France: Jean-Marie Le Pen a été condamné

13 March 2008, Brussels Journal:

... Jean-Marie Le Pen, the Front National leader, has been convicted of racism and fined 10,000 euros for remarks he made about Muslims four years ago. La Croix reports:

Jean-Marie Le Pen was fined 10,000 euros on Wednesday by the Paris appeals court for provocation to discrimination, hatred and racial violence, as a result of his remarks about Muslims printed in April 2004 edition of the extreme right-wing journal Rivarol. The 11th chamber of the court of appeals also sentenced the president of the Front National to 5,000 euros in damages to be paid to the plaintiff, the Human Rights League. […]

On April 2, 2004, the criminal court of Paris had condemned Jean-Marie Le Pen for an interview he gave to Le Monde on April 19, 2003, in which he declared: “The day when we have in France not 5 million but 25 million Muslims they will be our masters.” “The French people will hug the walls, they will walk on the sidewalks with their eyes lowered. And if they don’t, they will be stopped: ‘Why are you looking at me like that, are you looking for a fight?’ And you will have to run, or else you’ll be beaten,” he added.

A month later Le Pen was back on the offensive in an interview in Rivarol: “Furthermore whenever I said that with 25 million Muslims in France the French people will hug the walls, people in the audience would say to me, and rightly so: ‘But Mr. Le Pen, that is already the case now.’”

It was for these new remarks that he was convicted on Wednesday.

“The defendant pits the French against the Muslims [...] and attempts to arouse [...] a feeling of rejection and hostility towards the Muslim community,” the court decided Wednesday. “His words instill in the mind of the public the belief that the security of the French depends on rejecting Muslims and that fear and apprehension, linked to their growing presence in France, will cease if their numbers decrease and if they disappear,” the court added.
Lawrence Auster:
Of all the amazing things today, the anti-"hate speech" laws are the most amazing. That a statement like this is called hate speech and criminalized, which means that no frank discussion of the impact of Islam on Europe is allowed, and that there are no mass popular movements in European countries to repeal these dictatorial laws, shows that Europe, as it now is, is close to death. A main effort of European traditionalist and conservative parties must be to repeal these laws.
RIP France.


Anonymous said...

There are no conservative parties in Europe today what is left are only those cultural marxist parties infested with common purpose graduates.
The Netherlands have been warned by a group of Moroccon moslems. voting for Wilders will mean death together with a video showing two white guys being punched by moslems for not replying to their taunts.
A Christian Canon was beaten up outside his church last wednesday in London by moslems. police say faith hate crime.
One law for moslems one for everyone else!
Le Pen spoke the truth which is a condemned now in Europe.
Griffin speaks the truth he was arrested and taken to court.


Anonymous said...

Le-Resistance Guy Leven-Torres UK.

A La Resistance! journal



Please Circulate!

Nowhere Land: The Sea of Apathy and Self Absorbtion.

Guy Leven-Torres

15th March 2008

Every where we look and hear, people are faced with this or that religion demanding obeisance on pain of reprisal and worse. The Moslem extremist demands we not draw cartoons of Allah and submit to his World Caliphate, learn to hate Jews, beat up women, and wage eternal war on kuffars for the 72 virgins waiting for the faithful ummah in Paradise. Meanwhile the great Multicultural god tells us we must celebrate diversity, terrorism (or at least ignore it on pain of imprisonment if we do not), mass migration of criminals and drug gangs, sexual perversion and paedophilia, bent politicians, fraud, global warming scams and endless prying and increased interference into not only what we say and do but even think. Orwell would have been shocked to see the state of our national surrender to all the above. It is s a bit like being faced with a killer armed with a gun and a referee telling me, one has committed a foul because I object to being killed in such a manner or being punished for defending myself from a poisoner trying to force me to take arsenic.

This actually happens in many Moslem countries, where girls found to have been beaten and raped by gangs of men can face severe punishment and even death for ‘allowing’ it to happen. A woman’s evidence under Sharia is worth only half a man’s. A poor woman in Saudi Arabia was recently hanged for ‘allowing’ herself to be raped by a gang of migrants. And don’t think the same does not happen here in the West, because even if we have not reached the stage of the way they do things in Saudi Arabia and Iran, innocent people have been severely punished by the authorities for simply defending themselves. A Sikh shop owner was viciously attacked by a crazed drug fiend. The poor man had already been stabbed by the knife wielding thug and he somehow managed to fight the attacker off but in the process, the latter was mortally wounded. The police instead of congratulating the wounded man as he lay bleeding to death waiting for the ambulance, instead arrested him, on suspicion of murder and formally cautioned him; only the huge local public outcry prevented the poor Sikh from facing a criminal ‘investigation’ that should not only have not even been considered but instead, the culprits responsible sacked for dereliction of duty and perversion of justice. As usual the variation of excuses was made about ‘social cohesion’, ‘Justice’, ‘Human Rights’ and all the other worn out clichés.

But that is the modern state of Britain and much of the European and American world today. It is through such processes that we historians and archaeologists plot and observe societal movement and change, sometimes over many years, even centuries as social systems and cultures evolve. Look at fashion in Britain for example-one hardly sees a woman in a skirt anymore and most even wear trousers under their skirts to cover their legs.

