UK video: police break up murder memorial

April 23, 2008,

Those viewers, particularly our supporters overseas, who thought British bobbies were the best in the world will be disturbed by this piece which covers the candle light vigil set up on Saturday 18th. The shrine was dedicated to the memory of the hundreds of men and women murdered by racists from ethnic minority backgrounds ...

How many victims of immigration does it take before it is stopped?

PS - sound isn't working on my computer, so I am posting this blind, so to speak, with respect to the soundtrack.
... Despite attracting the interest and respect from passers-by of Afro-Caribbean and Asian origin, none of whom made any complaint, over a dozen uniformed thugs (there can be no other word to describe them) from the West Midlands Police tore into the crowd and set about dismantling the shrine with two plain clothes officers trying to stop our cameraman filming the outrage. An astonished crowd booed and jeered as the officers tore down posters and gathered up photographs of the murder victims.

Viewers will notice the striking similarity to the way military juntas from South America to Communist China deal with grassroots opposition to government action. This footage reflects the widening gulf of trust between those who govern, control and enforce and those who are governed.
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Another global village idiot

Govt urged to rethink foreign labour immigration
May 20, 2008, ABC News:

Mr Cameron believes an increase in foreigners ... could create resentment among the community ...

But Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Peter Anderson says Mr Cameron's concerns about a possible backlash are inflammatory.

"We need in Australia to recognise that we are part of a global economy," he said.

"Capital is global and labour is global. What Australia needs is a sensible and rational debate about migration policy.

"Migration policy needs to move with the social and economic times and any suggestion that we can't have a sensible debate without fuelling xenophobia is really silly."

Mr Anderson is confident that good leadership will avert resentment of foreign workers in the community ...

Immigration Minister Chris Evans has also rejected Mr Cameron's fears of a backlash against foreign workers.

"I think the reality is that Australia has matured about those issues," he said.

"Australia is a country of migrants and it is a country that has accepted large scale migration over the years - provided people settle well and provided that people are convinced that people coming into the country are needed for the growth of the economy, and that they are not undercutting Australian wages and conditions."
Peter Anderson, selling out Australia for a few bucks. Stuff the culture, stuff the community, just show me the money. If you want to live in a foreign country then go, get out, Australia needs business leaders who care about the community. With all the talk about capital, your single-minded attention fails to consider social capital which is proven to be smashed by diversity. Leave, we're better off without you.

Chris Evans, if Australia has "matured about those issues" then why are whites still moving away from migrant areas? Why are whites leaving public schools in diverse areas? Is that what you mean by maturity?

Once you bring in hoards of temporary labour, you'll get stray illegals and employer abuse.

And, Mr Evans, if you adopt the American mantra that we are "a country of migrants" then you've lost the ability to define and defend yourself. This is what the American thinking gets you, a borderless madhouse with hoards of illegals demonstrating for citizenship rights:

Sure we don't live next door to Mexico, but it's the same mentality that eventually becomes overwhelmed with immigrant sentiment that it loses the ability to define and defend itself. We may get there slower, but the destination is the same.

You've gotta stand for something, or you're gonna fall for anything.

Global village idiots.

Thieves strip olive trees in Hunter

May 20, 2008, SMH:

Thieves have stripped a NSW Hunter Valley olive grove of its fruit in an overnight raid, the latest of a series of such bizarre thefts.

Quentin von Essen, who runs an olive grove in Lovedale, was alarmed to find that all but two of his 400 trees had been stripped of their olives earlier this month ...

Mr von Essen said he was dumbfounded how the theft of about four tonnes of olives could have happened without anyone noticing.

"It would take approximately six people up to three days to pick our olive grove," he told ABC Radio today.

"It appears that ... a whole lot of people have come into the grove overnight and just stripped the trees.

"The eerie part is ... there is not an olive on any of these trees and not an olive on the ground ...

Mr von Essen said he knew of five other properties in the area that had been raided recently ...
That's an organised labour force. Can you imagine a group of Australians doing this? I can't, considering we're told that Aussies won't go fruit picking anymore and we need to import labour. It's ninja like. If immigrants are over-represented in general crime statistics, then I suppose it's natural that crime will follow them into rural areas. Is it then wise to invite immigrants onto your land in daylight to get the lay of the land? Is it worth the risk?

