Gen-Y forcing police to go harder

January 18, 2008,
The Australian:

AN aggressive, fearless and increasingly violent Generation Y is forcing police to rethink tactics and training as more people under 25 openly take on authority, Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon declared yesterday.

The Victorian police boss said the level of disrespect being exhibited on the streets was getting worse and she laid the blame squarely on Generation Y.

Young men and women born after 1984 were increasingly using technology - SMS and the internet - to gather in numbers and intimidate police.

"We are seeing a level of aggression that our police officers are seeing within the city itself that is much worse," Ms Nixon said yesterday.

"I think it's a generational issue. It is the Why - W-H-Y - Generation. They really are far more aggressive. They'll cluster more and will send SMS and a lot of their friends will come," Ms Nixon said.

A recent study of GenerationY in NSW by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research revealed that almost one in 10 people born in the state in 1984 had a criminal record by the time they turned 21.

In an unusual break from the police tradition of playing down the level of violence in the community, a frank Ms Nixon said alcohol-fuelled violence was on the rise and was forcing a change in strategies.

"We have to be training our officers differently, and we are," she said. "We have to take a much harder line than we have before."

Ms Nixon's candid comments came just days after she attacked a group of teenagers for their behaviour at a suburban house party on the weekend, which turned ugly as revellers hurled bottles at police.

The confrontation escalated to the point that the air squad and the dog squad had to be called in to deal with up to 500 youngsters and ended with up to $20,000 damage being done to police vehicles by the drunken teenagers.

It came as Ms Nixon defended her officers who resorted to the use of capsicum spray to subdue unruly fans at the Australian Open tennis tournament.

One of the officers trying to evict members of the crowd for chanting offensive statements on Wednesday described how he was pushed and shoved by the spectators and that he feared being hurt.

Footage of the confrontation revealed angry fans - including young women - shouting abuse at police and openly defying the officers ...
The descent back to the rabid primate proceeds in parallel with the rise of Islam. Who will win? Who knows. All we can be sure of is that if either of them win then women will be the losers.

Partly, this is the result of the escalato spiral feeding off the lower level assaults that have been allowed in the name of diversity and progress.

Gen Y has grown up in a culture of low-level assault. Assaults in the form of: racial and cultural diversity, offensive fashions, doof-doof bass assault, rude use of mobile phones, etc. So, nowadays, you are pretty much assaulted 24/7 if you live in a metro area.

In your home you are assaulted by doof-doofers driving by, or the neighbours surround sound up on full blast. Out in public, school, or work you are affronted with the strains of visual diversity taxing your nervous system. So, everywhere you go, it's bang, bang, bang: everyone abusing everyone with low-level shocks.

There's more to it: a cultural vacuum, soft law-and-order, reality-TV, jackass movies, rap music, demonic music, and every form of errant behaviour exampled in abundance on the internet.

The only way a diverse city will survive is to go over the top with a civility calming program e.g. everyone is forced to standards of dress, grooming, and polite behaviour i.e. the opposite of current liberal standards of visual and auditory assault.

The tattoo craze is another symptom of spiralling visual assault. The way things are going, facial tattoos will soon be as common as full-length arm tattoos now are.

It all starts with the dumbass policies that deny the realities of the human nervous system. Humans require an environment that is visually conservative, but we go ahead and bring in burkas and blacks anyway. Humans require a quiet environment for comfort and productivity, but we allow offensive technology to spread poorly regulated.

Gen Y grows up with this constant sensory assault. Result: they're easily pissed-off. They have two choices: withdraw if overly sensitive; or indulge the shock-culture and go out there and do some assaulting of your own.

The pervasive assaults that Gen Y is subjected to ensure that, when low-level assaults are everywhere, everyone is short-tempered and it's a short step to verbal abuse and physical violence.

And what is the full implication as Gen Y's grow up in this mess? They have no respect for adults who created this mess for them.

If the global warmists get their way, and folks leave the cities and their technologies behind, maybe more peaceful communities will return. One would hope they are racially homogeneous too. Maybe that's an opportunity for the white folk to re-establish communities with some pride in who we are.

Here's my vote for dress standards ...

Suit up some of these jackass offenders like a mormon. That'll wipe the smirk off their face.


Puck said...

