Edinburgh mosque: kill lapsed Muslims

30 October 2007, BBC News
Shock over mosque booklet claim

Worshippers at an Edinburgh mosque have refuted suggestions it is promoting extremism after a study claimed to have found "hate literature" there.

Researchers claimed to have found a booklet which indicated it was permissible to kill lapsed Muslims.

The material was said to be found at the Islamic Centre of Edinburgh, which is attached to the King Fahd Mosque.

A mosque source told the BBC the booklet had been sent to the mosque 10 years ago but had not been used since.

The details emerged in a UK survey by the think tank Policy Exchange.

The findings form part of a report entitled The Hijacking of British Islam. The mosque has not yet issued an official comment ...

The material found states:
"The scholars have mentioned that a person may become apostate for many reasons which can nullify his faith.

These reasons would make someone's blood permissible to spill [to be killed for apostasy] and his wealth permissible to be usurped, because he is no longer a Muslim."
Via Winds of Jihad