Open door lunatics

Open door, The Australian
May 17, 2008, Paul Kelly:

In an interview with Inquirer, Immigration Minister Chris Evans says Australia needs "a great national debate over the next few years" about the need to import not just skilled but semi-skilled and unskilled workers. "The system's creaking at the moment because it is unresponsive to new demands and new realities," he says.

Evans plans a series of cabinet submissions to recast the program. He wants a "serious overhaul" of the system. It is urgent because migration "is based on a model that is out of date", still anchored in the 1950s and '60s and not geared to the mobile internationalisation of labour in the 21st century.

"The demands of business are hitting us in the face," Evans says. His experiences as a West Australian aware of acute shortages and capacity constraints drives this urgency. Next month cabinet is expected to endorse a pilot program based on the New Zealand model for guest workers from Pacific nations. The Prime Minister wants this for foreign policy and economic reasons.

Evans says: "The debate about temporary migration, quite frankly, is over." His threshold point is that the immigration debate is no longer just about skills, though skills are vital, but has become a debate about labour. There is an unspoken agenda: aware that the abolition of Work Choices risks higher wage pressures, Rudd and Swan are using higher migration as a device to boost labour supply and limit wage inflation ...

Australian labour shortages are here to stay. They are driven by economics and demography. With the retirement of the baby boomers, limits to female workforce participation and the permanence of the China-India resources boom, immigration is returning to centre stage in dramatic fashion ...

At the same time, habits of native-born Australians are changing. "We can't get Australians to work in abattoirs in rural Queensland," Evans says. "We've got Brazilian meat workers here who want to convert to migration, and their employers want this, too." ...

These reformist plans will stimulate the race debate.

"There's always, frankly, the race issue," he says. "One of the challenges is that source countries are changing. We still get 25 per cent of the program from Britain but we are seeing an increase from India, China, the Philippines and South America off a small base." He agrees it will be tricky to persuade the unions and the public to accept unskilled labour. But this is a debate Australia cannot avoid ...
The "mobile internationalisation of labour in the 21st century". Well you can't have Europe and the USA getting too far ahead with bucket loads of legal and illegal mobile immigrants, can you? That would make us look like backward rednecks. Tear it down Paul Kelly, rip it up Kevin Rudd, finger the Australian people Chris Evans - kiss Australia goodbye.

Dear Paul Kelly, regarding "the permanence of the China-India resources boom". If that is the driving force behind the open door policy then why don't you consider closing the door on minerals to China and India, rather than opening both doors to them: minerals out, and migrants in. Shut one door, or open two? Do we really need the 'advantages' of globalisation this much? I don't think so. Life wasn't so bad before the globalisation thing. There has to be a better way than open door insanity.

Globalisation is now a cult. Beware the doorphobics like Paul Kelly: if they see a door they have to open it, if they pass through a gate they won't close it - they need to rush onto the next door and open it and then onto the next to relieve their fear of closed doors. They love that high rush of opening a door and running away to see what happens: that bliss of freedom from doors. Oh yeah, it's sooo good. Man, what a buzz. Woooo. One world, one people, oh yeah baby. Liberty, freedom, love, nirvana, homo economus.

Freakin lunatics.

Asian 'selling child porn' at Sydney market

May 19, 2008, ABC News:

Yie Zhong Xie has been charged with six child pornography offences after he was arrested at the ANZAC markets in Campsie, in the city's south-west, yesterday.

Police raided four stalls, seizing 3,000 DVDs. It is alleged the DVDs include pirated movies and three child pornography titles.

The 36-year-old Lakemba man's wife cried in the Burwood courtroom today as she held their toddler son.

The Chinese national applied for bail in a move opposed by the prosecution, who argued the DVDs contained explicit images.

But Xie's lawyer said his client had a young family to look after ...

Meat-cleaver attack: Lakemba man charged

April 14, 2008, SMH:

A man has been struck in the neck with a meat cleaver during a street attack in south-west Sydney, police say ...

"The man, described at this stage only as Mediterranean or Middle Eastern in appearance, produced a meat cleaver and struck the victim to the neck before running from the scene," he said ...

The two men are not believed to be known to each other ...
Meat-cleaver attack, man charged:
A man's been charged with using a meat cleaver to attack a family walking through Sydney's southwest.

The attack occured in broad daylight yesterday afternoon on a busy street in Lakemba.

A 48-year-old Greenacre man was walking along Haldon Street with his wife and three children when another man approached them.

