Peter Faris QC: deport Muslims

October 28th, 2006, Peter Faris QC Blog

Disregard all the moderate Muslims in the press – they are just the acceptable face of Australian Islam. The real business is in the mosques, with the Arabic speaking preachers spreading hatred of our lifestyle.

Australians must protect their women from these people.

The solutions are hard but fair:
  1. All Muslim immigration should stop immediately.
  2. All Muslims who are not Australian citizens should be deported.
  3. Naturalized Muslims should have their citizenship revoked and then be deported unless they can demonstrate that they have assimilated into Australian society and that they fully accept Australian values.
  4. Muslims born here and who are not assimilated should be encouraged to return to their family’s home country. The Government should pay a generous sum of money to make this repatriation more attractive.
Via Winds of Jihad

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