50,000 Filipino workers for SA (or 300,000)

July 10, 2008, Adelaide Now:

ADELAIDENOW SCOOP: AN IMMIGRATION agreement with the Philippines will deliver up to 50,000 skilled workers to South Australia over the next decade. Deputy Premier Kevin Foley, who is on a nine-day trade mission to Malaysia and the Philippines, told The Advertiser yesterday a memorandum of understanding between the two governments would help streamline the immigration process ...

About nine million Filipinos work overseas, sending back "remittances" of about $15 billion a year that is vital to the economy of the Philippines ...

Mr Foley said the SA agreement was modelled on a similar one signed in February between the Philippines and the Canadian province of Manitoba ...

"There is no reason why as early as next year we should not be seeing a flow of workers into South Australia, provided businesses themselves join us in wanting to make this work ...

Mr Foley predicted about 50,000 skilled Filipino workers would come to SA in the next five to 10 years, with most expected to become permanent residents. "That is what has happened in Manitoba, Canada, and they have a similar population to us," he said.

"The mining boom and the defence projects alone will require us to find at least an extra 300,000 workers in the next 10 years. There are simply not enough workers in Australia ...

Most Filipino workers were expected to travel to SA on a 457 visa. That will allow them to stay for between six months and four years for work.
Hold onto your stomach, here comes the propaganda ...

AdelaideNow revisits SA history to spin it into a pictorial celebration of immigration. The usual Talking Heads number: Same As It Ever Was. Afghan cameleers, Chinese gold miners, all one big celebratory gushing immigration tap. No journalism here, no debate, no contrasting views, no polling the public, nope just pure propaganda from the brainless cult of globalisation.

A new state arises, July 12, 2008:
THE face of South Australia is set to change dramatically over the next 10 years, with predictions we will have a younger, more multi-cultural population and our country towns once again will be vibrant, thriving hubs.

Premier Mike Rann and key business leaders believe while many of the extra 133,000 workers needed to keep pace with the defence and mining booms will be migrants, South Australians will be in the box seat for the jobs bonanza ...

"So I think what we're seeing is the absolute transformation of the SA economy . . . the balance of economic power in Australia is shifting." ...

"In five or 10 years time, I think you'll see a state that is at full employment, but is culturally different because of a changing in the mix of the population," EDB chairman Bruce Carter said.

"If its a large Filipino community or a large Indian community or a large community from Somalia they have to be, as much as Greeks and Italians underpinned us 30 years ago . . . welcomed and integrated into our community.

"So I think my children will grow up in a far more culturally diverse Adelaide than I did." ...

Business SA chief executive Peter Vaughan is also talking up the state's prospects despite his organisation this week releasing a report showing business confidence was declining.

"Despite the dip (in confidence) . . . in the future for SA we will see prosperity that has not been enjoyed at any time in the whole of white settlement in SA," Mr Vaughan said.

"It will bring with it a dynamic youthful, educated highly skilled and very well paid workforce that will completely re-engineer Adelaide and shake its foundations to the ground.

"We are at the cusp of one of the great transformations of society in SA."
The economists, business leaders, politicians and the media are all in cahoots to destroy the social fabric of this country. This is nothing short of colonisation. No comparisons with past immigration are justified: you can't keep importing foreigners and expect your nation to survive. Dilution is death to a nation, and those who use only economic arguments are unbalanced nation destroyers guilty of treason against the people of Australia. Betrayers like Bruce Carter and Peter Vaughan are the enemy of Australians. Barking mad.

Here's how it was reported by Global Nation (Celebrating the Filipino Spirit Worldwide)
300,000 new jobs open in South Australia:
"Australia will need 300,000 more [people] to provide support for our mining sector. We don't have the potential to fill all those jobs out of Australians, we have to, as we've always done throughout the history of our nation, embrace the world," said Foley following a luncheon meeting with Philippine business leaders in Makati City Friday.
And how many illegals or overstayers can we expect? Let's ask Europe (06/20/2008):
Some 94,000 irregular or undocumented Filipino workers in Europe may be affected once the European Union enacts a new immigration rule against overstaying or illegal migrants.

