janet would have pondered some more questions, like: if Australians believe immigration is so good ...

- why is there still white flight from immigrant suburbs and schools?
- why do employers prefer Smiths?
- why is there segregation in our universities?
- why do most Australians think our refugee level is too high?
- why is there investor flight from immigrant suburbs?
- why do half of Australians in immigrant areas believe we have too many migrants?
- why do two-thirds of non-English skilled migrants fail to gain work in their fields?
- why do two-thirds in Britain fear race relations are likely to spill over into violence?
- why is there a bi-partisan call for net permanent immigration in Britain to be zero?
- is Europe headed for Islamification or civil war due to immigration?
- is the West headed for suicide or civil war?
- what lesson have we learned from Britain's knife crime?
- why are we still importing blacks when race cannot be transcended?
- how are we going to stop black savagery if we cannot talk about it?
- how are we going to stop no-go zones from developing?
- will liberalism really disappear up its own backside?
- does civic nationalism really have no future?
- have our nation'­s elite invited another group to come in and replace it?
- is the most catastrophic threat immigration not terror?
- do population imbalances endanger national sovereignty?
- when should I start hunkering down?
- if we are in a hole then why are we still digging?
- is this also a "primary decision-making stage"?
- how much does permanent residency cost?
- are we really a nation of halfwits?
- where can I live if I'm not an atomised and materialistic individual?
- how does immigration help our cities, threatened by the insecurity of water supply?
- is the economic benefit of immigration really 'chicken feed'?
- is it safe to leave your daughter in a hospital?
- should I always carry around cigarettes in case someone asks for one?
- can you leave your mother alone?
- can your daughter swim at the beach?
- can I hail a taxi?
- is this guy a "small town saviour"?
- is this what a slut now looks like?
- should our tourism slogan now be "where the bloody hell are you going to be killed?"

There are so many more questions I wished Janet would have answered. I'm sure you've got your own list too. Alas, Janet, Cool Hand, little Johnny, and now Chairman Rudd, will all remain enigmas who support immigration without ever answering these questions. I guess facts, of course, will never suffice for some. Although, I guess all those questions do sound a little hysterical. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm just not cool.

2004: slaughterman jailed for fatal stabbing

November 2004, the Age:

A Somali slaughterman who fatally stabbed a fellow worker during a rampage at a northern Victorian abattoir has been sentenced to 15 years' jail.

Justice Stephen Kaye imposed a minimum term of 12 years on Mohammed Mustaf Mohammed ...

After being acquitted on charges of murder and attempted murder, Mohammed, 26, was found guilty of the manslaughter of Peter Murphy, 47, and of intentionally causing serious injury to James Regan, 47, and Michael True, 45. Justice Kaye said the attacks at the Ovens River Abattoir in Yarrawonga on March 24 last year had exhibited an "unacceptable and savage level of violence". He said: "I have formed the strong view that you have no remorse at all for your actions."

Outside the court, Mr Murphy's widow Jan said his family had received a life sentence ...

It was unclear what provoked him but Mohammed claimed Mr Regan called him a terrorist and threatened him with a knife ...
Yet another victim of immigration.

Filip Dewinter’s speech in Florence

Sept 15, 2008, Gates of Vienna:

... Filip Dewinter, a prominent member of Vlaams Belang, was present and spoke at the event. The text of his speech was sent to us by a member of Vlaams Belang, and is posted below.

Filip Dewinter’s remarks at a “Memorial to Oriana Fallaci”

... The ideology of multiculturalism has grown into a kind of new religion with the equality and equivalence of cultures as first dogma. The simple fact that we are no longer allowed to consider our own European civilisation as superior, generates an “away-with-us” mentality... Multiculturalism aggrieves Europeans with an excessive guilt complex about the West — with its history of colonialism, racism and Jew-slaughter — being the source of all evil. According to these multiculturalists we can liberate ourselves from this ‘original sin’ by throwing open the gates of Europe and the West for all kind of third-world peoples. This dangerous and disastrous “one-world” ideology puts on sale all of what we in the West stand for... Mass immigration has now become the Trojan horse of a religion and social ideology that is Europe’s historical original enemy: Islam ...

