Immigration policy of Family First Party


FAMILY FIRST believes migrants and refugees have made a positive and enriching contribution to the Australia's development and will continue to have a positive impact on our society's growth and prosperity;

FAMILY FIRST recognises and supports Australia's international and humanitarian commitments in regard to asylum seekers while also advancing the need to protect Australia’s borders from illegal immigration;

FAMILY FIRST recognises that many asylum seekers wait for many years in refugee camps and believes in strengthening international and Australian agencies and institutions charged with
the responsibility of managing and processing the flow of displaced peoples so refugees may be resettled more quickly;

FAMILY FIRST also recognises the importance of ensuring well managed immigration programs that, while supporting Australia’s interests, are also compassionate and supportive of families.

FAMILY FIRST supports providing additional resources to ensure detention time is kept to an absolute minimum. Asylum seekers should then be transferred to low security facilities that are more like a home than a prison until their claims can be fully processed;

FAMILY FIRST believes the claims assessment process should be reformed to ensure fast and fair processing of asylum seekers to promptly determine the substance of their claims for refugee status;

FAMILY FIRST supports the position that applicants not eligible to remain in Australia should be deported as soon as is practicable.

But FAMILY FIRST believes deportation rules should be relaxed for those who have suffered long periods of detention and uncertainty.
One positive, but probably fruitless, policy:
FAMILY FIRST supports measures to encourage countries in our region to become signatories to the Refugee Convention, to discourage the secondary movement of asylum seekers, to curb the criminal and exploitative activity of people smuggling and to share the load more equitably among nations;
I conclude that Family First has no idea about immigration levels and therefore supports: more of the same, middle of the road, keep everybody happy except the majority. It is also non-discriminatory, so Muslims and Africans will keep coming. And it is very refugee friendly, so expect more of them. More open-borders madness. Not good. I'd vote CDP before FF, at least they oppose Muslims.


Colonel Robert Neville said...
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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Abandon, yep, while generally whoever gets into Government are Democratic...mostly, it's the tyranny of the misinformed and the ulterior motive, innit?

I spoke for a moment to a working class English woman at the poll station. As usual, she and every ex UK resident, said Britain is an extremely collapsing social disaster, very depressing, and so corrupted with PC Leftoid, Radical junk that she would never, ever return.

The crime, the Islamisation, the sad hopelessness, the self loathing of the West by the Left, with freaks like the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, getting up and raving at pro-Jihad Islamist rally's! The Mayor!

And all with enormous support via the destroyed journalistic standards of a Dhimmified and lie based MSM ad nauseum. It’s entirely the same in Europe, or er, AKA Eurabia.

I believe we will arrive there soon enough, with our multicultural vacuum, security and cultural suicide via deconstructionism, a despicable mediocre, biased, censorious, colluding elitist MSM and the dominance of activism cant and bunkum sans any empirical or proven reality.

There is no real voice for most, and I saw that last night with how chummy and high level the 'discussion' panels were and always are. Aah, the "Bolshevik Sewing Circle" of the ha, ha, "Our" ABC! Er, no. Aah, empty talk of "diversity of opinion" means every opinion like their opinions, but not yours, ever.

All the best in the coming Left assisted Utopia. The disgusting moral vanity frauds of the Left will NEVER be satisfied, even with control of the state and absolute power. There is always something else they want to control. Always a new Big Lie...

Go to Footscray, Noble Park, Springvale and Dandenong for a nice insight into much of the very possible OZ future. Gee, it'll be just like Londonistan, Francistan, Norwaystan, Belgiumstan and Swedenstan. Can’t wait. At least we have lots of sunny and empty platitudes from Kevin Rudd how he’s for “all Australians”. Gee, so no discriminating and rational thought, eh? Well, it’s a lot easier to broad-brush with a phony smile than make a hard decision. That way you can avoid focusing on an actual problematic, like er, Islam. Still, it's a laugh.

God bless the Western Canon, Colonel Neville.