Sudanese: above the law in the suburbs

October 04, 2007, Neil Mitchell, Herald Sun

... This week it is about the people in Dandenong, Springvale and Noble Park, but it could just as easily be the western suburbs of Melbourne or a number of other areas around Australia where refugees settle.

It is about fear, violence and even death.

It is about a belief among some long-term Australians that our generosity in allowing people in need to come to this country has damaged what we have and reduced some streets to no-go zones.

There can now be no doubt that there is a serious and developing problem within a section of the Sudanese community, which has led to groups of young men hunting in packs, acting violently and disregarding the law.

Look at the security videos from some shops, as I have.

They show young men brazenly stealing bottles of spirits, waving to the cameras as they do.

They show police with capsicum spray struggling to subdue men while others watch, apparently amused.

They show shop assistants being attacked and threatened.

These are not only Sudanese thugs. There are several races represented.

In January of this year, on these pages, I pleaded for action.

A Sudanese man, Hakeem Hakeem, out of his mind on drugs and inhaled paint fumes, bashed and raped a 63-year-old woman and terrorised a 16-year-old couple.

Local police told of regularly stopping Sudanese drink-drivers who refused to take Australian law seriously because it treated them with decency rather than the brutality they expected.

Now, it is worse. Last week, a young Sudanese man, Liep Gony, was bashed to death in Noble Park and police fear reprisals ...

"Many of them are continuously looking for problems. They choose not to adapt to the Australian way of life and more annoying they do not like to abide by our laws." ...
SENIOR Detective Dave Logan, from the transit police, speaking to the Berwick Leader:
"Ninety-nine per cent of our assaults, robberies and armed robberies involve the Sudanese."
SECRETARY of the Police Association, Sen-Sgt Paul Mullett, to The Australian:
"The Sudanese are very difficult to deal with. They come from a lawless background and they really have to be educated about Australian society's standards."
ASSISTANT Commissioner Paul Evans, officer in charge of Region 5, which includes Noble Park, speaking with me on 3AW:
"This is a cultural thing. A lot of these people are brought up as warriors in their own country."
Evans, speaking about police activity after the murder of Mr Gony:
"We really want to keep a lid on this. It's a bloody awful thing."
COMMUNITY leader Martin Johnson, from the National Democratic Alliance of Sudan, who describes it as cultural shock, where young Sudanese suddenly have freedom and clash with their parents who try to control them:
"We are sorry for what our kids have been doing and sorry for what has been happening to the community in Australia." ...
On-the-street police are quietly nervous and two have been badly injured over recent weeks ...

It is a significant and ugly step to ban refugees on race, but that is what is being done because the problems are racially based.

... there is a responsibility to maintain social harmony and peace within this country.

That is not racist. It is right.

Widow feels trapped, Herald Sun

BEVERLEY Hargreaves is too scared to leave home after dark, fearing she might get caught up in Noble Park's gang violence.

The 75-year-old widow, a local for 52 years, said the area used to be "lovely".

"Now, it's just not safe.

"The police presence makes a huge difference but they haven't always been here like this," she said.

She considered selling and moving away, but decided against it. "We raised the family here. I have memories here," she said.

Mrs Hargreaves supports the decision to give African refugees the cold shoulder as "marvellous".

"I don't mind that they're here, as long as they learn to live like Australians," she said.

Tim Nicolopolous, 15, said he took up martial arts after being repeatedly beaten by ethnic gangs who taunted him as white trash.

"I know some Sudanese guys and most of them are fine, but others can get a bit violent," he said.

"They don't need to bring their problems and violence from their country here. They need to pull their heads in." ...

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Abandon, great piece with some really terrific quotes.
Thanks for the groovy comments on my last post regard Arch 'Butt Head' Bevis.

I finally finished about ten minutes after you must have read it. It's fully modified now! Re: Sudanese. My Japanese wife and I have a little bit of a rare insight relatively speaking regards this.

We had the good fortune to have a couple of restaurants, one in Albert Park which was wonderful. And one, 'Across 110th Street' or Maribyrnong. Not so good.

We experienced the harsh reality of the insane, criminal, violent, totally reckless, bizarro alien behaviour and attitudes of young male Sudanese up close, and many other colourful ethnic Celebrators’ of Diversity. It was Hell.

Of course, the African business folks were great, productive and decent people. They were victims of this dangerous situation too just like the majority of refugees. People don’t grasp this simple point.

Everybody end's up being the victim of PC guff. Well, everybody who can't afford to live somewhaer better.

I spoke often to the Police, about how more than a few of these guys just do as they please, basically laughing at Law Enforcement. The Police dreaded attending African domestics as there were no apparent limits on behaviour, no reason and a strange indifference to consequences.

The Chief said that Africans, Middle East 'youth' etc, committed most of the large amount of rapes and assaults etc.

Typically 2 of these guys or more see quite commonly a white girl walking by and just attack her. Crazy stuff, but of course this kind of thing just shift's people's 'paradigm' too much. Not a lot of publicity. Surprised, eh? Nope.

I can't remember how many times I had to face these swine down for no apparent reason but their own crazy belligerence.

They often hated Australia for no good reason, white women, Asian women and black women as far as I could tell. We were above the cafe and one NOT that unusual night, around 70 Africans rioted all over a main intersection for most of the night. No Police came.

It was a little like a film starring Rod Taylor on the Mau-Mau, called, 'Dark of the Sun'. So many delightful memories aided and abetted by Christine Nixon's idiot Police directive's and the addled, deluded, heavily Left, pathetically often well meaning, sadly Socialist Cretin Maribyrnong Council.

These twerp's never seemed to think that migrant's and refugees are also the victim's of such concentrated criminality. Aah, it’s almost long enough ago now.

Keep on smiling, thinking clearly and ridiculing the bastards responsible for this, disaster. But mostly a disaster experienced exclusively by the poor, the working and lower middle class, especially small business people. That’s entirely the problem, really.

God Bless you Abandon Skip.

Anonymous said...

Funny that Tim Nicopolous is now being bashed by the very multiculturalism that loads of greeks like Kalantzis, Kostakidis and theophanus championed.

Abandon Skip said...

Colonel, and they dismiss all the evidence with black violence as "just more of the old immigrant bashing that's happened with each new arrivals". Sure.

Anon, good point.