Islam is in war with Europe and the free West. Islam only executes what’s written in Quran, and follows Mohammed’s example. Mohammed was not a prophet, but a warlord who overcame and silenced his enemies with violence, weapons, and spilled blood. The Quran is a “license to kill” with unconcealed calls for waging war on dhimmis, the non-Muslims. Islam doesn’t allow for the slightest space for interpretation of the Quran, a book written fourteen hundred years ago ...

Islam is an imperialist religion which forces their rights with violence. It’s an historical evidence that Europe is the first and most important enemy of Islam. For almost fourteen centuries Europe is resisting the Islamisation of its continent. The first Islamic invasion of Europe was halted at Poitiers in 732 A.D. The second Islamic invasion was stopped at the gates of Vienna in 1683.The matter is now to halt the currently ongoing third Islamic invasion... Radical Islam is nowadays fighting with other means than before: The scimitar has been replaced by the terrorists’ bomb, but apart from that little has changed. The only fundamental change is that Europe no longer dares to resist Islamic aggression and we tend to behave more and more as dhimmis ...

Islam does not belong in Europe, not yesterday, neither today, and certainly not tomorrow. Islam is diametrically opposed to our European morals and values... Islam is a political ideology, a social order and a jurisdictional system that has undergone hardly any change since Medieval times.

... we are also confronted with a demographic time bomb. It was the Algerian president Boum├ędienne who said: “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will not go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their sons. The wombs of our women will give us victory.” Indeed, Europe nowadays counts up to 50 million Muslims while only 50.000 lived here a century ago... The European population is aware of this, and is able to observe it on daily basis. Europeans have had enough of burqas, of chadors, of hijabs and kaftans, Europeans have had enough of the “ritual” slaughter of animals, of the boundless popping up of mosques, Quran schools, and minarets, of the Arab and Turkish writings on bus and tram, enough of halal food at the butchers and stores, of the never ending flow of sighs and demands made by Islam ...

Europe means Rome, Greece, the Enlightenment and Judeo-Christian roots. Europe is a continent of castles and cathedrals, not of mosques and minarets. Oriana Fallaci showed us the way in her books Rage and Pride and The Force of Reason ...
Nov 2005, Oriana Fallaci:
Europe is no longer Europe, it is 'Eurabia,' a colony of Islam, where the Islamic invasion does not proceed only in a physical sense, but also in a mental and cultural sense. Servility to the invaders has poisoned democracy, with obvious consequences for the freedom of thought, and for the concept itself of liberty...

Europe overflows with the witch hunts.... hits any one going against Islam. It overflows the with New Inquisition. Trying to muzzle. Oh yes, like your Ward Churchills, your Noam Chomskys, your Louis Farrakhans and your Michael Moore's etc. TRAITORS! against which all antidotes seem to fail. Combined Neo nazi islamo fascism [Atlas note: Fallaci spit these names out with such repulsion and utter contempt...riveting] ...

Don't believe in a dialog with Islam. That's a naivete. It can only be a monologue. They do not believe in pluralism. There is no such thing as a "moderate Islam" and a Radical Islam. There is only one Islam ...

The real enemy is Islam and the most catastrophic threat is immigration not terror. It is immigration. And they do not integrate in Europe...

I do not believe the West will win.

Scott Sattler stabbed by Islander

Sept 15th, 2008,

FORMER rugby league star Scott Sattler took on a would-be mugger yesterday after he was confronted on the Broadwater about 6.30pm...

"I told him where to go and walked off and that's when he lashed out with whatever he had, which looked like a small box cutter.'' ...

"He got me across the shoulder and I challenged him a bit and got part of his tooth stuck in my knuckle,'' he said.

He described the man as being in his mid-20s, of Islander appearance, with scruffy hair.

Mad Mel: Tragedy in Britain

Sept 11, 2008, Melanie Phillips:

London — Earlier this week, a British jury convicted three British Islamists of conspiracy to murder, acquitted one, and failed to convict four more. This resulted from the investigation of the 2006 summer plot to blow up seven transatlantic airliners between Britain and the U.S. by detonating explosives packed in soft-drink bottles.

