Glassed by immigration, allegedly

July 30th, 2008, Gold Coast Bulletin:

BEN Felgate ... was attacked trying to defend his girlfriend Stevie during an altercation at Cocktails and Dreams nightclub about 4am on Sunday.

His attacker -- described as being of middle-eastern appearance, about 170cm tall, and wearing a rainbow-coloured jumper -- slammed a glass in his face before fleeing ...

Ben is not the only Gold Coaster to have his world rocked by such a cruel act and the Gold Coast Bulletin is calling for glass to be banned from licensed premises to end this sickening and cowardly crime ...
How about calling for a ban on Middle Eastern immigration? Did the glass do it, or did the immigrant do it?


Anonymous said...

The poor young man scarred for life by a foreign barbarian then some goon decides using plastic cups to be the answer.
These nutters file pennies and use them to throw at peoples eyes.
What's the answer, ban money?
Number one concern now in the UKs latest poll is immigration.
Climate change does not even register anymore.
The poll has been completely ignored by all the politicians, they still keep on about climate change.
The truth is. Attacks on Australians will become the norm mark my words.
You retaliate you become a racist right wing thug.
In the case of muslims an islamophobic racist thug.
Whites are fair game in a multicultural society!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is basically racist bullshit.It's sole purpose is to highlight the wrong doings of ethnic minorities whilst presenting whites as virtuous being in a world of sodomites.You said that immigration was bad due to racial reasons as well as cultural incompatability,yet on a previous page you say White South Africans (and various other white individuals)should come to Australia ,purely on the strength that they are white-What about the cultural differences?Don't try an tell me your universal whiteness will help overcome any issues.I mean look at Iceland and their trouble with the 'Poles'.You're lame and nonesensical.
The landscape of a places change,they always have.If in doubt just ask the poor aboriginals of your nation,no doubt you'll be met with a shrug of the shoulders and a 'That's life,mate!'

Abandon Skip said...

My desire is to live in a mainly homogeneous environment i.e. in appearance, language, smell, music, culture, religion, ideology. That is the end to which this blog is directed.

In my experience white South Africans, who look like white Australians and speak English, assimilate well and will be indistinguishable over time.

I can't speak for Icelanders and Poles, but it's all about the degree of compatibility. Icelanders say they are compatible with "Danes, Swedes and Norwegians", so clearly there is a greater degree of incompatibility with Poles - be that appearance, language, culture, whatever. Denying the feelings of Icelanders is not going to win you any friends or arguments. And Iceland has a small population which means they have a greater sensitivity to diversity. They are so small they probably don't even want Danes in significant numbers.

Where did I say whites are virtuous? There is plenty of white crime, degenerate behaviour, and general "broken society" crap among whites. But the evidence is that immigrants are over-represented in crime, particularly black African.

As for guilt over Aboriginals, none of that is my fault. What matters is how we all reconcile in the future. What I want is for each ethnic/religious/ideological group to separate into their own autonomous space and respect each others boundaries. What do you propose? So far nothing but denial and abusing me.

Your comment "The landscape of a places change,they always have" is either fatalistic lunacy or indicative of the predominant immigrant viewpoint: "the immigration tap is gushing strong, the whites are being displaced and have no permanent space of their own, but we don't care. The white man is guilty and deserves no place on this Earth. Viva la white genocide".

So what is it? Where do you stand? What do you want? Will you grant whites a permanent autonomous place in Australia or not? Will you grant Aboriginals land rights, but none for whites?

Anonymous said...

anon said: "The landscape of a places change,they always have.If in doubt just ask the poor aboriginals of your nation,no doubt you'll be met with a shrug of the shoulders and a 'That's life,mate!'"

Here's a question for you: Were the Aboriginals racist and xenophobic when they tried to expel or kill the early European settlers? Why didn't the Aboriginals 'embrace diversity' and why weren't they 'tolerant' and inclusive enough to accept the European arrivals rather than attack them?"

Moreover, if the Aboriginals were within their rights to try to keep their land, why aren't we? And don't try and dodge the question with, "well, that was different, they belonged here, the European settlers didn't." The Aboriginals didn't just sprout out of the ground; they are also descended from people who migrated into this continent from elsewhere.

Of course, some are undeterred by this fact and continue to trot out the same old line about Aboriginals having exclusive rights to some real estate that they neither invented nor developed. How exactly a scattered hodgepodge of primitive nomadic tribes who lacked any concept of land ownership, let alone nationhood, can claim exclusive rights over this continent has never quite been explained.

If we were to start following the puerile line of thought used by the "whites stole the land from aboriginals" crowd, then I can only assume that it would be perfectly acceptable for me to restrict the use of roads, highways, housing, hospitals, schools and other public services and infrastructure to European-descended Australians only or at the very least, charging a toll to "others".

In truth, the Aboriginals have no more of an exclusive claim to this nation than Kalahari bush people or Siberian Tatars. Our nation-state only became a reality in 1901 and prior to that time was a collection of British settler colonies. 'Australia' simply did not exist prior to the arrival of those early British and Irish pioneers.

Anonymous said...


Read this and this.

Truly shocking.

Anonymous said...

There is one difference between "Racist Bullshit" and fact!
Bullshit is rubbish!
Fact, is near enough truth.

In just 8 weeks 222 whites attacked with knifes in london..since june 30..a young woman stabbed to death and a guy shot dead.
London Alone!
Met police- released figures. usually underestimated.
The sole purpose of your RACIST cry is to close down all debate!
Are you a Marxist or immigrant of colour?
Ever wondered why Pakistan.India.Saudi Arabia etc don't inflict multiculturalism on their own populations?
Change exactly, everywhere over time changes.
When change is forced, over a short period of time then that becomes colonisation.
War- without a single shot fired from the population already settled.
Elephants travel together. chimps stay in a group.
You and your ideas are trying to change a natural process which in the end will cause much suffering.
Now equate the Burka with the mini skirt...worlds apart.
Never the twain shall meet.
Stunning animals before slaughter as opposed to slitting it's throat.
Cultures that are miles apart.
I tend to think, we speak different languages for a reason. mainly to remind us where we live or should live!
It was the twisted logic of the Socialist/Fabians that caused the Aboriginals to suffer or didn't they teach you that bit of their bloodstained history?
Waking nationalism will be the outcome of forced integration. Between peoples not meant nore intended to live too close.

Anonymous said...

Actually, India is a very multicultural society, if you think it isn't you're pretty ignorant mate.

It seems to me that the people complaining about immigration tend to be either those who are too lazy to do what these immigrants have done and make something of their lives or just narrow-minded people who don't like people who are in any way different to them. Fair enough if this is your view but don't force it on the rest of us, if a black person buys the house next to yours you have no right to complain that you don't like it. I wouldn't like to live next to you but it's a free country.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, we aren't forcing anything on you...your the one on this particular website, looking at this particular point of view...if you don't like whats being written then you can go else where on the internet.