Who wrote this? I mean, what kind of person truly thinks this way? It all sounds very similar to Nazi fascism glossed with the pretense of "helping the world". So, generation Y defies authority? Good. Can anyone really say that it is better to blindly follow than to question demands and decide for oneself what the best thing to do is? Such thinking is what has led America into following a man who has the blood of his fellow kinsmen on his hands, with no real reason for their sacrifice. Adults are upset with how generation y responds to the world when they are the ones who destroyed it up in the first place. How can Gen. Y respect people that brought them into a world that is falling apart? A world that is filled with injustice, greed, hatred, and apathy. Furthermore all this talk about diversity being a crime... the thought process that propels such blind views is completely beyond reason. Is this a joke? seriously, someone tell me its a joke and ill be happy to become the gullible idiot. If its not, however, i have something to say to the baby boomer and generation x...
YOU FUCKED UP, and because of it Generation y needs to rebuild a whole new world, so leave us to our lives and let us clean up your mess because you clearly can't.

Please answer my questions.

From a friend to those who have none,

Abandon Skip said...

Oh dear, that's a lot to ask Grandpa on one lazy Saturday arvo. Each generation has to learn to see the good and bad in those who came before. Let me have a nap and then get back to you ...

Abandon Skip said...

Dear Puck,

True to Gen-Y form, you offend before you even open your mouth by choosing a (likely) offensive name.

"Can anyone really say that it is better to blindly follow".

Critical thinking is an asset but, like I said, each generation must learn to see the good and bad in those who came before them.

"So, generation Y defies authority? Good".

Critical thinking and protest are not inventions of Gen-Y, but that is different from the Gen-Y traits of breaking the law and conducting yourself in an offensive manner. You can protest and work for change, but you don't have to be a pain the arse.

"Such thinking is what has led America into following a man who has the blood of his fellow kinsmen on his hands, with no real reason for their sacrifice".

True, there is a lot of dangerous group-think. And no president is perfect, least of all Mr Bush.

"How can Gen. Y respect people that brought them into a world that is falling apart?".

I understand that response. If you are referring to global warming, then I doubt that was on the minds of your parents at the time.

"All this talk about diversity being a crime... the thought process that propels such blind views is completely beyond reason".

Yes, beyond your reason. At first base, it is not an issue of reason and rationality. Rather, it is first an emotional response to your nervous system constantly being stressed by the low-level sensory shocks of diversity. But I don't expect many young folk to articulate this - being endowed with energy and busy trying to make things work. Typically this is something you become more aware of as you get older - and it is the reason older folks withdraw and move away from it.

But, apart from emotion, there are rational reasons to be concerned about diversity. The most important being the issue of "critical mass". In times gone by, immigrants were so outnumbered in a confident culture, that assimilation was the result. Today, there is no overarching culture into which immigrants assimilate. So that changes the dynamic completely. What we are seeing are various forces filling the cultural vacuum - and there are ominous signs that a lawless, tribal and immoral future is coming. But I don't expect Gen-Y's to see the bigger picture.

And you also need to learn about Islam. Despite many peaceful Muslims, Islam itself is an intolerant, supremist and violent religion - starting with the murderous example of their revered prophet Muhammed. I suspect you are guilty of "blindly following" the media's denial and censorship of the truth in this matter.

So unless you want to be guilty of blindly following (and thereby guilty of double standards) I suggest you dig a little deeper on Islam. Educate yourself - the truth is frightening. Read some articles on this blog, and click on some links. Muslim birthrates are outdoing the rest of us about 6 to 2. As their numbers in Australia grow, trouble is likely to follow. You should be concerned as much about Islam as you are of global warming.

"i have something to say to the baby boomer and generation x ...YOU FUCKED UP".

If you are referring to the environment, then I don't deny there is a lot of pollution about. Whether that causes global warming, neither you or I are scientists to know the truth of that. But I accept that, generally, we should leave as little footprint on the Earth as possible - and I welcome such changes so long as it doesn't leave us economically and militarily vulnerable.

"so leave us to our lives and let us clean up your mess because you clearly can't."

Whilst there is truth in this, it is also a dangerous reaction. As I said, you've got to see the good and bad in those who came before you. You've inherited one good character trait: that of critical thinking. But Gen-Y displays little of the other essential character trait: respect for your fellow man (i.e. your elders).

Gen-Y's also need to acknowledge the Christian morals which the Western world was built upon. I am not religious, but I acknowledge there is danger in tossing them aside as irrelevant.

Life will throw a lot of challenges at you, but the challenge for Gen-Y's, and beyond, is whether you can retain an upright character through it all.

So go buy a comb, a belt, continue the critical thinking, and by all means save our environment - but learn to respect those around you. And that means your appearance, language, noise, manners, and morals.