The discovery of this plot changed the way we all fly, with restrictions imposed on what we can take on board a plane. It was the biggest counter-terrorism case in British history. Yet it ended in a near-debacle. The essence of the case remains unproven, because the jury failed to agree that the aim of the conspiracy was to blow up transatlantic planes.

Prosecutors cannot understand how a jury could have failed to grasp this, given the overwhelming evidence presented to the court ...

More than 20 Islamist terror plots in Britain have now been thwarted; more than 1,000 people have been arrested under terrorism laws, and more than 200 of them convicted. These figures certainly suggest that the British security world has raised its game. But they also demonstrate the enormous scale of Britain’s home-grown problem with Islamic radicalism — a problem that the security and political establishment is actually deepening through its refusal to correctly identify the threat it is fighting.

It refuses to acknowledge that a war of Islamic conquest is being waged against the West and all “infidels”... Instead, it defines the issue as a severe terrorist threat posed by individuals who are promoting a “false” version of Islam. Indeed, British intelligence circles say that the terrorists are motivated by an “ideology” in which religion plays no part.

It is surely quite terrifying that, at this most dangerous juncture for our society, British intelligence can be, well, so lacking in intelligence. The undeniable fact is that Islamic jihadism is solidly rooted in Muslim theology and history. For sure, many Muslims reject this interpretation of their religion and live by different spiritual and peaceful lights. But it is as fatuous to say that jihadi terror is based on a false interpretation of Islam as it would have been to say that the Inquisition was based on a false interpretation of Christianity.

It is also extraordinary that such officials ignore how these admittedly confused and inconsistent terrorist youths actually define themselves as holy warriors. The “martyrdom” videos recorded by those involved in the airline plot spoke of causing violence and death in the same breath as having been chosen by Allah, of scattering the body parts of non-believers, and of their disgust at the decadence of British society. To ignore the fact that such utterances are straight out of the lexicon of imams and sheikhs throughout the Muslim world who have declared holy war against unbelievers everywhere is beyond perverse...

Worse still, Britain has caved in to the key Islamist demand that no one should suggest that Islamic terrorism has anything to do with Islam. In a speech on counter-terrorism last month, Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, even declared violent extremism to be “anti-Islamic.”

The Research, Information and Communication Unit, a “hearts and minds” outfit based in the Home Office set up to counter al-Qaeda’s efforts to manipulate individuals and groups, has told civil servants not to use terms such as “Islamist extremism” or “jihadi-fundamentalist.” Instead, they should refer to “violent extremism” or “criminal murderers” or “thugs” to avoid any implication that there is an explicit link between Islam and terrorism. It warns those engaged in counterterrorist work that any talk of a struggle for values or a battle of ideas is often heard as a “confrontation/clash between civilizations/cultures.” Perish the thought.

The government does nothing to stop the steadily rising number of Muslims coming to settle in Britain who, refusing to assimilate, are steadily changing its demographic, cultural, and political identities...

Even thought itself is being Islamized, with academic objectivity in the teaching of Islam and Middle East studies set aside in favour of indoctrination and propaganda. An as-yet-unpublished report by Prof. Anthony Glees says that extremist ideas are being spread by Islamic study centers linked to British universities and backed by multi-million-pound donations from Saudi Arabia and Muslim organizations. Professor Glees says, “Britain’s universities will have to generate two national cultures: one non-Muslim and largely secular, the other Muslim. We will have two identities, two sets of allegiance and two legal and political systems. This must, by the Government’s own logic, hugely increase the risk of terrorism.”

Yet Britain’s government appears paralyzed as it allows this second culture to develop apace — and with it attitudes that threaten the integrity of British society. A recent report by the Centre for Social Cohesion revealed that, among young Muslims, almost one in three says that killing in the name of religion is justified; four out of ten say they support the introduction of sharia into U.K. law; nearly a quarter do not think that men and women are equal in the eyes of Allah; one in three doesn’t think or doesn’t know whether Islam is compatible with the Western notion of democracy; one third say they are in favor of a worldwide Islamic caliphate based on Sharia...

When the bishop of Rochester, Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, warned that Britain was developing Muslim no-go areas, he was denounced as Islamophobic. The establishment queued up to say they didn’t recognise the Britain he was describing. The British political and security class is doing everything it can to deny such truths — and its deadly culture of groveling appeasement and ignorance is now spreading among American security circles, too. This is simply cultural suicide.

