I didn't rape her, I was reading the Koran to my dying dad

July 26, 2008, Herald Sun
Farah Jama used his dying dad as rape alibi:

A DNA sample led police to Farah Jama, 21, months after his victim, who was in her 40s, was found unconscious in a locked toilet cubicle at a Doncaster nightspot in July 2006 ...

But Jama pleaded not guilty, claiming he was at his family's Preston home on the night of the rape because his father was ill.

Family members told the jury Jama was reading his father passages from the Koran and "listening to him pronounce his last will" for all but 15 minutes of that night.

Judge Lacava said the claim was "most unsatisfactory" and must have been rejected by the jury who found Jama guilty of one count of rape.
The perp's name sounds African.

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Anonymous said...

Living near to Doncaster myself i'd put money on he being North African.
The town over the last two years looks more like Africa, when i came from the South East [Kent] to escape the mass immigration Donny was mainly a white Yorkshire town.
The change is amazing and depressing to say the least.
I now see gypsies from Rumania with new baby buggies bought by the tax payer.
muslims sat around in the islamic garb. looking very shifty they never look into my eyes.
Somalians are now starting to become a familier feature in the town.
I can see the BNP starting to make inroads here soon, residents are becoming very angry.
I hadn't heard of this case but then this sort of thing recieves very scant coverage, under EUSSR rules news re muslims must be positive not negative!!
The stage is being set for [edit] in Britain whether or not i'm supposed to say this it's true!
A very friendly town is becoming very unhappy.
Just reported 40% of muslim university students support sharia law in the UK.
I can guarantee many practised Al-Taqqyi with a smile.