Kiwi league star accused of assaulting swimmer

Cowboy Faiumu accused of vicious assault
Jan 5 2008, Ninemsn:

Cowboys and New Zealand second rower David Faiumu has been named as the player under police investigation for a vicious assault on a former Australian swimmer ...

Former Australian swimming respresentative Ash Anderson claims he was the victim of the assault following a verbal confrontation with Faiumu and another person outside a Rockhampton nightclub on November 24 last year.

Days earlier, Faiumu has returned from the New Zealand's tour of Great Britain.

24 year-old Faiumu is alleged to have followed Anderson out of the nightclub and assaulted him outside a Subway restaurant a few streets away two hours later.

Anderson alleges that the Cowboys and New Zealand representative punched him once in the face - the hit fracturing his right eye socket and cheekbone and causing him to fall to the ground where he hit his head and blacked out.

Anderson had a 9mm plate inserted permanently into his eye socket and he says that doctors were concerned that he may face permanent paralysis from the injury ...
If he is found guilty then send hime home, along with fellow kiwi trouble maker Steve Matai. The game is better off without animals.

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