As Britain breaks down, Muslims are empowered

Tories warn of a 'lost generation'
13/11/2007, Telegraph:

Britain is in danger of creating a "lost generation" of wayward teenagers responsible for soaring levels of gun crime and drug and alcohol abuse, a Tory-backed group claims today.

In a stark warning about the extent of the "broken society", it says a toxic combination of family breakdown and school failure is creating a violent and anti-social youth culture.

The Centre for Social Justice will today launch an inquiry into the epidemic of gang and youth crime that threatens to turn inner cities into no-go areas ...
Lawrence Auster:
... Jeff in England also fears it's all over ... he says:
It is near impossible for a culture with these sorts of problems to fight against an invading culture with the moral focus of Islam. In other words the secular West is not in a state to repel the advance of Islam. Muslims in the West must be grinning ear to ear when they read articles like these.

They know that after hundreds of years of military defeat to the West, they are in a position, via immigration and a strongly focused religious framework, to make serious inroads into both the weakened Western mindset and its political framework.
Jeff's description of the synergy between Britain's Islamization problem and its internal social decay is right on. I say to Jeff that Britain, and the rest of the West as well, is like an alcoholic whose self destructive behaviors have brought him to the point of death. Only a radical reformation, a radical renunciation of what he now is, can save him.
True. So how to turn it around? What type of movement will engage the native British to rally behind? How can they find a way out of their mess? "a radical reformation, a radical renunciation". I don't quite know what that means. To me, the most appealing rallying call is a separatist movement: one that will stop the march of diversity and, optionally, rollback some or all of it. Separatist, based around the white race, to create a sanctuary from the march of diversity. A place within which we can go about restoring pride in ourselves: pride in appearance, pride in our health, care for those in our community, etc.


Lawrence Auster said...

Rollback and separation of Muslims and other unassimilables would not be enough, because the problem discussed here is not just immigration and diversity. It is the moral decay within the historic British population. As Jeff pointed out in his comment at VFR that you quote, the problem is that a decadent, decayed society has no will or ability to do anything about Islamic invaders.

So both the internal/moral problem, and the external/immigration/Islamization problem, need to be handled simultaneously.

Also, it is besides the point that Britain does not now have a leadership class that would do what I'm about to propose, and a popular base that would follow such leaders. I'm not talking about whether these things can be done in the next ten years. I'm talking about the ways in which Britain could be turned around, if there were the understanding and the will to do it. I'm laying out the basic outlines of what must be done.

What Britain needs is new leadership, specifically radically conservative leadership, devoted to traditional cultural and national values. Leadership that will condemn, uproot, and eradicate the egalitarian values and laws that have ruled Britain for the last 40 years such as sexual liberationism, acceptance and subsidization of illegitimacy, massive welfare, permissiveness, the belief that inequality is the cause of criminality, the lack of will to punish criminals. The anti-discrimination laws and "anti-incitement-to-hate" laws must go. There must be the removal of all egalitarian and PC concepts of criminality, and a return to normal concepts of criminality. The right to use firearms in defense of one's own property would be restored. Education must be radically revamped. All unregenerate cultural leftists would have to be removed from any position of influence in government, education, and media.

There must be a renewed sense of the basic value of the nation and of traditional morality.

Here's one concrete example of how this would work out. The media of Britain must stop putting out any message that normalizes or accepts out of wedlock sexual relationships. This doesn't mean outlawing consensual sexual relations outside marriage; it means not giving them any public recognition or approval. (The same applies to homosexual relationships by the way.) The constant promoting of out of wedlock sexual relationship would cease. The serial heterosexual celebrity couplings that comprise so much of the British print media would no longer be covered. Such relationships might continue, as in the old days in Hollywood. But the public wouldn't know about them. If a couple wanted to be publicly recognized as a couple, they would need to get married. Just like in the pre-seventies West. Not that long ago.

Changes such as these would require a combination of coercion and persuasion. Leaders would explain, to the people and to the media, why the promotion and celebration of out of wedlock sex is destructive of society and human happiness. At the same time, there would probably need to be some measure of state coercion, at least temporarily, to enforce these new standards in the media.

Simultaneously with this renewal of traditional morality, law, and nationhood, there would be initiated a program to start repatriating many or most of the recent immigrants. It wouldn't be a single program or method; a variety of methods could be done, ranging from expelling all Muslims with any associations with jihadism, to offering to pay immigrants to return to their native countries (where most of them are still citizens by the way).

So, when I say a radical renunciation, I'm talking about a complete renunciation of the destructive cultural leftism that Britain has accepted as normal and good for the last 40 years.

And that includes of course membership in the EU.

The government in order to carry out this radical program would need increased powers. While that is unfortunate, there is no way to avoid it. At the same time, for this program of renewal to work, it could not be simply imposed on an unwilling population, it must have the voluntary assent of a large part of the population. For leaders to lead, there must be followers who share the leaders' beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Wrong. You had a 'white' culture before all the immigrants and that didn't help you.

There is one answer and only one answer.


The heart and cradle of Western civilization.

Embrace it, before it's too late

Vlad Z. said...

Lawrence Auster, as usual, presents a thoughtful and detailed response to a difficult question.

However reading the litany of changes required to effect the transformation required I'm struck by the impossibility of it all.

Trying to repair the cutlture this way is like trying to put silly-string back in the can.