A scuffle broke out - the other man running into a nearby shop and stealing a meat-cleaver before swinging it at the 48 year old and striking him in the neck ...

A 44-year-old Lakemba man attended Campsie police station around an hour and a half later ...
Is this the type of skilled worker you want to import Mr Rudd?

Man charged over Yagoona shooting

05 May 2008, NSW Police:

Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad detectives have this afternoon laid charges over a shooting at Yagoona last year, which left a man with a bullet lodged in the base of his skull.

Shortly after 10am today, Strike Force Briddon detectives arrested an 18-year-old man without incident at a home in Condell Park.

He was taken to Bankstown Police Station where he was questioned and subsequently charged with a number of offences including shoot with intent to murder, shoot with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, fire firearm in a public place, and possess loaded firearm ...
Police raid houses after shot in the dark, Sept 21, 2007:
... The man had been preparing to start work laying optic fibre cables in the street for Bilfinger Berger Services when he was shot in the neck about 3.45am. He managed to drive himself to a service station looking for help, police said.

The man, in his mid-40s, had been in a car talking with two men on Rose Street when one of the men produced a gun and fired at least four shots.

Police said after he was shot he drove a short distance to the corner of Rose Street and the Hume Highway where he pulled into a BP station and asked for help ...

The man's car, a late model orange Holden Commodore SS, was still parked in front of the petrol station at midday today.

Both rear windows were shattered and police forensic markers indicated two small bullet marking on the outside of the car's boot and on a rear left panel ...

A large sticker of the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team could be seen on the back window and two baseball caps with the same All Blacks logo were on the back shelf.
Police call for witnesses to Sydney shootings
8/04/2008, Live News:
Police are appealing for information from the public relating to two Sydney shootings last year, which resulted in one witness being shot in the head.

It is now believed two shootings in September 2007 were linked, and police have called for public assistance after releasing CCTV pictures.

A witness was shot in the head as he drove away from two men armed with a rifle in Rose Street, Yagoona, at 3.30am on Friday September 21. The 50-year-old man was hospitalised for two weeks after the attack before being released with a bullet still in his skull.

Police believe the shooting was linked to another in Blackburn Street, Surry Hills, on September 2.

In that incident, police allege four men of Middle Eastern/Mediterranean appearance attacked three men in another car in a drive-by shooting at 4.30am, about 90 minutes after the two groups had been involved in a street fight. One of the victims was struck in the elbow but all escaped serious injury.

Police have released CCTV footage of the fight, as well as an image of a man – believed to be an innocent bystander – who videotaped the altercation. Police are calling for assistance from the public to identify the cameraman and the men involved in the fight.

Bullet lodged in skull: teen charged, May 5, 2008:
Detectives are still searching for two other men who left the scene of the shooting in a bright red sedan - either a new model Commodore or a Mazda.
Live News has more pics.

Senator predicts Aussie BNP

Business warned on migrant labour
May 20, 2008, the Age:

A PUSH by sections of the business community to increase migration among low-skilled workers could resuscitate parties such as One Nation or even lead to the rise of a far-right force akin to the British National Party, an incoming Labor senator has warned.

Doug Cameron, the former national secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union who enters the senate on July 1, made his stark remarks in a private address in the Blue Mountains at the weekend ...

Mr Cameron confirmed his comments, saying he was troubled by the gains the BNP had made in recent local elections in the UK.

"I watch the British political scene closely and one of the problems with the free movement of labour has been animosity created if people come in and take jobs at lower rates to local workers," he said.

"We have to be very careful. We have a history of handling this issue very well, but it could create problems."

Two weeks ago, the BNP won its first seat on the London Assembly, gaining 5.3% of the vote. A BBC analysis also found the party, which has links to neo-fascist groups, had succeeded in getting 56 councillors elected across Britain, many carried into office on a backlash against immigration through Europe's open borders ...

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief executive, Peter Anderson, said increased immigration would not unleash resentment in the community if it were "done on a logical and orderly basis" ...

A leading Australian expert on immigration, Professor Bob Birrell of Monash University, gave qualified support to Mr Cameron's claim ...

"Labor appears to be pursuing higher immigration without fear of a backlash.

