Europe: measuring national suicide

October 14, 2007, BBC News

The BBC has carried a report of research by something called Migration Integration Policy Index. MIPEX, as it is known, is:

… a handy quick-reference guide to migrant integration policies in Europe. Using over 100 policy indicators it scores countries on six key dimensions of integration policy.

Policies are given a 1-3 score. A score of 3 signifies that a policy sets the most favourable conditions for migrant integration. Here best practice is defined by European Directives, Council of Europe Conventions and NGO proposals.

This, then, is a measure of government-sanctioned national suicide.

The six "key dimensions" of integration policy are: long-term residence, nationality laws, discrimination laws, family reunion, labour market access, political rights. Taken together, they provide this snapshot of the "success" of the member countries of the European Union in changing their own people. Literally.

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