'It's hard to spy on Muslims'

November 04, 2007, Adelaide Now:

SECURITY agencies are struggling to infiltrate extremist Muslim groups using the undercover methods they employ to tackle organised crime, one of Australia's leading counter-terrorism experts believes ...

Mr Kaldas said the internet was one of the main sources used by terrorists to obtain propaganda material.

He expressed concern about members of the Muslim and Arab communities relying too heavily on foreign news to shape their views of the world.

Mr Kaldas said while NSW police did not want to ban people from watching television networks such as al-Jazeera, they were interested in introducing community members to Australian views through grassroots programs.

"We need more effective community engagements ... so they're aware of a broader picture and different points of view," he said.
Take that as an official warning from NSW police counter-terrorism, or cry for help, whatever you want to call it. Already Mr Kaldas can see an isolated, impenetrable Muslim community. "We need more effective community engagements". Pipe dream. That's PC for "we're screwed, folks". The gulf is already too big. Nobody is willing or able to cross the divide. Time to call it off and separate the Muslim community with either a fence or deportation.

Or we can spend decades a wishin' and a hopin' like Britain. Pouring endless dollars on the Muslims, only to have them call us Nazis and tell us we should accommodate more Muslim values - like the Muslim Council of Britain just did.

Once again it's left to frontline-diversity troops (police, in this case) to build a bridge to a community that nobody wants a bar of.

PS - Read the body language of the picture of the MCB leader. His hands are about halfway raised. How long before he assumes the 'o naturale' Muslim negotiation posture i.e. ranting with hands raised fully above the head?

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DP111 said...

Laurence Auster precribes a lot of eminently sensible ideas that need to be enforced for Britain to recover. But all these follow naturally if we return to God's fold with a repentent heart and mind.

Rev Alan Clifford has written many articles on the decadence of Britain, and the consequent Islamisation of Britain, and the humane, just and righteous way in which we can recover our moral and itellectual fibre, while removing the Islamic threat.

ISLAM - The Current Threat to the British Isles



Islam Impeached


At the end of the first article, is a letter that Alan Clifford sent to her HM the Queen. Worth reading.