"But I suspect there will be some public reaction and there is no question in my mind this stuff (resentment) could be rekindled."
Behold the newfound Australian superiority complex: immigration would not unleash resentment in the community if it were "done on a logical and orderly basis". People of the world, look and learn, we know what we're doing down here - we won't make the same mistakes you did. Oh yeah, we're better. No, really. I feel it, don't you?

Migrants add to skills crisis

April 29, 2008, SMH:

LESS than a third of people from non-English speaking countries who migrate to Australia on skilled workers' visas are gaining work in their fields and many of them are adding to the skills crisis they were brought in to solve, a study has found.

Those who graduated from Australian universities and were assessed as competent by local accrediting authorities were the least likely to find employment relevant to their qualifications, according to the report, "How are skilled migrants doing?", published in today's People And Place.

The authors, Monash University demographers Bob Birrell and Ernest Healy, have called for a freeze on skilled migration while the Government focuses on helping to bring the present crop of migrants up to the standard demanded by professions, in which they are qualified, through bridging courses.

"They're not contributing to the skilled workforce but they're contributing to urban population growth and housing pressure," Professor Birrell said.

Nearly 213,000 people moved to Australia as skilled migrants between 2001 and 2006, almost three-quarters of whom came from non-English speaking countries.

But while the majority of those who migrated from English-speaking countries gained employment in professional or managerial positions, only 29.3 per cent of those from non-English speaking countries did ...
And it also raises the politically incorrect question that maybe some employers just don't want non-English immigrants for professional employees. Maybe employers don't mind immigrants down the bottom of the corporate ladder where they don't have to interact with them. But when it comes to positions of leadership, or team members they have to interact with, well maybe that's a little too close to home. So we have white flight, investor flight, and now do we also have employer flight?

Record-breaking immigration for next 3 years

Migrants the ALP isn't game to crow about
May 16, 2008, the Australian:

AUSTRALIA is on the verge of a historical shift in immigration. We are about to enter a period of record-breaking levels in permanent and temporary immigration during the next three years. At the end of the 2007-08 financial year, Australia will have accepted more than 300,000 permanent and temporary migrants in an attempt to meet business demands for skilled workers.

After being Immigration Minister for just a few months, Chris Evans has become responsible for the greatest single expansion of Australia's immigration program, and there is much more to come.

Evans has built suddenly on the years of steady growth under the Howard government and it is certain that the number of temporary workers entering Australia will be well above 100,000 a year, and could be, if present growth rates continue, about 300,000 within three years ...

This expansion and its political and economic treatment is the great untold story of Labor's first budget in more than a decade ...

It's worth noting that Evans's action on TPVs is probably the largest automatic granting of residency in Australia to visa holders since Bob Hawke tearfully granted asylum to thousands of Chinese students after the Tiananmen Square massacre ...

In raw numbers and in percentage terms, that is the largest single increase in a year since at least 1977, and the skilled increase is the largest since the introduction of a managed migration program in 1947.

At the end of the four-year budget outlook it is estimated there will be an extra 150,000 permanent skilled workers in Australia on top of the expected annual intake of about 200,000 a year. That's almost one million new Australians, most skilled and working in the boom states, by 2011 and hundreds of thousands of temporary skilled workers based on demand ...
Meanwhile, on the other side of planet Earth ...

Devastating demolition of the case for mass immigration
Sir Andrew Green, 31st March 2008:
Today's report on immigration from the House of Lords Economic Committee strikes a devastating blow against years of blatant government propaganda. It rejects outright the Government's argument that a high level of immigration is of economic benefit to the UK.

This is exactly what we in Migrationwatch have been saying for at least three years in the teeth of opposition and, indeed, insults from the immigration lobby.

Now, at last, after the first major inquiry of its kind in this country, our view has been endorsed by the considered verdict of one of the most heavyweight committees of Parliament, including, as it does, two former Chancellors, a former Governor of the Bank of England, and several distinguished economists as well as captains of industry and finance ...

And what of the Government's argument that immigration is needed to fill job vacancies? Such claims, the committee judges with admirable restraint, are "analytically weak". Immigration, it continues, is unlikely to be an effective tool for reducing vacancies other than in the short term.

In fact the employment statistics prove the committee's point beyond doubt. It is some five years since the Government started to argue there were 600,000 vacancies that needed to be filled by immigration. In that time, we have had net foreign immigration into Britain of nearly one-and-a-half million and guess how many vacancies we still have - 600,000!

