Asian 'hubs', white flight, and Laurie's agenda

Immigration lends foreign flavour to Aussie lifestyle
Mar 23, 2008, Tony Jensen, Courier Mail:

SUBURBAN multicultural hubs are on the rise, with overseas-born residents accounting for more than 50 per cent of the population in some suburbs.

... Robertson, in Brisbane's south, is home to the highest proportion of overseas-born residents, with migrants comprising 58 per cent of its population ...

"Robertson was followed by Stretton, with 55 per cent of the population born overseas, also mainly from China and Hong Kong," he said.

"The Brisbane CBD comes in as the third highest suburb based on residents born overseas. This would be due to the high number of international students that reside within inner-city accommodation." ...

Hong Kong-born Mr Lee said he and his family had lived in Carindale, in the city's southeast, since they arrived in Brisbane about 10 years ago, but had wanted to move to the Stretton area because of its multicultural reputation ...

He said migrants, particularly those from China and Hong Kong, were attracted to the southside because of its standing as an Asian hub.

"There's the Chinese shopping centre in Sunnybank and a lot of people have relatives here," Mr Soh said.

Mr Lawless said migrant clusters were evident throughout Brisbane ...

The Australian Demographic Statistics report shows more migrants settled in Australia last year than in any other period in history.
Well, despite Tony Jensen's word play with "flavoured hubs" and so on, the truth came through crystal clear: migrants are attracted to their own kind. No big surprise about that elemental force of nature. They reject diversity and create areas that don't lend anything to Aussie lifestyle: rather, they extinguish Aussie culture.

So the Lees "wanted to move to the Stretton area because of its multicultural reputation" is just word play. They moved because of it's Asian reputation.

The sleepwalking into segregation continues. And what plans does Laurie Ferguson have to remedy this?

He said refugees needed to be housed across a broader spread of suburbs instead of being concentrated in small areas. While he welcomed the intake of African refugees, he said it was a mistake to house them in single suburbs, such as Blacktown.

"The Department of Immigration historically has been less active than they should have been with settlement patterns," he said. It needed to ensure that school populations were more diverse ...

"People may not want to talk about it but this is a real issue," Mr Ferguson said ...

We need to ask ourselves what kind of society will we be in 10, 20, 30 or 50 years' time if we continue down the path of state-sponsored segregation and education by class, religion and ethnicity.
You can run, Australia, but you can't hide from the diversity fascists: they're coming for you. We don't want it, the Asians don't want it, the blacks don't want it: left to our own devices, segregation is the desired choice of most. But they're gonna ram it down your throat anyway.

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