Senator predicts Aussie BNP

Business warned on migrant labour
May 20, 2008, the Age:

A PUSH by sections of the business community to increase migration among low-skilled workers could resuscitate parties such as One Nation or even lead to the rise of a far-right force akin to the British National Party, an incoming Labor senator has warned.

Doug Cameron, the former national secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union who enters the senate on July 1, made his stark remarks in a private address in the Blue Mountains at the weekend ...

Mr Cameron confirmed his comments, saying he was troubled by the gains the BNP had made in recent local elections in the UK.

"I watch the British political scene closely and one of the problems with the free movement of labour has been animosity created if people come in and take jobs at lower rates to local workers," he said.

"We have to be very careful. We have a history of handling this issue very well, but it could create problems."

Two weeks ago, the BNP won its first seat on the London Assembly, gaining 5.3% of the vote. A BBC analysis also found the party, which has links to neo-fascist groups, had succeeded in getting 56 councillors elected across Britain, many carried into office on a backlash against immigration through Europe's open borders ...

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry's chief executive, Peter Anderson, said increased immigration would not unleash resentment in the community if it were "done on a logical and orderly basis" ...

A leading Australian expert on immigration, Professor Bob Birrell of Monash University, gave qualified support to Mr Cameron's claim ...

"Labor appears to be pursuing higher immigration without fear of a backlash.

"But I suspect there will be some public reaction and there is no question in my mind this stuff (resentment) could be rekindled."
Behold the newfound Australian superiority complex: immigration would not unleash resentment in the community if it were "done on a logical and orderly basis". People of the world, look and learn, we know what we're doing down here - we won't make the same mistakes you did. Oh yeah, we're better. No, really. I feel it, don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Far right?
The BNP are socialists for Gods sake why are labour afraid to air the fact?
The BNP are gaining inspight of all the dirty tricks it's not the BNP making our country into a police state it's those already at Westminster.
Another raft of announcement's today Data base to record all telephone calls e-mail etc to come into action.
Middle classes warned over their alcohol intake.
Obese folk also add to climate change high food costs and petrol price rises.
Labours fascists know no bounds.
Africans killing immigrants recieves little attention certainly no calls of they being racists,
Vote BNP to defend your race culture and country suddenly voters become racist sub-humans.
Echoes of Germany - Sub-human, imagine were the BNP to use such words to describe anyone, but ok to call Brits such names for thinking for themselves.