Civic dubbed a 'pit of harassment'

20 January 2008, Canberra Times:

CIVIC shop owners have expressed fear and outrage at what they say is a growing culture of anti-social behaviour and pack youth mentality in the area.

Coupled with the complaints were allegations police were complacent in patrolling the area.

According to one retail outlet owner, the Beats Police office looking over Garema Place is staffed only at night and periodically at weekends, allowing unlawful and aggressive behaviour to escalate.

But according to an ACT Policing spokesman, the office is not a police station and is used only when Beats foot patrols are on duty. "The community expects high-visibility policing and for the beats teams to be away from their desks and out on the streets. In close proximity to Garema Place, the City Police Station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and there for anyone who is in need of assistance," he said.

None of the business operators Sunday Canberra Times spoke to in and around Garema Place were willing to be named, citing safety reasons. "A pit of harassment and aggression. That sums this place up," another owner said. "Once these kids know that their scare tactics are working, they are like vultures to a dead carcass. They just won't go away." ...
And it will just get worse, like Britain ...
Top judge attacks 'feral' yobs in a courtroom tirade:
A judge has warned that an obsession with rights had created a society "bedevilled by feral youth" ...

Cameron also spoke out, calling today for the introduction of a form of national service to tackle yob culture.

The Tory leader said Garry Newlove's widow Helen "spoke for millions" when she said Britain's streets had been taken over by violent youths.
And 'It's not safe to walk the streets after dark', admits Home Secretary:
Jacqui Smith suffered a barrage of criticism yesterday after admitting she would not feel safe walking the streets after dark.

Opposition MPs said the Home Secretary had made an "admission of failure" to the millions of shift-workers who have no option but to brave the threat of violence.
Will only get worse until the white folk band together and create sanctuaries from diversity.

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