The reason, as the report points out, is that immigrants fill some vacancies but their extra demand for services and goods creates others. The Government's argument on job vacancies would, therefore, lead to a continuous cycle of immigration.
See also:
- Lords' report exposes Labour's lies on the 'benefits' of mass immigration

Via Oz Conservative

Killed because he did not have a cigarette

April 22, 2008, Daily Telegraph:

EDDIE Spowart was stabbed to death because he didn't smoke and couldn't give a cigarette to a gang of youths who approached him at a train station yesterday.

Horrified friends told The Daily Telegraph that the 54-year-old had been on the phone when the group of African males approached him at Granville Train Station about 12.45am.

They asked him for a cigarette but when the Fijian qualified fitter, who moved to Australian in 1989, told them to go away because he didn't smoke things turned nasty, his long-time friend Tony Chand said.

He was stabbed several times in his thigh, stomach and underneath his shoulder ...

"Eddie would make friends with anybody, he wasn't a violent person. He just append to be in the wrong place at the wrong time - he was asked for a cigarette and was stabbed because he didn't have one."

Mr Spowart had been drinking with mates at a friends place and then a local pub in Granville before the stabbing.

He had walked with a group of friends had walked to the Granville train station to catch a train home to the Westmead home he shared with his sister Elizabeth Spowart ...

Mr Spowart was taken to Westmead Hospital but died several hours after the attack in Memorial Ave ...

Police are appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or noticed a group of black African males in the vicinity of Granville Railway Station, Memorial Avenue or near the bus interchange on Mary Street around 12.45am yesterday, to contact Rosehill Police or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Three more charged over stabbing murder, Apr 23 2008:
Three more people, including two teenagers, have been charged over the stabbing death of a man near a train station in Sydney's west ...

Less than 12 hours after the incident, detectives arrested a 17-year-old Doonside youth and a 16-year-old boy from Wentworthville.

The 17-year-old was charged on Tuesday with attempted murder and murder ...

The younger boy was charged with affray and concealing a serious offence ...

Police on Tuesday arrested two more teenage boys, aged 19 and 17, and a 28-year-old man early Wednesday morning.

All three were charged with affray and concealing a serious offence and were refused bail.
How many (alleged) victims of African immigration will it take? Judging by the UK, Australia better get used to the killings or vote to stop African immigration. Well done to the police for the quick arrests.

China sets sights on Aussie farms

17/5/2008, Australian Protectionists:

Few can argue with the fact that in many ways the ability of a nation to feed itself is a foundation of national sovereignty.

This being the case, it is of concern to read reports that the Agricultural Department of the Communist Chinese Government is in the process of developing a policy to encourage Chinese “investment” in Australian farms in response to reduced land availability and population growth levels that would make a rabbit hang it’s head in shame.

A senior trade official with the Communist regime, Xie Guoli is quoted “Australia and China have a basis for long term agricultural co operation, since Australia is rich in land and China is rich in labour. But developing such a relationship will depend substantially on Australia’s policy on IMPORTING LABOUR”.

Wow, what a trade off! Who could refuse an offer as good as this? A murderous totalitarian Communist regime with proven imperialist policies of suppression and colonisation, offers to come in and buy up your nation’s farms-probably at bargain basement prices, many of which have been held by hard working Australian families for generations-and then dictates that this helpful hand will only be extended provided you allow them to bring in their own people for labour!

What nation of halfwits would allow such a situation?

Perhaps, one with a Mandarin speaking Sinophile for a Prime Minister?

In a world increasingly run by Global Village Idiots, one is to expect an increase in global investment and the movement of capital and resources. We do not like it, but it is expected (along with the myriad of problems that go along with it). However, with China this situation takes on a whole new perspective.

Communist China is already muscling its way into our nation’s mining sector- state funded companies are entering our market and focusing on buying up companies primarily involved in uranium mining. In fact our governments have assured the Chinese that they will endeavour to remove all barriers that restrict their investment in our nation ...

Furthermore, one can only shudder at the effect this move will have on regional Australia. If the Chinese have their way, buy the farms that support local communities and import Chinese labour (obviously not paid Australian wages) the effect will be catastrophic.

The face of regional Australia will change forever, along with the last bastion of the traditional Australian identity. Chinese owned farms, with poorly paid Chinese workers will mean less disposable income flowing on into the nation’s regional towns.

