Video: CBN - can Britain survive multiculturalism?

July 27, 2008, YouTube:


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keep up the good work :)

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J. You should have said you'd be going down under. i'd have traveled with you!

Mini skirts and Burkas..What a country!
Burka wearing- no wonder the NHS gets inundated with vitamin D deficiancy and now kids with rickets.
Inter-marriages of cousins deformaties in babies.
The health costs alone are astronomical.
Add to this. refusal to innoculate children against common illnesses just incase the kaffur is tricking them.
Multiculture is an expensive and corrosive business.
One culture will always fight to have top position. that's just what happens in reality.
Indhus and muslims in India.Christians and muslims in Nigeria. The same pattern emerges. Western nations will be no different in time.