'Hidden' migrants drive ethnic change

May 16, 2008, the Australian:

AUSTRALIA is undergoing an unparalleled movement of people and ethnic change through "hidden immigration", but lacks a comprehensive policy to deal with it, according to an eminent demographer.

Monash University professor Andrew Markus said raw immigration numbers masked the magnitude of a demographic revolution that had produced a population where one in four residents was born overseas.

At 24 per cent, the overseas-born proportion of the population is twice that of the US at 12 per cent, and three times that of England and Wales at 8 per cent, where racial tensions have flared again.

"Opinion polls in England in July 2007 and March 2008 indicated that immigration and race issues are the main concern of electors," Professor Markus said.

He said that while Australians had been tolerant and migrants committed to their new home, strong political leadership was required to convince the nation of the benefits to all of high immigration to avoid a backlash ...

"The elements of a policy to promote social cohesion within communities characterised by diversity of language and culture are well known - and difficult to implement," he said. "At present, Australia lacks full clarity of vision, coherence and consistency - while the largest movement of people in the country's history is under way."

Speaking to The Australian yesterday, Professor Markus said that although many Australians regarded the rate of immigration as high, they probably had little idea that the transformation was far bigger than they imagined ...

"With the uneven distribution of the overseas born, this translates to 34.5 per cent of Sydney's population, 31 per cent of Melbourne's, and over 70 per cent in some urban localities," Professor Markus said.

He proposed several measures towards a national policy to make immigration work.

These included challenging disadvantage in education and employment, tackling institutional discrimination, and a "consistent set of policies to be implemented at the community level to promote inter-cultural understanding, bridge building and participation".
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Anonymous said...

I would classify anyone whose ancestors were not in the country pre 1945 as immigrants. Australia didn't have large immigration from the 1880s to the 1940s. Thats where the identity took root. real Australians are probably only 5 million mostly in the rural areas

Abandon Skip said...

Scary numbers. It's quite a challenge trying to identify and protect who we are. There's plenty of white European immigrants who've done well to fit in. If they'd stopped the diversity train there we'd be OK, but unfortunately they're not happy until we've got masses of every color of the world here.

Anonymous said...

Are Australian journo's silenced as they are in Europe?
Many people don't realise that it's official policy.

Example of politically correct policy of silence in the media
"23.10.2007 - 17:32 CET | von Thomas Rupp EUOBSERVER / COMMENT - Last week during the EU summit, the Portuguese Union, CGTP-Intersindical, organised the biggest demonstration in Lisbon in 20 years.
Under the slogan "For a social Europe – Employment with rights" up to 200,000 people gathered to oppose what they believe to be a "neo-liberal" EU reform treaty, which more or less equals the rejected EU constitution. The funny - or alarming - thing is the fact, that these 200,000 people managed to demonstrate almost unnoticed without being mentioned by the media.
A keyword search on Google news with "demonstration" and "Lisbon" in the Anglophone media brought only three matches. In French 2 were found.
At the same time, there were hundreds of journalist sitting in the EU summit's press centre.

And obviously you should not count too much on the mainstream media to do anything about it."

Comments: Who has ever seen or heard in the MSM the "The Declaration of Barcelona", "The European Project", the "Union for the Mediterranean" being mentioned? Why are the origins of rapers and assailants nearly always left un-mentioned? - and when they are mentioned you can be certain they are European!

It is very understandable that journalists twist and keep the truth about the evil in and of the multicultural society and the Euromediterranean secret, when they have been through the wringer and brainwashing described in the following.