What’s happening in Britain is a tragedy — but it’s one that the rest of the free world, fighting to defend itself against the global jihad, can ill afford to ignore.
"Beyond perverse" - in case you missed that part.

Video: 9/11, 7th Anniversary Tribute

A look back and tribute in time for the 7th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Click to watch ...

Why we should teach the Bible in all our schools

Sept 11, 2008, Greg Clarke:

Fewer and fewer people know the Bible, even among those with religious commitment. The latest National Church Life Survey of 500,000 people across 22 denominations, reported in yesterday's Herald, shows a whopping 59 per cent of respondents read the Bible only occasionally, rarely or never at all.

But why would you bother reading it if you didn't have some belief the words of the good Book were true? What could motivate you to wade your way through those strange, cigarette-paper pages?

To my mind, there are still plenty of reasons to bother with the Bible. But at least one is indisputable, and it reveals a gaping hole in the Australian educational experience. You need to know the Bible in order to understand the history, literature and arts of Western culture. In fact, it is an educational and cultural tragedy that the Bible has quietly disappeared from the schooling experience of many Australians.

In the US, a major project to restore biblical literacy is under way, called the Bible Literacy Project. It is a joint venture of Jewish and Christian educators intended to "encourage and facilitate the academic study of the Bible in public schools". In a country where religion and public education mix like oil and water, it is no mean feat they have got their textbook, The Bible And Its Influence, into the curriculum in 40 states, and counting.

The project had its own statistical grounding. A Gallup Poll for the project found only 37 per cent of American high school students could recognise any of Jesus' words from the Sermon on the Mount (Australia would have to be worse). And yet 98 per cent of English teachers surveyed agreed knowing the Bible delivered a distinct academic advantage in the study of English literature...

There's no need to be sidetracked by six-day creationism, or Zionism, or the subtleties of denominational differences. This is about teaching the Bible in the same way that you teach scales for learning a musical instrument, or the colour palette for painting. It's necessary to the whole task of understanding what is going on in our culture, literature, and history.

I have a vested interest in biblical literacy; after all, I'm a Christian and I think there's something to the big, unfolding story it tells. But I'm also a literary academic, and I can't bear the biblical ignorance students display. Regardless of whether you find something alive and kicking in the Scriptures, there is a strong argument it should be somewhere near the foundation of Australian education.
And maybe an equally important reason to read the bible is to experience a Western tradition of belief in god. Though I am now a dead-again atheist reductionist, I have recently returned to occasionally reading the Bible, listening to Christian music, and even praying. I like to think of it as Christian dreaming. Though I don't believe, and don't subscribe to (or understand) all of what the Bible says, I suspend disbelief to experience a relationship with a pretend god. I mainly cherry-pick for verses that encourage compassion, humility, peace, etc. I suspend disbelief and say "yes" to the shepherd's call to "follow me". Jesus said:
"Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need ..."
Like it or not, believe it or not, I feel like a better person for it.

The goal should be to pass on a Western tradition, not just reading a book. So maybe our kids should be exposed to a fuller experience of Christian fellowship, music, etc.

Will this offend serious Christians? Maybe. But I think it's better that pseudo-belief is passed down, rather than no belief. I'd go the whole hog and attend a pseudo church if I could find similar pseudo believers.

Just make sure the result is not liberal Christianity which has brought us the stupid belief in open borders and one-worldism. Fortunately, I have a strong identity as a white person and a strong belief in the value of a homogeneous race and culture, which I believe to also be Western traditions worth preserving. Hey, maybe even worth teaching in schools too.

Kirby urges lawyers to think globally

Sept 9, 2008, Sydney Morning Herald:

Retiring High Court Judge Michael Kirby says Australia's next generation of lawyers must change their focus and think globally.

Justice Kirby, who steps down next year after 12 years serving on Australia's High Court, says the legal profession must no longer view itself as an "enclave of parochialism".

"Question old rules in new contexts of rapidly changing times," Justice Kirby told Faculty of Law graduates at the University of NSW in an address.

"The big challenge, and opportunity, of this generation of lawyers lies in its demand that lawyers should think globally."