I have an American viewpoint, but have read enough of English blogs to have some feel for the situation there. We face many of the same issues, some are even more intractible.

My feeling is that things have reached such a stage that only a catastrophy will provide the imputus for change.

Perhaps something like the "Islam Day" event that has been discussed might make people take a long hard look at these trends and reverse them. Perhaps an economic upheavel on the order of 1929 might as well.

Still I wonder if even these large events would be enough? Or would the repurcussions be limited to the sphere of the problem (bank failure resulting in economic, but not cultural reform).

The follow up poster's response while short, may be more on target. The largest reformations of civic culture in American history - the ending of Slavery, nad Prohibition, both had roots in religious movements.

But, color me sceptical on that one too.

So what does that leave? I think Austers much discussed mention of Seperationism is the answer, but he has not extrapolated it far enough. It may not be existing nations that need to seperate Muslims out, but rather a new set of nation building where smaller, more cohesive (ethnically and ideologically) groups come together in a specific location to build a society in opposition to the main stream culture.

It's a lot more likely that a county in Kansas could limit TV to something approaching 1960 level of morality than that the USA could.

In the USA there are several movements in this direction already, including the Free State Project, Free State Wyoming and some Southern movements.

Whether, in the USA, we can have seperationism without civil war is an open question. My sense is that the cultural maxists, having achieved hegemony will use (in their favorite phrase) "what ever means necessary" to insure fidelity to their vision.

To date cultural conservatives have not shown ourselves willing to sacrafice much to support our views. Unless this changes what hope is there for transformation?

Moving to intentional communitites is a concrete step most people could make if they cared enough.

To some extent movements like the white flight from California are a less organized and conceptualized version of this.

Abandon Skip said...

Hmm, well rallying the folks around "the death of the white folk from diversity and Islam" sounds easier than rallying them to "rise up from moral decay and decadence". True, both need to be addressed.

For much of the folk today, talk of morals will get you that "cows at a passing train" look. "Morals? What's that?"

It's a slippery bugger, those morals. We seem to be inching back towards the rabid primate morality of anything-goes. Whilst Islam's morals take shape among us in parallel.

Two things are clear to me. Beyond that, not sure clear ...

1. A business friend of mine told me "solve your customer's most pressing need, and they'll be your friend for life".

2. Al Gore (forgive me for quoting him) said something like: the politicians follow the people, they don't lead, so if you want change you have to create a groundswell of opinion through education and campaigning. Then the politicians will just climb on board.

Regarding Point 1, the most pressing need I see is that creeping diversity will overtake our lands quicksmart, and folk generally prefer their own kind. Hence the call for white folk to, at a minimum, stop the march of diversity by creating white sanctuaries.

Regarding Point 2, it will be interesting to see how that takes shape: trying to sell "traditional cultural and national values" to the folk. And selling Christianity to them, probably even harder.

Failing all that, we'll be left with isolated pockets of white folk trying to regroup and assert their independence, somehow.

Abandon Skip said...

And the meaning of "Abandon Skip"? It comes from Abandon Ship, plus ...

"Skippy Australian" and "Skip" are colloquial terms for Anglo-Celtic Australians: Australian people of predominantly British or Irish descent.

The term is derived from the title character of a late-1960s Australian television show Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. As a term for Australians of the majority culture, it was popularised by the Australian television show, Acropolis Now, whose mainly Greek-Australian cast affectionately referred to Anglo-Saxon Australians as "Skippies".


Abandon Skip said...

Lawrence, I forgot to say 'thank you' for your efforts at VFR. The "passing scene" is creeping by and, inch by inch, we are losing ground. Your insight and analysis often puts a bright light on developments which would otherwise slip past undocumented and unchallenged. Thank you.

DP111 said...

Laurence Auster precribes a lot of eminently sensible ideas that need to be enforced for Britain to recover. But all these follow naturally if we return to God's fold with a repentent heart and mind.

Rev Alan Clifford has written many articles on the decadence of Britain, and the consequent Islamisation of Britain, and the humane, just and righteous way in which we can recover our moral and itellectual fibre, while removing the Islamic threat.

ISLAM - The Current Threat to the British Isles,%20London).pdf


Islam Impeached

At the end of the first article, is a letter that Alan Clifford sent to her HM the Queen. Worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Were the British people to know without any doubt that this was being done deliberetely that would make them take note.
That is where SIOE at the 910 group come in.
Hoping to bring the full facts that the three main parties are in cahoots with the EU to bring islaminisation to the UK.
Also Le Resistance GUY LEVEN-TORRES.
Both the above have full knowledge of this planned de-construction of Britain.
We have all seen the changes not one by accident.
The thing is it is so easy to prove the documents are all available for anyone to see.
Example in 2010 we shall have a free trade agreement with 9 more muslim countries with more in the future.
With free trade comes free movement.
There has been no discussion with the population at all.
The closest was milliband last week letting slip he'd like to see the EU expand into Arab areas.
Agreements were made back in the 70s to allow this in exchange for oil.
Westminster sold us out in exchange for oil also the free movement of the muslims overpopulated nations.

Abandon Skip said...

SIOE UK, thanks for that. That's a bit more of a conspiracy than I had imagined. But that's the task before us: to dig out and present the info to the people in the hope that their is still time to act on it. On with the show ...