NSW: the thinning blue line

November 25, 2007, Sydney Morning Herald:

NSW police are quitting at a faster rate than ever, new figures reveal.

By the end of the year about 800 experienced officers will have left the force in 2007. Despite the State Government's high-profile recruitment program, which has attracted 1300 rookies this year, departures are occurring at an average of 66 a month.

The state has 500 more police than before the March state election but 250 fewer than promised by Premier Morris Iemma.

If the trend continues critics say 4200 new officers would need to be found to fulfil a promise of 16,500 police on the street by 2011.

The exodus has prompted Opposition calls for compulsory exit interviews with resigning and retiring officers to ask why they are leaving ...
At least the opposition is on the ball. While you're at it, go make exit interviews with nurses. I'd bet neither police nor nurses can stomach the diversity and disrespect. And why would a police officer put their life on the line for a country and people that is rapidly being extinguished by diversity. All their efforts are in vain. Create a white sanctuary, however, and suddenly we have something cohesive and lasting that is worth investing your energy into.

Plus the stupidity of immigration from races that are bigger and stronger than us e.g. Kiwis and Islanders. And you expect little miss policewoman to deal with that.

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