LDP immigration: open-borders insanity

The immigration policy of the Liberty & Democracy Party
7/11/07, John Humpreys, Qld Senate candidate, LDPblog:

There is nothing inherent in Muslims that would make them bad citizens and the LDP does not believe in discriminating against people on the basis of religion. We support a high level of non-discriminatory immigration and equal rights for all Muslims in Australia …
Immigration Policy, ldp.org.au:
The free movement of people, within and between countries, generally contributes to greater prosperity than when movement is restricted.

Like the free movement of goods and capital, the free movement of people is not only a basic human right but also contributes to economic growth by allowing the benefits of greater trade in the labour market. This trade benefits both the new immigrant and their new nation. Immigrant nations such as America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada have benefited enormously from high levels of immigration ...

Free Immigration Agreements

The idea of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) is becoming increasingly popular, with Australia already engaged in agreements with New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and America. These agreements allow for the relatively free flow of good and services between the two countries in recognition that such an agreement is in their mutual interests.

The same rationale applies for immigration. Indeed, the argument for Free Immigration Agreements (FIAs) is probably stronger than the argument for FTAs as the option of truly multi-lateral free movement of people is not viable and so the most efficient outcome is not available.
FIAs should be negotiated with countries that share our basic values (rule of law, democracy) and only in situations where there is no expectation of a surge of immigration. Migrants between FIA countries would have the rights of a permanent resident and would retain the citizenship of their home country.

Australia currently has an "open door" policy with New Zealand and people move relatively freely between Australia and New Zealand to the benefit of both countries. Good candidate countries for an FIA include Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands among others ...

Unauthorized arrivals and refugees

It is important that Australia provide a sanctuary for people who are fleeing political oppression and persecution, both on compassionate grounds and to demonstrate to the rest of the world the attractions of a free and democratic society. Such people can also become fierce advocates of freedom in Australia, having experienced its loss.

Their photo is quite apt: each person has their backs turned to each other. Such is the reality: most people turn and run from diversity.

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