Camden separatists: the future for Australia?

Jan 8, 2008
Without naming it, the spokesman for the Camden residents group opposing the proposed Islamic school hints at the future for Australia. The Age:

Spokesman Emil Sremchevich said hundreds of Camden residents had attended heated public gatherings because they felt their democratic rights were not being observed.

"We're a community of 30,000 people and the majority so far has expressed a negative sentiment towards this proposal.

"Therefore, we seek a referendum on this issue and for council to give us polling rights to say 'yay or nay,'" Mr Sremchevich told the Nine Network.

"Camden residents need to be given the rights to chose what type of development they want in their area."
That's the only future I can see: Australia breaking up into separate pieces. Otherwise the Muslim baby boom will march all over future generations. Bring on the Democratic State of Camden and all who follow suit.

Dear Emil, newsflash: your democratic rights are being acknowledged. What you need is a separate democracy. Oh, and you best deport those 200 Muslims from your new state, lest this baby boom thing happen all over again.

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