Another global village idiot

Govt urged to rethink foreign labour immigration
May 20, 2008, ABC News:

Mr Cameron believes an increase in foreigners ... could create resentment among the community ...

But Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Peter Anderson says Mr Cameron's concerns about a possible backlash are inflammatory.

"We need in Australia to recognise that we are part of a global economy," he said.

"Capital is global and labour is global. What Australia needs is a sensible and rational debate about migration policy.

"Migration policy needs to move with the social and economic times and any suggestion that we can't have a sensible debate without fuelling xenophobia is really silly."

Mr Anderson is confident that good leadership will avert resentment of foreign workers in the community ...

Immigration Minister Chris Evans has also rejected Mr Cameron's fears of a backlash against foreign workers.

"I think the reality is that Australia has matured about those issues," he said.

"Australia is a country of migrants and it is a country that has accepted large scale migration over the years - provided people settle well and provided that people are convinced that people coming into the country are needed for the growth of the economy, and that they are not undercutting Australian wages and conditions."
Peter Anderson, selling out Australia for a few bucks. Stuff the culture, stuff the community, just show me the money. If you want to live in a foreign country then go, get out, Australia needs business leaders who care about the community. With all the talk about capital, your single-minded attention fails to consider social capital which is proven to be smashed by diversity. Leave, we're better off without you.

Chris Evans, if Australia has "matured about those issues" then why are whites still moving away from migrant areas? Why are whites leaving public schools in diverse areas? Is that what you mean by maturity?

Once you bring in hoards of temporary labour, you'll get stray illegals and employer abuse.

And, Mr Evans, if you adopt the American mantra that we are "a country of migrants" then you've lost the ability to define and defend yourself. This is what the American thinking gets you, a borderless madhouse with hoards of illegals demonstrating for citizenship rights:

Sure we don't live next door to Mexico, but it's the same mentality that eventually becomes overwhelmed with immigrant sentiment that it loses the ability to define and defend itself. We may get there slower, but the destination is the same.

You've gotta stand for something, or you're gonna fall for anything.

Global village idiots.


Anonymous said...

Sure you don't live next door to Mexico and for sure Britain WAS an Island.
Don't worry when labour decide it's time to re-construct then first they must destroy anything and everything that makes Australia the country it has become.
Nothing will stop them it seems at present.
The Tories convinced everyone the tunnel between the UK and France was for our benefit it's since proven to aid immigration the most.
We'd block the damned thing up had we half a chance allowing the French to get their own house in order and stop using the uk has a rubbish dump.
The country is made up of immigrants, these politicians must have one handbook they all drag out to stop the serfs getting upset.
The uk was invaded over centuries but we are still made up of Europeans in the main, trying to convince us all now that the millions pouring in from every God-forsaken place on earth is anything like the Danes invading or any of the tribes then that is to treat us below contempt.
Here it has been done slowly without our noticing now it's at the point when nobody can ignore it.
Learn from this country just don't allow them to do what they have done here!
It was obviously going on under the Tories a long term plan had been devised it's only the last five years that it's become something that can't be hidden.
2 million Brits have left already most i suspect making for New Zealand and Australia instead of staying here and fighting for what is theirs.
Prices are sky-rocketing every product shooting up, yet wages remain static stealth taxes on every item then we are told under labour we have the lowest taxes for 75 years.
Average family is now left with £50 a week after paying all their bills, thats' official!
Draught in Australia and the USA blamed, again treating folk with contempt!
I'd not like the truth but i'd prefer it to the constant lies.
NWO,club of Rome, the need for food control being in the hands of the few.
No borders,no money,sounds very much like the dream of Marx to me.
That will all create anger and violence in the end.
Not a mention of this in the UK...
Neo nazis on the rise in Germany May 1st attacks on police and groups from the left.
So far here the only violence that we know about comes from immigrants, muslims, also the UAF the anti Fascist, Fascists!
We all know where ignoring Germany previously led.
While here they refer to the BNP as neo nazis this is rubbish i can't even recall anytime when the BNP caused any trouble,
We need a party here that would shout and ball about everything and get people on to the streets but i see no such party around.

Globalists and not politicians decide now what goes.
Tax strikes the only weapon!!

Anonymous said...

The Cornish and Welsh never invaded, that is why its very insulting hearing the "nation of immigrants" mantra. Infact its nearly as insulting as being refused the right to live and work in the UK when you are a Cornish or Welsh descended Australian.

Anonymous said...

British female cop again shows her goolies!
Warning with less jobs and the credit crunch violence already breaks out between various immigrant groups.
Also points out that Government stats are wrong regarding how many Eastern Europeans are here.
I gaurantee she will be ignored!

Mercurius Aulicus said...

The comments from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry come as no surprise to me.

To quote Thomas Jefferson:

"The selfish spirit of commerce... knows no country, and feels no passion or principle but that of gain." --Thomas Jefferson to Larkin Smith, 1809. ME 12:272

"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." --Thomas Jefferson to Horatio G. Spafford, 1814. ME 14:119

Anonymous said...

Wait until it gets this bad in Australia where to mention white victims of murder is forbidden where police move in to break up a that which allows the people to find out what the media hide!

And this,Brussels war; muslims vs whites again not a mention on the media whatsover.
We now have to rely on the USA or Free Europe bloggers to find out news that eventually will effect us all.

Citizen Sane said...

Our 'leaders' need to be reminded that the corporate interest and the national interest are not one and the same on the issue of immigration - they are diametrically opposed.

Personally, I liked Fjordman's suggestion:

"We need to remind our political leaders that we pay national taxes because they are supposed to uphold our national borders. If they can't do so, the social contract is breached, and we should no longer be required to pay our taxes. National taxes, national borders could become a new rallying cry."

Anonymous said...

Designing a new country,
Written by an irish immigrant that came to live in England over 20 years ago.

Thanks to the twin malign forces of mass immigration and multi-culturalism, the scale of England’s transformation is alarming. Though the collapse of our borders has made records unreliable, it is probable that more than 700,000 immigrants are arriving here every year.

Before the end of this decade the majority of London’s residents will be from non-white ethnic groups. Other cities will soon follow. On even a conservative estimate, the indigenous population of England will be in a minority before the end of this century. And the pace of change is being accelerated by the ruthlessly enforced official ideology of cultural diversity, which holds that any manifestation of traditional patriotism is akin to racism.

It is often said that Labour’s policy on immigration has been a failure. But for the ruling metropolitan elite it has been a huge success. The promotion of influxes of Third World and East­ern European migrants has been the central part of a deliberate strategy to change England for ever.
When politicians lie about the true population figures it will be long before the end of the century that England will become a foreign black country.