Blacktown Advocate shows us the way ahead

Jan 8, 2008

What's ahead?
IMPROVED community facilities, green initiatives, festivals and sporting events - residents have a lot to look forward to in 2008.

African soccer stars
Local African migrants warm up ahead of the African Youth Soccer Tournament at the Demons homeground.

Gang war link in shooting:
A HIGH-powered weapon was used to pepper a Doonside home with bullets in the early hours of last Thursday morning, according to police.

Blacktown acting Inspector Shaun Edwards said up to 13 rounds were fired into the front of the house in Kellaway St. There were three occupants inside.

No one was injured.

``A high-powered weapon has been used because the bullets passed through the back of the house and could be up to 500m away,'' he said.

Up to five police cars attended the scene at about 1am, sweeping the street for evidence and conducting investigations until daylight.

Police have several lines of inquiry, including suspicions that the incident may have been gang-related.

``We are pursuing a number of investigations and have brought the gang squad out from the city if the case goes down that path,'' Insp Edwards said.

He said there have been four shootings at Doonside over the past year - and firearms were becoming a real issue in the area.

``Many of the residents in the area know people in gangs - and this makes policing the issue of firearms more difficult,'' he said.

Police are urging anyone who may have heard or seen anything near Kellaway St around 1am to contact Blacktown police immediately.
Looks like a year-long 'celebration' for Blacktown.

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