Brovaz charged over AFP uniform theft

Sorry, typo, I mean't "brothers".
Jan 21, 2008. ABC News:

A man has appeared in court charged in relation to the theft of clothing belonging to the Australian Federal Police.

Emeka Okwechime was arrested at a Braddon Hotel last night.

Police later searched a Holder house were it is alleged they found the stolen items along with spiked knuckledusters.

Okwechime was released on bail to appear in court next month.

His brother was also arrested and has been summonsed to appear in court.
Google says (allegedly): Emeka has form, a white girlfriend, and shares a liking for guns, tattoos, and LA Crips Gangs with friends. What the *#$* happened to Canberra??? And he's employed "Full time public service"!?!?

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