Justice Kirby said the changing times had spurred advances in international law - in trade law, economic law and human rights law.

"Never accept that these are developments irrelevant to our Australian domestic law," he told graduates...
ABC News, Michael Kirby:
... At our going out, we who did our best to reform the law must hand it on to you who are coming in. Never be content with injustice. Question old rules in new contexts of rapidly changing times.

The changing times include the advances in international law - trade law, economic law and human rights law. Never accept that these are developments irrelevant to our Australian domestic law. The big challenge and opportunity of this generation of lawyers lies in its demand that lawyers should think globally.

We need to change mental gears. Others on this campus are thinking globally all their lives. A law school cannot be a little enclave of parochialism. Nor can the legal profession or the judiciary. At your coming in, you must change the focus of the law. This is your special challenge and chance.

...The position of women has also improved, as have many of the laws affecting them. But there is still far to go. The slights to Asian-Australians have diminished. But there is still far to go.

The position of gays has got better in my lifetime. But the oppression and ignorance are not yet over. Inequality and discrimination have not yet stopped. Wrongs and injustices still occur in the law to this day, including even for me, an office-holder under the nation's Constitution. So it is work in progress; no room for complacency.
ABC News (with audio), Michael Kirby:
A law school cannot be a little enclave of nationalism and parochialism in today's Australia...

For Islamic Australians it must still seem sometimes very difficult.
The chorus of globalists is out of the closet and singing loud now that Rudd has told them to "think big" about an Asia Pacific Union. Borders are 'immoral', don't you know? And I wonder if he too thinks that sharia law is 'unavoidable'? Of if he too thinks Muslims in the West 'shall be governed by law other than English law'?

Sum children are more equal than others

Sept 08, 2008, Herald Sun:

ARE you smarter than a third grader? Don't count on it. A national maths contest has proven Victoria has its share of baby brainiacs.

Seven budding mathematicians rose to the top in this year's Educational Assessment Australia maths contest: Eddie Yao from Kew East Primary, Mingyi Wu from Tucker Rd Bentleigh Primary; Kelvin Sun from Parktone Primary; William Ruan from Serpell Primary; Laura Hung from Sunshine Christian School, Martin Huang from Glendal Primary and Morris Gu from Southwood Boys Grammar are Victoria's youngest whizzes ...
The clock ticks...

Man chanting "Allah" attacks stranger on subway with hammer

Sept 9, 2008, Jihad Watch:

"In Philadelphia. Video here. The detail that he was chanting something in Arabic, as well as "Allah," is in the video -- only "Allah" is in the story below.

Now, I'm sure that if this attacker is caught, he will be found to be mentally ill, and will have no connection to terrorist groups, and only venomous Islamophobes will be attempting to link his actions to the global jihad. And maybe all of that will be true. However, the adherents of a religion that contains traditions about genocide ushering in the end times, and that has a developed doctrine, theology, and legal system that mandates warfare against and the subjugation of unbelievers, cannot forever profess surprise and indignation whenever anyone suggests that such material might incite people to commit acts of violence.

Is this guy a Muslim? A jihadist? I have no idea, and I am not saying he is. But the possibility cannot be dismissed out of hand when he chants "Allah" and mutters in Arabic while attacking a man he does not know with a hammer. In a sane society, government, media, and law enforcement would be calling upon American Muslim groups to do something about this -- to face up to the capacity of Islamic texts and teachings to incite violence, and to institute comprehensive, honest, inspectable programs teaching against jihad violence and Islamic supremacism. But this is hardly at this point a sane society."
There is more video, of better quality, at the above link. Videos via Debbie Schlussel.

Video: what Islam is not ...

August 24, 2008
If you are concerned with Islam and the Islamisation of your country, this video has a message for you...

Black schools the answer to black crime in London?

07 Sept, 2008, London Daily:

The increasingly unruly nature of elements of black Londoners has now focused on the educational failings in the state sector, with leading black politician Lee Jasper and former aide to former Mayor Livingstone calling for support to have black only schools.

"The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching."

In Toronto,Canada the Toronto District School Board approved for the establishment of "Afrocentric or black-focused schools" in 2009 which aims to address the high level dropout of black children estimated to be at 40% per cent in the city.

