Overseas students want travel concessions

1/07/2008, Blacktown Sun:

TAFE student Karol Lansang, from the Philippines, has launched a campaign for travel concessions for international students.

"For the past 19 years, international students have been denied equitable access to travel concessions,'' she said.

"It is discriminatory because they are only allowed to work 20 hours a week but have to pay heaps more in fees, and we have to pay ordinary rent." ...

Transport Minister John Watkins said NSW had the most generous transport concession scheme in the country and that the Government gave concessions to those most in need.

"Full-fee paying overseas tertiary students are not eligible for half-fare concessions because, in order to obtain the relevant visa to study in Australia, they have indicated that they have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses,'' he said.

Similar restrictions applied for Commonwealth benefits, such as Medicare ...
Well, last time I checked, discrimination between citizens and non-citizens was the definition of a country. But that's what you get with mass immigration: the sentiment for non-citizens becomes so strong that your country ceases to exist. That's why immigration is a tap that can't be turned off, and why nations are sucked into monstrous borderless unions like the EU.

A country's border can only be maintained if it's people value their distinguishing race and culture, and regulate immigration so those qualities are not diluted. Dilution is death for a nation: whether by permanent immigration, temporary labour, or foreign students.


Mercurius Aulicus said...

There was once a time Universities were used to educate Citizens, not be a part of the Immigration Department. So not only do they use causes to get their foot in the door - they now want to receive subsidies from the actual Citizens to do so.

Anonymous said...

Next demand will be to pay all housing costs including all new white goods!
Seen it all before, it starts with bus fares then housing, next air fares to bring over their relatives.
Slealth taxes will pay all this and then 50% of your earnings for other pet projects.
White guilt will be the excuse just for breathing some air.