Moonbat-offensive in Macarthur rag

They look like you, they sound like you, but all similarities with the moonbat end there ...

Without immigration, we're 'rooned'
Phillip O'Neill
19 March 2008, Macarthur Advertiser:

Thirty/fifty, or 30/50 if you prefer, might become a new buzz phrase. It means there will be 30 million people in Australia by 2050. Thirty/fifty is the title of a report from the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, or ATSE. The report responds to the question: can Australia cope with 30 million people by 2050?

Faced with climate change and a crisis in infrastructure across the board, a 50% increase in the nation’s population might be a stretch. Some say, and have been saying for a long time, we should shut down immigration and keep the continent to ourselves.

ATSE disagrees. Without immigration Australia’s population would not even reach 22 million, the nation would be dominated by old folk, we’d run out of young, skilled workers and we’d all be rooned. Our living standards would fall ...

Importantly, ATSE expects the extra 10 million people will live in the same places that people live presently. There’ll be no new large cities, no revival of rural living, just more growth in the places that have been growing for the past twenty or so years.

So Sydney, the nation’s frenzied global superstar, will reach 6 million people by 2050. Melbourne, that grand old girl, will maintain second place with 4.9 million well ahead of Brisbane with 3.8 million. The bullet performer will be the Gold Coast which will grow to 2.2 million people by 2050 and become Australia’s fifth largest city, just behind Perth.
So Macarthur can go and get stuffed and expect to be run over by immigrants. Phillip O'Neill, you have no right to use the colloquial words rooned and chipper. Because they are Australian words, and yet you are happy to see Australia disappear up it's own backside. Pathetic betrayal. Not even the possibility of solving our problems by ourselves was canvassed. Nope, just bugger the environment and community and gimme the quick fix now like the immigration addict that you are. Pathetic junkie.

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