Will the naturally xenophobic Chinese seek to invest in transport companies thereby lowering their cost and increasing their profits further? What of the offspring produced by the thousands of Chinese imported labourers? Bet London to a brick that the K.Rudd government will bend over backwards to give them and the extended families permanent residency to “further cement the close ties with our Chinese friends”.

Remember, this is the same “man” reported as approaching Chinese President Hu Jintao and reminding him that “the ALP has a close relationship with Communist China“.

The same PM who visited China on a company financed trip prior to the last election. Mr.Tang was reportedly referred to by K.Rudd in The Australian (15/3/08) as “my Chinese controller”- Mr.Tang’s company donates extensively to the ALP’s election campaign costs…..

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a price to pay for such support- and the Australian people are expected by both parties to foot the bill.

Australian Protectionism- it’s a matter of national survival.
In theory, free trade is a win-win situation as each country specialises in what they are more efficient at producing. Sounds good and it's probably true, after all we've got more spare income after we've furnished our house with cheap Chinese goods. But in practise, when you see all our manufacturing disappearing, you have to wonder where does it end and what do we do when the resource boom ends?

Ditto ownership of farms. Where will it end? Buggered if I know, so I'll vote protectionist until the globalists prove they know what the hell they're doing. The prospect of China buying up farms scares the willies out of me.

What will they inherit?
Only you can decide ...

Britons fear race violence

17 April 2008, BBC News:

Almost two-thirds of people in Britain fear race relations are so poor tensions are likely to spill over into violence, a BBC poll has suggested.

Of the 1,000 people asked, 60% said the UK had too many immigrants and half wanted foreigners encouraged to leave ...

Equality and Human Rights Commission head Trevor Phillips said the findings were "alarming".

... three out of four people thought there was now a great deal or a fair amount of tension between races and nationalities.

And almost two in three feared tension was certain or likely to lead to violence, although it is not clear whether people are imagining full-blown street riots or minor scuffles.

Mr Phillips told BBC News: "What worries me is if that friction starts to catch fire - if people do genuinely believe it's going to catch fire then we're in trouble.

"This finding may reflect not what is happening today but the story that's been told of the last 40 years - that if you get people of different kinds together then eventually there's going to be trouble."

The survey was commissioned to mark the 40th anniversary of Enoch Powell's infamous "rivers of blood" speech, in which he described the indigenous population's "sense of alarm and resentment" over immigration ...

Asked if they thought immigration meant their local area didn't feel like Britain any more, a quarter of the sample agreed - double the amount who felt this three years ago.

Six out of 10 said immigration had made parts of Britain feel like a foreign country ...

He said: "That is why 2008 sees the biggest shake-up to immigration and border security in 45 years, with a points system like the one in Australia and new rules to make people earn their stay in the UK, including speaking English and abiding by our rules.

"That is what is going to make our immigration system fit for the future."
You stupid Brits, stop worrying, the Aussie point system is gonna solve everything. It's paradise down here, yup, no immigrant troubles at all ...

'Hidden' migrants drive ethnic change

May 16, 2008, the Australian:

AUSTRALIA is undergoing an unparalleled movement of people and ethnic change through "hidden immigration", but lacks a comprehensive policy to deal with it, according to an eminent demographer.

Monash University professor Andrew Markus said raw immigration numbers masked the magnitude of a demographic revolution that had produced a population where one in four residents was born overseas.

At 24 per cent, the overseas-born proportion of the population is twice that of the US at 12 per cent, and three times that of England and Wales at 8 per cent, where racial tensions have flared again.

"Opinion polls in England in July 2007 and March 2008 indicated that immigration and race issues are the main concern of electors," Professor Markus said.

He said that while Australians had been tolerant and migrants committed to their new home, strong political leadership was required to convince the nation of the benefits to all of high immigration to avoid a backlash ...

"The elements of a policy to promote social cohesion within communities characterised by diversity of language and culture are well known - and difficult to implement," he said. "At present, Australia lacks full clarity of vision, coherence and consistency - while the largest movement of people in the country's history is under way."

Speaking to The Australian yesterday, Professor Markus said that although many Australians regarded the rate of immigration as high, they probably had little idea that the transformation was far bigger than they imagined ...

"With the uneven distribution of the overseas born, this translates to 34.5 per cent of Sydney's population, 31 per cent of Melbourne's, and over 70 per cent in some urban localities," Professor Markus said.

He proposed several measures towards a national policy to make immigration work.

