Rental crisis leaves family out in cold

June 14, 2008, Herald Sun:

A FAMILY of 13 were bunking down on the floor of an acquaintance's house last night as Victoria's rental crisis hit a critical new low.

The two adults and 11 children, refugees from Afghanistan, had feared ending up on Melbourne's cold streets after a desperate search for emergency housing failed to turn up suitable accommodation.

Father Hussein Zaghar declined the only emergency accommodation offered late in the day -- a one-room cabin at a caravan park 80km from Melbourne ...

The exhausted parents last night accepted a last-minute offer to bunk down at the home of a St Albans acquaintance, another ex-Afghan refugee.

"The acquaintance lives with his wife and seven children in a five-bedroom home in Hillside," Ms Heaney said. "That makes a total of four adults and 18 children sleeping on the floors for the weekend, when the search will start again."
That's two self-inflicted problems for the price of one: immigration causing a housing crisis, and their birthrates are off the scale - making the future problem twice as bad. Somebody take the razor blades off the Australian public who keep voting for self-harm.

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Anonymous said...

Wait for the solution..London families that have lived there all their lives and now not in work.
Are removed to a strange enviroment for them, the countryside!
While in other areas families are moved out. their semi's knocked into one giving muslims a six or seven bedroomed house.
While the rest are told, better to limit yourselves to two children to prevent climate change..that new religion of lies.
Warnings of food and water shortages.
Shortages of homes and jobs.
Doesn't take a great mind to see t what the outcome will be.
Just back newsreels from Africa.