According to the latest Department of Foreign Affairs figures culled from reports of overseas posts, there are at least 189,023 Filipinos who are permanent residents in Europe as of June 2007, 135,493 are temporary residents, and 94,113 are undocumented.
And when you get lots of illegals, you can expect a whole lobby group to start banging on about amnesty, full citizenship rights, and sanctuary cities. Global Nation: Daly City is no haven (07/07/2008):
Daly City, California – One nagging question seems light years away from an answer: Can the ‘gateway to the Peninsula’ also become the ‘gateway to sanctuary’?

The question has been posed time and again by a group of concerned Filipinos as they wonder why Daly City has not gone the way the cities of New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and, closer to home, Oakland, San Diego and San Francisco in proclaiming itself a sanctuary city.

Daly City is known for hosting one of the largest concentrations of Filipinos in the country, with close to 50,000 residents. Needless to say, the city is also home to thousands of illegal Filipino immigrants.

Aside from the four listed above, 25 other California cities have been proclaimed safe havens, to mean a "don't ask, don't tell" stand on the immigration status of residents. It also means that city logistics and human resources may not be used to aid federal agents, such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operatives, in locating and arresting illegal immigrants ...

Filipino-American Ademan Angeles, one of the many community leaders in the Peninsula who denounce the continued non-conformity of Daly City, told FilAm Star: "Someone should take the cudgels for our kababayan who toil in America’s agricultural fields and plantations, clean its hotels, take care of the elderly in care homes and private residences, and are a great help in the communities they serve. They are also the ones who really have the largest share of dollars remitted to families back home."

Angeles plans to spearhead a campaign to push the city council into declaring Daly City a sanctuary and, at press time, is drafting a proposal that will be submitted for immediate consideration by the city council.

"It is about time something is started to help Filipino illegals, so they can avoid harassment," Angeles insists. "The community must show them that something is being done to address their plight, in the same manner that Hispanic groups have taken a solid stand against harassment and sub-human treatment of undocumented immigrants."
Of course, needless to say, there will be thousands of illegals among a Filipino population. Apparently it goes without saying, the newspaper for Filipinos abroad states. Shame on those non-conforming cities: how dare they? Not sure what is "cudgels for our kababayan" but I think it's something about taking a stick to defend your brother. We get the picture: immigrants banding with their illegal kin and telling the host country to "take your laws and shove 'em". The "nagging" and "time and again" terminology is because they know time and demographics are on their side. The USA is sinking under divided loyalties. Demography is destiny.

These Australian business leaders, politicians and media are driving Australia down the same road of borderless insanity that is the USA and EU. Lunatics.

For a look at some of the problems with guest worker programs, see A Throwback Policy at OzConservative.


Anonymous said...

i think that it is stupid to in these filipinos when so many south australians are out of work .what about the kids of today why arent they going to be trained for these jobs south australias water supply cannot sustain all these extra people mr rann think about helping south australians and not people from the phillipines its not fair i feel sorry for all the kids of today that are going to be forced to go on the dole because of all of these filipinos coming into the country god help us all for mr rann surely isnt

Anonymous said...

I'm from SA - i don't think there has ever been a job boom. I live in another country where there are a lot of Filipino migrants. They have their own community and the locals resent it. I think this will be very bad news for SA. They should be gettting more diverse immigrants from all over the world IF they really need them. Plenty of south americans etc that work in mining.

Anonymous said...

then you go and clean toilets and do manual labor and we'll talk after a few weeks. Go and clean someone who can't move and tell me if you want your kids doing that. The country needs these immigrants, don't be ignorant!

Anonymous said...

Australia’s immigration policy is set by The Business Council of Australia and has been since the early years of the Howard Government. These ‘people’ are not in the slightest interested in preserving Australia’s cultural heritage, all they want is labour and as cheaply as they can get it.

These people are not accountable because they are not elected. It doesn’t matter what your politics are any government will do what they say.

For me personally? I’d go back to ‘white Australia’ and then only allow that cream of the crop to enter.