Agent obtains warrant to evict Sudanese refugee family

July 01, 2008, Courier Mail:

A SUDANESE couple and their five children have been ordered out of their Brisbane home otherwise the police will come and throw them out ...

The Presbyterian minister mainly blamed the family's grim situation on the critical shortage of affordable housing.

However he fears discrimination is also at work.

"Whether it's racial, I'm not sure. It's certainly discrimination against large families," he said, describing how one agent had refused, without explanation, to give the family an application for one property ...
How ironic. Immigrant lobbies cause a housing shortage, and then whinge about it. This is the same twisted logic that feeds China with minerals and then complains we have to build an army capable of ripping an arm off an Asian giant. Or have mining companies double the size of Newcastle's coal port facilities, to fuel Asia, and then bemoan climate change and say "we have to wait for the world to act before we do". If you don't want these problems, stop creating them.

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