UK: Labour veteran slates 'open door' immigration

Frank Field, 18 October 2007, New Statesman

The economic benefit of immigration is miniscule compared to the cost argues Frank Field as he lays into Labour's 'open door' policy.

The Government’s open door policy on immigration has led to an unprecedented level of new arrivals. Over the last three years alone, something like two million newcomers have moved to these shores. Two reports out yesterday showed that the economic benefits are small, compared with the extra costs imposed on social services.

While there is no doubt that most recent migrants have come here to work, the beneficial effects on the economy are less certain. A report by the Home Office claims that migrants add £6 billion a year to the nation’s income.

But, as MigrationWatch point out, the benefit is miniscule when you consider that this amounts to half a percent of total production and that new arrivals add at least half a percent to the population. So the effect on GDP per head is tiny ...

Everybody is now agreed, after years of mis-management, that the level and rate of immigration needs to be checked and brought in line, not only with the particular business needs, but also with the resources available to deliver high quality social services. The open door policy on immigration should be over.

But the Government will be unable to make this work under current EU agreements because new members of the EU have full rights to travel and reside in this country, and apart from temporary restrictions imposed on Bulgaria and Romania, to work here too.

Given that living standards in the old Eastern block are around one third of our own, it is no surprise they want to come here in large numbers. They will continue to do so until their economies catch up. But this will take decades. The Government must therefore begin talks on renegotiating the free movement of labour in the EU.

Via Immigration Watch International


KG said...

Possible solution: I hold an EU passport and I'm willing to sell it back to the UK government, thus ensuring that I'll never move to Britain.
If they pay me..oh, I dunno, say about 10% of the benefits I'd be entitled to over a ten year period?
I could use a couple of hundred grand in Oz dollars.

Anonymous said...

The British people must be given a referendum on whether or not we wish to remain within the EU. It's not just EU nationals from Eastern Europe that are arriving on our shores in vast numbers, but many migrants originating from Asia and Africa also arrive via other European countries...recent examples being North African Muslim terrorists who were kicked out of France, and more latterly many Somalis who were originally resident in the Netherlands.

Abandon Skip said...

Lee, that's what stinks about the open-borders insanity. Britain's own Minette Marrin said this recently:

"It is shocking that this massive, historic change was forced upon us without consultation and without our consent." source

Australia has some chance of learning from the Europe and USA immigration invasions.

The Brits would need one strong media campaign to break the strangelhold that the "growth, open-borders, free-market" doctrines have over the debate.

Here is Oz, I don't see much debate on immigration at all. It's just a "largely unspoken bipartisan belief" that never gets debated in terms of economics. All you here is simplistic mantra like: they do the jobs that we won't do, etc. Woefully simplistic debate.

Has Migration Watch or anyone over there pushed for a referendum?

Anonymous said...

Britain is run by IDIOTS - they kicked me out in 2003. I am an Aussie of CORNISH INDIGENOUS descent unlike the english and whatever other Johnny-cum latelys they have let in. They make their choices, now they have bombs. They are destroying their heritage as fast as they can. Now they come to Australia and pinch our jobs. I say send the poms back and let them kick out those who would destroy them.

KG said...

"I say send the poms back and let them kick out those who would destroy them."
They'll flee rather than fight,Anon and who can blame them?
It's impossible to fight a government and bureaucrats bent on the destruction of a culture.

Anonymous said...

Migration watch, UKIP THE BNP plus many groups call for a referendum all are rubbished {racist}
We are furious that Australians New Zealanders are sent packing while arms are wide open to third world's scum.
An elderly English lady relies on her adult daughter to care for her
Labour tried to kick her out because she was born in the USA she came to the UK at approx three years old.
The high court thank God saw sense and allowed her to stay.
The BBC toe the government line that way no debate is forthcoming!
Last saturday Wrexham North Wales we saw the spectacle of Tories. Labour and Libdems wrapping themselves around the hammar and sickle flag of the Communist party.
Passers by looking on in shock to see all those red flags flying high in a Welsh town.
The Place has become a mad house!
To any Australians pushed out please don't blame the population of the UK it's the Marxist ideology that sweeps all before it.
Your crime like ours is you are WHITE.
The majority of immigrants are from outside the EU countries part of the EU/ARAB axis.