These included challenging disadvantage in education and employment, tackling institutional discrimination, and a "consistent set of policies to be implemented at the community level to promote inter-cultural understanding, bridge building and participation".
Thanks to anonymous commenter.

See also: Permanent migrants on the rise

Sudanese refugee jailed for rape

April 17, 2008, Adelaide Now:

A FORMER child soldier who raped a pregnant woman at knifepoint at a Seaton home was jailed today for eight years.

The victim told the District Court Abraham Ayei Mel threatened to cut out her unborn child if she screamed during the attack.

Mel, 31, of Woodville, was found guilty by a jury of raping the woman in November, 2005.

At his trial Mel, who is Sudanese, claimed he had known the victim when they were in Africa and had a sexual relationship for two years.

The woman denied they ever had a sexual relationship and that while she had met him on a prior occasion, essentially he was a stranger ...

Mel had been abducted by rebels when he was 12 and did not escape until he was 20.

The court heard Mel came to Australia as a refugee ...

Islander gang attacks Telstra workers

May 14, 2008, Blacktown Advocate:

Two Telstra workers were robbed by a gang of youths with baseball bats during a late shift in Woodcroft. A 52-year-old Mulgoa man and 35-year-old man from Kellyville were working on a power box on Woodcroft Rd about midnight last Wednesday when they noticed five men watching them from a distance. The workers claimed the youths, carrying two baseball bats, described as 18 to 20 years old and mostly of Islander appearance, approached them and demanded they empty their pockets. The Mulgoa man refused and was hit around the head with a baseball bat. When the youths asked again, the two men handed over their mobile phones and a laptop computer. The 52-year-old was taken to Blacktown Hospital with swelling, bruising and lacerations to the left side of his head. Blacktown crime manager Det-Insp Gary Hutchen said it was the first such incident and inquiries into the attack were continuing.

Laser pointed at police helicopter

29/04/2008, Parramatta Sun:

HOLROYD is the latest suburb to have a reported incident of a laser pointer being aimed at an aircraft.

A police helicopter was targeted at 10pm on Monday, April 21, while it was searching for culprits responsible for a series of laser attacks.

This incident didn't last long, police said, and the pilot was not harmed.

On January 22, commercial aircraft and cars were targeted by laser pointers in Merrylands and Pendle Hill.

The crime manager at Holroyd police, Sergeant Paul Roe, said catching those responsible was difficult for police ...

The State Government last week announced it would ban powerful laser pointers, and carrying them without a legitimate reason could incur a maximum jail term of 14 years.
Holroyd is Merrylands.

Bus driver allegedly "head butted"

29/04/2008, Parramatta Sun:

Police have charged a man who allegedly head butted a bus driver in Seven Hills yesterday.

About 12.15pm, the 59-year-old driver for a privately owned company was approached by a motorist while at a bus stop on Ellam Drive at Seven Hills.

The pair engaged in an argument regarding an earlier alleged traffic incident on Blacktown Road.

During the argument the driver was head butted once in the face.

He was taken to Blacktown Hospital for treatment to his nose and has since been released.

Following a report of the incident, investigators arrested a 21-year-old Merrylands man yesterday afternoon ...
Who took the merry out of Merrylands? Like many parts of Sydney, it used to be a nice place.

Islander waits in queue, robs post office

May 14, 2008, Herald Sun:

A KNIFE-WIELDING robber stood in line with customers and waited his turn before holding up a central Sydney post office, police say.

The robber entered the post office on the corner of Castlereagh and Park streets at 3pm (AEST) today and joined the queue, police said.

When it was his turn, the man pulled out a metal kitchen knife and jumped the counter ...

The man is described as being of Pacific Islander appearance, of solid build, about 183cm tall and aged in his 20s.

He was said to be wearing white rugby shorts with a black stripe down each leg and a dark blue hooded jumper with "60" on the back and yellow and white writing on the front.

Any witnesses are urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
It's in the bottom right of the picture, next to the Central Park Hotel on Castlereagh street.

Girl raped in children's hospital

April 06, 2008, Daily Telegraph:

Raouf Philopos sexually assaulted the girl for more than an hour as his six-year-old son slept and while nurses tended to patients in the ward at The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

The 16-year-old victim was readmitted to the same hospital ward after turning to self-harm following the assault ...