In London the "dropout" rate is around 20-30% in certain areas of London, with crime figures indicating that murders amongst young people show blacks to be the victims and perpetrators in 80% of cases.

The black school in Toronto has been a very emotive issue with emotions raised during the debates evaluating the merits of the school.

The supporters for the black schools in Toronto went onto to say:

"Opening one school does not address the problem across the system ... (where) a significant number of students of African descent are not doing well in our schools, we have a responsibility to address the needs across the system. We see the Africentric school request as part of a bigger (plan) ... to effectively close the gap."...
Diversity fails again. Jasper calling for "teachers that look like the young people they are teaching" is a blunt admission that race matters. And it does. But if whites want white teachers, and a white school? Well that would be 'racist'.

And that still won't solve the problem of diversity on the streets, in the workplace, etc. If racial cohesion is necessary for school morale and productivity, then why isn't the same true for workplaces, neighbourhoods, sports teams, the military, etc? Once you acknowledge that race matters, you have to be consistent. And consistency says that every aspect of our society will be better off if it is broken up into homogeneous parts.

And if ethnic separation is where Britain is headed, then Australia should admit that diversity has failed overseas and not repeat the same mistake here with some old-fashioned notion of a borderless Asia Pacific Community utopia.

And if separation is where we are headed, the sooner whites acknowledge and act on this, the less ground we will lose. And diversity should be seen not as a strength, but as a state of impermanence that merely leads to dispossession of your land.

Islanders wanted over Coogee tourist attack

Aug 26, 2008, Nine News:

The father of an Irishman who remains in an induced coma a fortnight after being beaten unconscious in Sydney has tearfully appealed for information about his son's attackers.

Tom Keohane's plea came after police released CCTV footage of two men they say could provide information about the attack on 29-year-old David Keohane in the beachside suburb of Coogee two weeks ago...

Detective Inspector Paul Pisanos said police were looking for two men in their 20s who were at the Coogee Bay Hotel on the night of the attack...

The first man is about 180cm tall, of solid build, with his hair shaved at the sides but longer and blond-tipped at the back.

He was last seen wearing a light-coloured top with a dark pattern and blue pants.

The second man is described as being approximately 180cm tall, of medium build with a similar but shorter haircut.

He was last seen wearing a white hooded top and blue pants.

Both were described by police as being of Pacific Islander appearance.

London: Asian and black youths gang warfare

Gang warfare on the streets of London as Asian and black youths battle outside Julie Christie's house
05th September 2008, DailyMail:

A warm late summer afternoon on a leafy street in an area colonised by fashionable cafes and shops came to an abrupt end when the peace was shattered by a raw, terrifying eruption of gang violence this week.

Armed with spades, screwdrivers, bars and sticks, two gangs clashed and sent locals fleeing into shops for safety.

This running battle between black and Asian youths - a sickening example of brutal Britain today - was captured by a photographer who had been waiting in the street to take a photo of the actress Julie Christie, who lives nearby...

The fracas lasted around 20 minutes and involved at least ten gang members. It is
understood to have flared after an Asian man accused several youths of vandalising his property.
We need more immigration like we need a screwdriver in the head.

UK: Blacks Riot at Notting Hill ‘Carnival’

26th August 2008, DailyMail:

Shoulder to shoulder, dozens of police barricade a street to tackle a violent, angry mob.

These were the disturbing scenes which marred the end of London's Notting Hill Carnival on Monday night.

A gang of 40 troublemakers, hell-bent on wreaking havoc, hurled bottles and bricks at officers as the festival drew to a close...

A witness said: 'It was a fullscale riot, bottles were flying everywhere and carnival-goers and police officers were bloodied. A policewoman was carried off unconscious ...

'It was like a war zone. I haven't seen anything like it at the carnival since the early 90s. It reminded me of the Brixton riots.'

A resident who saw the battle from his flat said: 'I've lived here 12 years and this is the worst trouble and the biggest deployment of police I've ever seen at the carnival. At one point there were about 200 police down there. The officers looked terrified.'

The mood turned ugly as the festival drew to a close and the group rounded on the police in Ladbroke Grove, West London.

We need more immigration like we need a bottle on the head. There's another video here.

Race tension behind taxi brawl at airport, say drivers

And here's one they prepared earlier, in Melbourne ...

