Bangladeshi cab driver accused of raping passenger

November 06, 2007,

A TAXI driver allegedly raped an 18-year-old girl after friends had hailed a cab to ensure she got home safely from a night out.

The young passenger allegedly pleaded for the cabbie to stop violating her but it was only when he finished that she was able to escape and called Triple-0 on her mobile telephone.

Despite initially denying he had sex with the teenager, the Bangladeshi, 21, now claims he had consensual sex with the alleged victim.

Md Kowsar Ali, an accounting student on a student visa, claimed he had lied to police initially due to shame - as pre-marital sex was morally unacceptable in his culture ...

Magistrate Ross Clugston refused bail, saying it was a strong prosecution case, and remanded him to appear at Central Local Court on November 13.
St George Leader:
Kowsar Ali, 21, of Belmore was arrested behind the wheel of his taxi at Kogarah about 1.30am, shortly after the young woman told police she had been raped, robbed and held against her will.

The woman was allegedly picked up at Paddington and escaped from the taxi at Kogarah.

Following a police interview in which Ali denied raping the woman, taking a $100 note from her and holding her against her will, he was arrested and charged with rape and robbery.

But, during a bail application in Kogarah Local Court on Monday, Ali admitted through his solicitor that he had consensual sex with the woman.

His solicitor told Magistrate Ross Clugston that Ali had lied to police because he was too embarrassed and ashamed to admit the truth in front of a close friend who was present during the interview.

"Because sex before marriage in their culture is illegal and very much shamed upon, he was embarrassed to tell the truth.

... a police prosecutor said there was a strong police case including "very damning and very strong" forensic evidence.
Live News:
21-year-old MD Kowsar Ali has been in Australia for three years on a student visa.
(Alleged) Poor girl. How many (alleged) victims of immigration does it take before we return to traditional, compatible, sources of immigration? How many more (alleged) rapes? Will the (alleged) Department of Immigration put a number on it?

Muslims, allegedly, constitute 88.3 percent of the population of Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, the abbreviation Md is allegedly sometimes used for Muhammad.


Andrew said...

In civilised societies we are innocent until proven guilty - or should we lynch him 1st?

Abandon Skip said...

Please forgive me Andrew, somewhere in my post or blog I must have given the impression I am pro lynching or above the law. I will go back over my blog and find out just where that is, then fix it, and get back to you. It may take a while, though. Like, never.

Oh wait, wait, maybe it's at the subliminal level. Maybe its the color scheme of my blog, or the font?

Help me Andrew, I can't seem to find it.

Abandon Skip said...

On alleged legal advice I have now applied liberal use of PC Spakfilla to this post.

dare2dream said...

Are you trying to say that all the rapes are done by immigrants in Australia? I can smell some racism here ...

Not good mate.

Abandon Skip said...

The statistics, which I don't have on hand, show that immigrants are over-represented in crime here and overseas. That's why I report crime. And white Australians want to know what parts of Australia are still safe, and what parts are not. They want to know which immigrant groups to be suspicious of. White Australians want to know if it's safe to catch a taxi anymore. It's about reality, not racism. Denying facts doesn't help anyone. If you call that racism, then go away and enjoy your world of denial. We've had a gutful of being called racists.

dare2dream said...

Mate, no hard feelings but I dont hear people like you raising their voice when these cabbies get stabbed by white Australians. Or girls get raped by another white Australian.

Just as another thought - have you ever asked yourself, why white Australians dont drive TAXIs? Also, why dont we see many Australians in professions like doctors, engineers etc? Multiculturism is the strength of Australia. Not weakness. We cannot fulfill all these positions without immigrants.

Also, I'm not sure about the statistics you are talking about. Never hear anything like that. I'd suggest these kind of incidents are are to be taken only as an eveil deed by an individual. Generalizing is not a good idea. I work with a lot of immigrants and I have friends who are immigrants. Most of them are great human being and serving Australian society in a great way. When we generalise and blame all the immigrants/particular culture/nation; these innocent people also get hurt and get affected by our comments. We need them in our society. Pointing finger at immigrants is not the solution. there has to be a better way to get rid of crimes in our society. Disgust/hatered cannot bring peace in any society.

Abandon Skip said...,21985,23342911-661,00.html

"The anatomy of crime in Victoria, obtained by the Sunday Herald Sun, shows those born in Somalia, Lebanon and New Zealand had the highest crime-per-population rates in Victoria.

They are followed by Turkish, Vietnamese and then Australian-born criminals.

An analysis of the police statistics and 2006 Census figures shows on average one in nine Victorians born in Somalia committed a crime in the state last year.

One in 20 Lebanon-born Victorians were offenders compared with one in 31 born in Australia.

The revelations have sparked calls from crime victims for tougher deportation and screening of immigrants."

And talk about immigrants doing jobs that Aussies won't is just lazy policy. We can always fix things internally if we chose to do the hard yards. And once you import foreigners into certain jobs, there follows white flight from those jobs, making the problem look even worse. And then morons like you can then say "well, Aussies won't do those jobs".

I went to school with, worked with, and LIVED WITH (that's in capitals so morons don't miss it), immigrants of many varieties. Individually, there are plenty of good immigrants. This blog has never said otherwise. Only morons like you jump to that conclusion. The fact that there are good individual immigrants does not mean that I, and many others, want to live in MASS diversity. Nor does it allow for the fact that, as I get older, my tolerance for diversity decreases.

This blog is not about hatred of individual immigrants who are just doing their best. But it is about hatred of morons like you who deny there are people like me who simply don't want to live in diversity - whether that be that for reasons of aesthetics, culture, religion, crime, national security or all of the above.

I have a right to say that I don't want to live in diversity. So go take your intolerance and blow it out your ...

Abandon Skip said...

Intolerance cannot bring peace to a society. And you are intolerant of people like me.