200 Indians in alleged $22.7m visa fraud

November 22, 2007, Herald Sun
National Australia Bank's hunt for Indians:

MORE than 200 Indians who may have fraudulently secured residency through a scheme that allegedly defrauded the National Australia Bank may be deported.

The alleged scam was uncovered after the bank found discrepancies in loans issued by a now-suspended manager.

The Australian Federal Police has been called in to investigate as the bank tries to recoup $22.7 million it fears may be lost.

Documents lodged in the Federal Court allege ex-Moorabbin East business banking centre manager Akshay Batra admitted to the bank he provided 227 $100,000 loans to Indians so they could get a general skilled migration visa.

The Indians allegedly used the loans to buy government-issued bonds, which, until recent changes, earned them five points towards the 100 that were required to get the visa ...

Mr Batra is believed to be living in India.
Business Spectator:
Judge Mark Weinberg told NAB's counsel Robert Strong in court on Monday that the bank should have alerted the Australian Federal Police to the matter of $22.7 million being illegally withdrawn by an employee to enable 227 Indian nationals to obtain residency visas.

"The bank is not showing very much indication that it takes this seriously," Judge Weinberg told Mr Strong.

"We are talking about a major migration scam."

Akshay Batra, a business banking centre manager in suburban Melbourne who also was a registered migration agent, worked with a West Footscray-based mortgage broker Rajesh Narad to conduct the scam.

Mr Narad advised 227 Indian nationals he could help them complete their residency requirements for a general skilled migration visa by showing $100,000 worth of savings in government bonds, a provision scrapped in September.

Mr Batra issued fraudulent loans to purchase the bonds, which are now effectively owned by the bank, the Review said ...
Department of Immigration & Citizenship
Qualified Education Agent Counsellors:
Mr Akshay Batra
Director, TMZ Group Pty Ltd
West Footscray
Qualified: 24 Oct 2007
QEAC number: C236
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Anonymous said...

You have done a good research on this topic. Good one. Akshay Barta is still at large. Looks like things have cooled down and he is going to keep the money. Narad still functioning in his office. You think they won't easly escape from this scam?

Abandon Skip said...

I have no idea if they will find Mr Barta. We can only hope justice is served. Maybe the Indian authorities will give us the cold shoulder after the Haneef saga - I wouldn't be surprised. I trust the AFP is doing their best.

Anonymous said...

I am an Indian National.... and I just secured my PR through NAATI.... I would be really glad if Mr. Batra was caught and both Mr Narad and Mr Batra punished severely. I empathise with those who are caught in this scam.... coming from a similar background, i know their anxiety.. However abandon ship I would in fact prefer the Indian Police to help the AFP, even after the Haneef Saga, for the simple reason, that we need to evolve. Though many of us, Indians were really dismayed by the political interference in the Haneef case... largely the indians and aussies have had a good relationship in the past... and if not there cannot be a better time to begin.

I must also congratulate your for articulate information.

Abandon Skip said...

Indian National, I'm done blogging for the year. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Missing information : Mr Bhatra and Mr Narad charge me and the other 200 indians 22500$ cash interest for the loan plus 750$ repayments every month into the bank account number they gave us. I don't understand how the bank can be so careless. We had various options to get the PR but these indians fucked it up bad for us. I hope they both get caught and justice should be done to the victims of the scam

sundar said...

Am waiting for this Australian visa to spend my college holidays in Australia i think this will come true in 2 days...

Abandon Skip said...

Do be sure to tell us the outcome of your visa application. You wouldn't leave us hanging in suspense, now, would do? [head wobble]

Anonymous said...

akshay is in india gurgaon palm vihar new delhi

Unknown said...

akshay batra has become millioner here in india and he is enjoying alot here he is living in gurgaon palam vihar his residential address in india is j-1314 palam vihar gurgaon he is living with his in laws mr vorha

Abandon Skip said...

"mike" if you have information about this case then it should be sent to the Australian Federal Police, not me. Here is their contact details: