Video: missionaries stabbed in Sydney, Oz media silent

14th October 2008, Video from Channel 2 Utah

Two American Mormons, Chris Collinsworth and David Ferguson, after spending the day in Auburn, were attacked by a group of Middle Eastern men (also described as Lebanese Muslim in one report) upon returning to their apartments. Collinsworth is a tall successful college basketballer, whom they targeted, and they succeeded in pinning him down and stabbing him. Ferguson tried to help and a passing car intervened. Both victims ended up in hospital. The location is only described as "little Lebanon".

Video from ABC 4

It appears that no Australia media or the NSW Police have reported this story, one week after it happened. Why not? This is a serious unprovoked assault, and they almost succeeded in subduing Collinsworth and who knows what they had planned for him. Less serious assaults than this are regularly reported, so why not this one? Is protecting the image of Middle Easterners/Muslims now the highest function of our Police and media? Is it too much for the public to hear about a crime by Middle Easterners/Muslims that has no apparent motive other than the hatred of whites/Christians/Americans? Please explain.

Video from

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Should whites speak English amongst ourselves?

October 20, 2008, Lawrence Auster on the subject of re-invigorating French identity by restoring the French language, history, culture, etc, to prominence among the native French people:

To paraphase Obama's "spreading the wealth," what they're doing now is trying to save French by "spreading the French," instead of by elevating it. Meaning, improve the quality of French among the French people. Teach great literature. Instill love of France and French culture, so that the French have something worth talking about again... thus re-invigorating French identity. Dismantle the EU and the entire managerial, liberal, egalitarian, and Eurabian agenda and consciousness, which kill the mind, turn language into a PC tool to conceal instead of a tool to communicate truth. Bring back belief in truth, so that there will be things worth saying again, worth using language well for. Focus schools on 17th century French literature with its clarté. Make clarté, love of truth, love of France, love of the historic West, and, even better, belief in Christianity, which is all about TRUTH, the center of French culture.

Once French nation and culture and its Western identity have been saved and revived, and once the French used by the French people has been improved and purified, then start to make French attractive again to other Westerners. Forget about trying to make it attractive to Third Worlders. As you suggested from the articles at that site, such efforts do not avail. Accept the fact that France cannot have an empire again, that trying to have a Muslim empire only Islamizes France, but see that French can still be saved, because the greatness and beauty of French can still have a great appeal to fellow white Westerners. Thus encourage French as a universal second language in the West alongside English. It won't be as widespread as English, of course, but the unique beauty of French and the "high" of speaking it gives French an appeal that English can't match.

What do you think?
I have no argument with anything that restores the pride and identity of white Westerners, that's all good. What I find most appealing about native white languages is their use as a mark of separation.

I heard a suggestion that whites in Australia should maybe speak another language, in addition to English, as a mark of separation. As a way of advertising our belief that diversity is the road to hell and that homogeny is the path to peace and security and happiness, language can be a way to differentiate ourselves. What better way to advertise 24/7 that we reject the ideology of diversity? I guess we could dress differently too, for the same effect.

For Australians, as a means of restoring pride and marking ourselves out, what native white language would be appropriate? I'm guessing Gaelic. I am probably of Irish heritage, so native Irish would be my pick. Not that I have any knowledge of foreign languages.

English has been lost as an identifying mark for white people. So maybe we should abandon it among ourselves. It's gone. It's their language now. It's the language of liberals, globalists, Islamists, immigrants, corporate sell-outs, Sinophiles, dhimmis, etc.

For language to function as a mark of separation, I guess you would only use it among people who shared your beliefs in rejecting the ideology of diversity, and use English for everyone else. Not sure if it can work. But it's worth thinking about.

No doubt Prime Minister Rudd will assault our kids with a comprehensive blurring of their identities in order to welcome in the globalist era where our "habitual operating principle is cooperation". Our education has already been ear-marked as too nationalistic.

Anything that marks us as separate will probably be an asset. And it will add solidarity with the native Irish or French or whatever white language you choose.

As an example, notice how Icelanders are reluctant to share their language with foreigners:
I understand when someone is in a hurry and doesn’t have time for the trivialities of dealing with a foreigner’s attempts at the language but it can’t be that everybody is in such a hurry that no one has the time for some helpful banter.
Keeping language to yourself is a defence mechanism.

Slainte = cheers (in Irish).