Africans attack motorists in Carlton North

November 04, 2007, Herald Sun:

A GANG of African youths has attacked motorists in what police suspect was an attempted carjacking.

Peak-hour drivers cowered in their cars on a Carlton North street as a driver, her male passenger and another motorist were set upon.

Joy Bennett, 21, was waiting at lights in Rathdowne St when the gang began battering her late model Mitsubishi sedan with bricks, smashing its front and rear windscreens.

The gang punched Ms Bennett's passenger, Josh Winnell, through his open window and threw a rock through another window.

The mob also turned on a driver who had pulled over to use his mobile phone ...

"When the guy was at the window with the brick, I thought he was going to throw it and get me. I was scared they were going to get Josh out of the car.

"I had no idea what was happening. I didn't know what they wanted. This doesn't happen, not in real life." ...
Via Fortress Australia