UK youth knife crime: black suspects, white victims

20th July 2008, Daily Mail:

Black youths are suspected of more than half of knife crime among children in the capital, according to confidential Scotland Yard figures.

A highly-sensitive report reveals that 124 of the 225 under-18s legally 'proceeded against' for knife offences in the past three months are from the black community.

Yet in the overwhelming majority of reported cases of knife crime involving young people, the victims are white.

In cases where ethnicity was logged by police, 222 of the 345 under-18s attacked or threatened with a blade since April 1 were white. Sixty-one were black ...

Since January 1, 16 teenagers have been stabbed to death in London, forcing Scotland Yard to launch a high-profile campaign targeting youngsters and hot-spots of knife crime ...

This month Scotland Yard Deputy Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson suggested knife crime has overtaken terrorism as the top priority for London police ...
The article also says "one in eight of the London population is black". Blacks are clearly over-represented in knife crime. This is what Kevin Andrews warned us about. None of this reality is acknowledged by the Rudd government. Lindsay Tanner, the latest of the tall poppy African immigration supporters, never mentions this reality as he recently bent over backwards to welcome this chaos to Australia. Barking mad.

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