June 06, 2008, HeraldSun:

RACIAL tension may have been behind a brawl this week when taxi drivers turned on each other outside a Tullamarine cafe.

Up to 30 drivers, some brandishing weapons, spilled onto Melrose Drive from the Melrose Lounge, a witness said.

... witnesses said the fight began between a Somalian driver and an Indian driver before mushrooming into a brawl between Indians and drivers from various African nations.

A leader in the recent taxi protests in Melbourne's CBD told 3AW the fight was sparked when an Indian driver tried to skip the queue...

Other taxi drivers and airport staff claimed racial tensions were often evident at the airport rank, with queue-jumping enough to spark mass arguments and violence...
We need more immigration like we need a tyre iron on the head. And, of course, no arrests have been made.

Obama: transcending race?

Nov 30, 2007, Shelby Steele:

The first thing I ever heard about Barack Obama was that he had a white mother and a black father... Apparently this was the way we Americans had to introduce Obama to each other. For some reason, knowledge of his racial pedigree had to precede even the mention of his politics--as if the pedigree inevitably explained the politics.

Of course, I am rather sensitive to all this because I, too, was born to a white mother and a black father, though I did not fully absorb this fact, which would have been so obvious to the outside world, until I was old enough to notice the world's fascination--if not obsession--with it. To this day it is all but impossible for me to actually stop and think of my parents as white and black or to think of myself, therefore, as half and half. This is the dumb mathematics of thinking by race--dumb because race is used here as a kind of bullying truth that pushes aside the actual human experience.

... his candidacy itself asks the American democracy to complete itself, to achieve that almost perfect transparency in which color is indeed no veil over character--where a black, like a white, can put himself forward as the individual he truly is. This is the high possibility that the Obama campaign points to quite apart from its policy goals.

And yet the issue of race, so nicely contained and deactivated in the Barack Obama political persona, is still very much alive within the man himself. Today's black identity has been nearly a life-long preoccupation for Obama. By the surface facts of his life--mixed-race background, childhood in Hawaii and Indonesia--it would be easy to assume that he might be indifferent to the whole business of race and identity. Many Americans want to believe that there are people on whom race sits very lightly, people whose very hybridism suggests the possibility of transcending race.

But Barack Obama is not such a person. His books show a man nothing less than driven by a determination to be black, as if blackness were more a specific achievement than a birthright. This drive puts Obama at odds with his own political persona. Much of the excitement that surrounds him comes from the perception that he is only lightly tethered to race. Yet the very arc of his life--from Hawaii to the South Side of Chicago--has been shaped by an often conscious resolve to "belong" irrefutably to the black identity...

So, yes, Obama's interracial background puts him at cross purposes. It gives him a racelessness that is politically appealing to whites, but it also draws him toward precisely the kind of self-conscious black identity that alienates whites...

... He is a man bound by forces outside himself and by a practice that is central to the minority experience in America: masking. As the word itself makes clear, the mask is not an authentic representation of one's true self; rather it is a presentation of the self that angles for advantage. Today we blacks have two great masks that we wear for advantage in the American mainstream: bargaining and challenging.

Bargainers make a deal with white Americans that gives whites the benefit of the doubt: I will not rub America's history of racism in your face, if you will not hold my race against me...

Challengers never give whites the benefit of the doubt. They assume whites are racist until they prove otherwise...

Barack Obama is a plausible presidential candidate today because he is a natural born bargainer...

But the great problem for Obama is that today's black identity is grounded in challenging. This is the circumstance that makes him a bound man. If he tries to win the black vote by taking on a posture of challenging, he risks losing the vote of whites who like him precisely because he does not challenge...

There is only one way out of this bind for this still young politician. He has to drop all masks, all obsessions with identity, all his fears of being called a sell-out, and very carefully come to reveal what he truly believes as an individual. This is what America really expects from Barack Obama.

Undercover Mosque: The Return

September, 2008, Channel 4:

A year-and-a-half after the critically-acclaimed film Undercover Mosque was first screened, Dispatches goes undercover again to see whether extremist beliefs continue to be promoted in certain key British Muslim institutions.
Part 1

Parts 2 to 5 are at Jihad Watch.