White flight in Aussie schools and suburbs

Mar 10, 2008,
Sydney Morning Herald:

WHITE students are fleeing public schools, leaving behind those of Aboriginal and Middle Eastern origin, a secret report by high school principals reveals.

The NSW Secondary Principals Council conducted a confidential survey which raises serious concerns about "white flight" undermining the public education system and threatening social cohesion. Some teachers and principals have described it as "de facto apartheid".

The findings are backed by research from the University of Western Sydney, which has identified evidence of racial conflict in schools in the wake of the Cronulla riots. It also suggests students of Anglo-European descent are avoiding some schools with students of mainly Asian background.

Not only have some public schools lost enrolments; they have become racially segregated. In pockets of rural and remote NSW, Aboriginal students fill public schools and white students attend Catholic and other private schools in the same town.

Around Sydney, the parents of some Anglo-European students are avoiding what they perceive as predominantly Lebanese, Muslim and Asian schools.

In New England, in towns such as Armidale, white middle-class students are flocking to Catholic and independent schools ...
But I thought Armidale overcame their "ignorance and fear" ... ?

Feb 04, 2008, Financial Review
Via Oz Conservative
Australia's tribes are making new tracks:

More than ever, migrants are settling in areas that reflect their ethnicity ... While migrants have always tended to follow in the tracks of kith and kin, Australian-born citizens are now doing the same ...

In older suburbs, such as Parramatta and Bankstown, the adult populations are almost 70% ethnic. In new housing estates on the fringes, the population has mostly Anglo ancestry ...

... in the five year period to 2001, Gosford got 49,000 new residents from elsewhere in Australia and only 4000 from overseas. What's more, a quarter of those new Australian residents came from the western suburbs of Sydney. The Gosford area is the major destination for refugees from western Sydney ...

[Camden] is the white-flight suburb of the south-west. People who grew up in Liverpool, Bankstown or Auburn move up into the new estates of Camden, which are even designed to look like English garden estates.

Camden has always been an English town and they hold onto their tradition dearly. That's why the proposal for an Islamic school there sent them beserk - that's what they moved away from when they left Auburn, Greenacre and the like ...

Sydney has been losing 20,000 to 30,000 residents a year and, according to [Professor] Birrell, "most of those go to northern NSW and Queensland, and most of those would be Anglo-Australians".
Mark Richardson:
People are more likely to feel that they are part of a living community and tradition when they live largely amongst their own ethnic group.
Mar 10, 2008, Herald Sun
Parents told to embrace multiculturalism:
PARENTS should be happy for their children to undergo a multicultural experience in NSW public schools, Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard said.

Ms Gillard was responding to a report that public schools in NSW were suffering "white flight" as Anglo-European students avoided racially diverse institutions.

Ms Gillard, the federal education minister, said parents always had the choice of the best school for their children.

"Part of growing up and part of being an adult in Australia today is you have got to have the ability to mix in multicultural Australia," she told ABC Radio.

"I would have thought that parents would value as part of the education experience, their child being in multicultural Australia, learning about different cultures, learning about diversity because that is the nation they are going to live in." ...
Hey, Jules, maybe that's the point: we're not going to live in it. In diversity, that is. From schools, to where we live, to what career choices we make. Diversity is being rejected.

State ministers warned of flight from schools:
TEACHERS and principals say they raised concerns about "white flight" from public schools with five consecutive state education ministers who failed to respond to their warnings ...

A secret survey of 163 NSW high school principals found that "white flight" had resulted in white students avoiding schools with Aboriginal and Middle Eastern students.

The president of the NSW Teachers Federation, Maree O'Halloran, yesterday said segregation between schools in the public education system was a result of successive state and federal government policies.

"An analysis of the consequences of the policies and a range of solutions has been raised consistently with department officials and members of parliament," she said. "Indeed the federation has raised the issue with each successive state minister and director-general, to my certain knowledge, since 2001."

The president of the Australian Education Union, Angelo Gavrielatos, said he had briefed five state education ministers and four directors-general of education about the issue of "white flight" ...


Anonymous said...

"I would have thought that parents would value as part of the education experience, their child being in multicultural Australia, learning about different cultures, learning about diversity because that is the nation they are going to live in."

Celebrate diversity... or else!

Julia Gillard doesn't seem to grasp that Australians of Anglo-European descent are fed up with 'diversity' continually being rammed down their throats. Did it ever occur to Julia that maybe, just maybe, the Anglo-European majority never wanted their cities and towns radically 'diversified' through mass immigration in the first place?

Even in the face of ethnic and cultural balkanization, Gillard is still extolling the virtues of 'diversity'. Forget reality - that multicultural utopia is just around the corner, provided those nasty Anglo-European Australians learn to accept it. It evidently never crossed her mind that 'diversity' is the real problem here, not white parents.

Of course, for a true believer like Julia to recognise that 'diversity' equals strife not strength, it would first require her to acknowledge that multiculturalism is a failed ideology because it ignores the tribal nature of human beings.

Interestingly, Julia Gillard once subscribed to another inherently flawed ideology that also called for the complete suppression of human nature - it was called communism.

Anonymous said...

All Australia's children are Julia Gillard's now. She manipulates their future at arms length as a perverse means of fulfulling her "Motherly" needs.... minus changing Shitty Nappies, cleaning up and slipping on Kiddie Chunder, sore nipples, saggy Boobs, stitched Fannie, stretched Tummy, leaky bladder, varicose veins, sleepless nights, lazy husband etc, etc
The ultimate industriously lazy, Feminist Totalitarian. But she does work hard for her "constituents".

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear A.S:

Gee, I bet Julia lives in a suburb like Maidstone or Footscray, eh?

Because they're are definitely some of the premier places to experience the total joy and relentless all positives of multi-cultism?

Nope, because like most PC Leftard Socialist and powerful elites, their insane experiments and the natural results, are for you and I, not them.

Where do immigrants move to when they have the money? Usually to the least diverse areas.

My Japanese wife comes from a country that has no interest or need for diversity, and seems to get by, somehow. Now all they need is to value reproducing above replacement level.

Colonel Neville.

Abandon Skip said...

Hey Colonel, yes how do the Japanese survive in a boring monoculture? Those poor devils.

But I did hear on the radio their kids' maths skills were starting to sag in the international ratings and some are embracing an Indian school of maths in Japan.

That's not a good sign: the "let's import a fix" mentality. It knows no ends ...