Philopos was sentenced to a maximum 12 years' jail for the offence, which occurred in 2003. But it only came to light last week when his appeal was rejected in the Supreme Court ...

The court was told Philopos had been given permission by hospital staff to sit in a chair for the night to be with his young son, who was recovering from a severe asthma attack. In the next bed, divided by a drawn curtain, slept the victim. She was in hospital suffering depression and severe social phobia.

Philopos approached her and started massaging her shoulders and ran his hands to her lower back, waist and thighs. He then indecently assaulted and raped her. Because of the girl's illness she did not raise the alarm immediately, but later that day told her psychiatrist.

When interviewed by police, Philopos denied touching the woman, and said he spent the whole time looking after his sick son.

But at his trial he gave different versions and accused the victim of acting in a "very seductive way towards him''. Philopos' DNA was found on the victim's breast and semen samples found he could not be excluded as the source of the partial DNA profile. He was charged with six counts of indecent assault and rape.

He appealed on the grounds he was suffering a psychiatric condition at the time of the attack and was not fit to stand trial.

Philopos had emigrated to Australia from Egypt in 1993 and worked as a cleaner. His wife has filed for divorce.
How many victims of immigration does it take, Australia, before we stop immigration from the Middle East and other incompatible countries? Can you put a number on it, so we can then tell all these victims "yeah, sorry, that's the price of immigration Australia decided on and, unfortunately, your number came up. Sorry, kiddo, here have some more valium".

In the meantime, think twice before leaving someone alone overnight in a hospital.

Merrylands High School machete attack

7/04/2008, Parramatta Sun:

Two people were taken to hospital after several young men armed with bats and a machete stormed a Sydney high school, attacking students and teachers and leaving a trail of damage, police say.

A total of 18 children were treated by ambulance crews at the scene following the incident at Merrylands High School, in Sydney's west, about 9.45am (AEST) on Monday.

An Ambulance Service of NSW spokesman said one student was later admitted to Westmead Children's Hospital for treatment of a "minor facial injury".

A teacher was also taken to Westmead Hospital with bruising to the back of the head.

"We've assessed 18 school-aged children ... all having minor injuries, some lacerations, some bruising and they're obviously quite anxious about what has happened," the ambulance spokesman said.

The group of armed youths allegedly damaged classrooms, broke windows and assaulted students during the incident, police said.

The school and students were placed in "lockdown" - confined to their classrooms - as the incident unfolded.

"Police were called to the high school on Sherwood Road following reports a number of males had entered the school grounds," a NSW Police Force spokeswoman said earlier.

"They allegedly damaged a number of classrooms (and) a number of students received minor injuries.

"Some were assaulted by the group and others received injuries from the flying glass." ...

Five young men were arrested shortly after police arrived at the scene. A crime scene has been established ...

Terror as gang of five rampages through school, the Age:
"They said they were looking for someone," said Joseph Strasshofer, a year 12 student at the school. "(They were) not yelling … just walking around and waving their machetes and baseball bats."

"They came in from the side and started pushing people," said a year 10 student.

"We were having assembly and a bunch of guys walked in with machetes and baseball bats. They said they were looking for some kid, and teachers made announcement and rushed us into classrooms and locked us in," another student said.

"I saw a lot of punching and kicking and bashing," another said.

A year 10 student said the gang was made up of students from neighbouring Granville Boys High School who were looking for a boy who was absent yesterday. Students described the attackers as being of Pacific Islander appearance.

Former students said there had been tensions between the school's Pacific Islander students and other student groups for many years. "The information we've been given is that they were … looking for someone but we don't know exactly what for," Detective Inspector Jim Stewart said. "It beggars belief they would attempt this kind of activity against innocent students."

Teachers reacted swiftly. Students were quickly ushered into rooms and the library as part of an emergency lockdown. Some cowered under desks, petrified.

The intruders entered two of the school buildings, running through corridors and smashing as many windows as they could. Broken glass showered students huddled in the classrooms, leaving some with cuts.

A male teacher who confronted the invaders was allegedly hit from behind. Minutes later, police arrived and confronted the five boys, who did not resist arrest.

The boys — two aged 14, one 15, and one 16 — were expected to be charged with affray, assault and malicious damage, Detective Inspector Stewart said.

One of those arrested, a 15-year-old Granville Boys High student from Merrylands, was on bail, charged over two armed robberies last Wednesday.

Photos from Parra Sun