Sir Harry Gibbs: discriminate on immigration

Former Chief Justice Sir Harry Gibbs,
Australia Day Message, 26 January, 2002:

While it would be grossly offensive to modern standards for a state to discriminate against any of its own citizens on the ground of race, a state is entitled to prevent the immigration of persons whose culture is such that they are unlikely readily to integrate into society, or at least to ensure that persons of that kind do not enter the country in such numbers that they will be likely to form a distinct and alien section of society with the resulting problems that we have seen in the United Kingdom.
John Stone added in his Tribute to the late Sir Harry Gibbs, 2005:
At a time when, in particular, legitimate questions are being increasingly raised about the capacity of Muslim immigrants either to whole-heartedly embrace their fellow Australians, or to give their loyalty first and foremost to Australia rather than to their religious culture, these words continue to put to our government questions of a kind which it appears fearfully reluctant to answer.
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