Video: immigrant chaos in German schools

July 2008,

Teachers: In many classes it is impossible to carry out lessons because of the total rejection of study material and because of the scornful attitude ... We are helpless.

Kid: Our school head master was also beaten, that is why he is in a hospital now.

Kid: Here they often mask themselves, chase the teachers and then beat them up.

Journalist: Do you feel integrated into German society?
Kid: [knife is shown] We are the meanest around here.

Via: Snaphanen
H/T: commenter

Immigration is going pear-shaped everywhere, and Australia can't wait to get more of it. Go figure. Most German immigrants are Turkish. Perhaps these kids are the kind of Turkish immigrant, or their descendants, that our own Dr Liza Hopkins tells us will be no problem.


Anonymous said...

19 teenagers killed stabbed to death on London Streets this year.
Yesterday two did not make the list they being 20 and 22 both stabbed to death in broad daylight on the 10th of july.
This is the enrichment that allowing hoards of immigrants brings to previously none violent societies.
Truly heartbreaking!
House of lords statement; "Immigrants bring no significant benefit to the host society"

Anonymous said...

My comment was a little premature today we've hit the 20 mark another fatal stabbing of a teenager.
Not bad 5 in just 24 hours.
And politicians as usual keep their heads down.