Africans unwelcome: Hanson

October 05, 2007, Courier Mail:

PAULINE Hanson has backed Kevin Andrews' views on African migrants - saying he was right to be concerned about crime and other issues.

The former One Nation icon and current Queensland Senate candidate says the government needs to protect the "Australian way of life'' ...

Ms Hanson said she welcomed Mr Andrews' move ,adding, "It's been recorded in Victoria that there is a 25 per cent increase in HIV.

"There is TB, and a case of leprosy which has been recorded in South Australia."

Ms Hanson said the federal government had a responsibility to ensure the safety of Australians.


"You can't bring people into the country who are incompatible with our way of life and culture,'' she said.

"They get around in gangs and there is escalating crime that is happening."

Ms Hanson, who has formed a new political party, Pauline's United Australia Party, for this year's election, said Australia should send aid to Sudan instead of accepting refugees.

"If we want to do things for the Sudanese people, then let us send medical supplies, food, whatever they need over there - but let them stay in their own country," she said.


Ms Hanson said she would make an election issue of placing a moratorium on immigration into Australia.

"I receive emails and letters from people of all ages, including young people, who agree with my stance on this," she said ...

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