Secular Party: reason for burqa being confronting

I'm not likely to vote for the Secular Party of Australia. I'm more inclined to a conservative vote like One Nation, Pauline, CDP or Liberal. But this view of the burqa is not far off the mark ...

7 March 2006, John Perkins, SPA:

The Prime Minister, Mr Howard, has declared that he finds the full head-to-toe Islamic dress "confronting". He said that most Australians would agree with him. On this issue, the Secular Party does agree with him, but for no doubt different reasons. Mr Howard would find that the burqa confronts his Christian values. We find that our secular values are confronted ...

The burqa is confronting, for secular reasons, as follows. Religious freedom does not entitle one to impose one's beliefs on others. To an unreasonable extent, the burqa does this. Facial recognition and interpretation of facial expressions is a natural part of human interaction. Our brains have evolved substantial capacities in this regard. That a religious belief should impose a requirement for a one-way barrier to such interactions is certainly unnatural, but presumably acceptable if done with the consent, and in the company, of mutual believers.

When this restriction is imposed on non-believers, without their consent, and where normal human interaction is still expected, a boundary has been crossed. The fact that such an expectation may arise due to a presumption of superior religious perceptions is not relevant. The imposition is unjustified, and therefore unjust. Given that such behaviour may contribute to social disharmony, it may also be considered harmful. Violation of the principles of non-harm and justice, puts the burqa in violation of secular norms of morality.

That is why the burqa is confronting. It confronts secular values. The Secular Party urges that in public places, where normal social interaction is expected, that burqas not be worn.
And I'd go further and say that the hijab and other religious garb are advertised and imposed religion. And even further and say that Africans amongst us are an unnatural human interaction. And it's all confronting to the subconscious - without the need to justify it at a higher level. But in the end I don't think the Secular Party opposes immigration of Muslims or Africans, so they don't get my vote.

Oh, and I just read they are 'pro gay families'. Sorry, have to judge that one as another unnatural human interaction. Equally nauseating at the subconscious level. Definitely not getting my vote.

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