I have observed this ever since Moslem women started to wear the burka and veil over here. Fashion and fashionable ideas of dress in may ways dictate the moral climate and furthermore are symptomatic of globalised culturalism. The Moslems are currently on top and as in the days of Rome, the fashionable follow the latest fads of the ‘elite’, which in Roman Late Empire times was largely Germanic and barbarian. We are no different it seems, and add to this government coercion to ignore Moslem attacks, enforce anti-Islamaphobic religious hatred laws and you can quickly understand why we are becoming a Moslem society. No point blaming the Moslems either, since many like my chum Sati are absolutely appalled and simply, cannot understand it. Islam and Islamic themes are on the march globally, aided and abetted by western politically correct politicians who see Islam as an excellent vehicle to demonise and terrorise us all. The fact that local Moslems in east London, have complained bitterly about the mega mosque favoured by Prince of Fools Charles and Ken Livingstone has been totally ignored in favour of the extremists funding the bloody thing with handouts from the rich oil Arab states.

There is also the fact that global themes and movements tend to converge if similar in mindset and that is what we are observing now, through the cooperation of our own elites with extremist terrorists, especially if it gives each party the opportunity to attack and undermine America and Western values that both hate with a vengeance and seek to overthrow.

We are at war if people in the street cared to raise their own self obsessions and examined events not so much in the politically correct, multicultural media like the BBC that would rather report, Mr Umbobo’s blocked drain in the Congo, than the terrible sufferings of our young men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, or failing Mr Umbobo’s blocked drain that he blames on British imperialism and slavery, oppressed suicide bombers in Gaza who have been ‘murdered’ by Israeli Defence Forces in retaliation for the 56 women and children, a colleague of his assassinated a few hours before in a crowded restaurant or supermarket. The Israelis are Nazi thugs in the mindset of the BBC, while the heroic activity against desperate child and women bravados attacking Gaza with shopping trolleys, is soon listed alongside the heroic struggle of IRA thugs like Martin McGuiness in the 1970s against British imperialism.

I read in the Daily Mail and on the BNP website that I rely upon more and more to get the truth, not some PC version of it, that a company or two of British service personnel were held hostage by ‘Elf an’ Safety’ morons at Manchester in a crowded economy class hired airliner as a ‘Security Threat’; the ‘threat’ being their uniforms apparently. My immediate reaction was one of deep anger but then again this is so typical of modern multicultural Britain with its weird inverted ‘morality’ and ‘Human Rights’ fanatical government. Why do we put up with it I simply do not understand? As for the soldiers, may I suggest you mount a military takeover in the very near future? I reckon you will get plenty of support. People really have had enough…..

Things are really getting nasty. Three police officers of senior rank have all apparently committed ‘suicide’. Sounds rather familiar if one remembers another ‘suicide’ over the Iraq invasion of one quiet civil servant named Kelly. We really are dealing with thugs in government and if people have not realised that yet, or at least wondered why strange things are happening, then they must be pretty dumb. I suspect the latter unfortunately, through being spoon fed a diet of easy credit, cheap tatty goods made by slaves in Asian sweatshops and cheap junk food. ‘Panem et circenses’ wrote Virgil in his poems, or ‘bread an circuses’ to you and me. I would slightly update that with the phrase ‘handouts and TV pornography’.

Last night I could not believe my eyes when I observed two actors having ‘gay’ sex up each other’s backsides before the 9pm ‘Watershed’. I expect their names were Phil McCavity and Pat M’Butt those famous well known actors from beyond Hadrian’s Wall. However one must be careful not to write things that may get me done for ‘Ecossaphobia’ or ‘racism’, even when the rest of the charming Scottish folk I know and admire are probably as disgusted with it all as I am, and I expect you as well.

Anyway they will only be able to half ‘d’o me or send me on a ‘Diversity Awareness’ course to rescramble the English half of my fast softening brain. My Grandmother was a Craig on my mother’s side and so that entitles me to war half a tartan but then again, I might get done for ‘demitransphobic’ crime and insulting Moslem Scottish transvestites in tartan burkas from that famous Scottish McLaden clan, that goes way back to 2001, well known for hiding around corners of Edinburgh and leaping on naïve Scottish folk with cries of ‘Allah el mc’Akbar!’ Gordon Brown is rumoured to be a member but drifted South after straining his crotch by tripping over his tartan burka. The victim was so horrified by the sight of the Brown naked torso she was committed to an asylum for the chronically insane….

Meanwhile, south of Hadrian’s Wall the natives appear to have accepted the refusal to allow a Referendum on the EU Constitution after their failed protest at Westminster last month. We can confirm by the way from a police informant that the so called ‘Runway Protest’ at Heathrow, staged on the roof of the Houses of Parliament was all carefully stage managed to draw attention of the media away from the Referendum crowd.

In Brussels I read that MEP protesters demanding a Referendum in the European Parliament have been fined for expressing ‘dissent’ and according to another contact, Britain has already signed up to allow the European ‘Internal’ Security force EuroGendForce to enter Britain if necessary under arms.

One would have thought this fact alone would raise the hackles of the average Briton and waken them from their torpor. Perhaps when EuroGendForce do come, they could be held as a ‘security threat’ like the British service personnel at Manchester…But the again they wear the right uniforms, not British ones…..And as we know our present elite just love our enemies…..

Guy ex military and married to a lovely black lady yet is still called a racist in the crazy UK.
Ex Tory like myself.