Rudd wants more African immigration

Mar 9, 2008
Ban on African refugees all talk:

A HIGHLY controversial "ban" on African refugees imposed by the former government last year did not happen, Immigration Department figures show.

Kevin Andrews ... said no more African refugees would be processed until the latter part of this year because the quota of 4000 for the 2007-08 year had been filled. But five months after his comments, figures reveal the quota has yet to be reached ...

Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, said no freeze had been imposed on the intake of African refugees and processing of applications continued. "African migration continues and we want to do more next year. The previous minister's comments were politically motivated," he said.

The Government was committed to helping African refugees under both the special humanitarian and family reunion programs. "The Rudd Government did not approve of Kevin Andrews's commentary. There is no doubt Australia's reputation was hurt [by Mr Andrews]. We have a job to do rebuilding confidence and our international reputation," Senator Evans said.
Fears our crime being imported:
The anatomy of crime in Victoria, obtained by the Sunday Herald Sun, shows those born in Somalia, Lebanon and New Zealand had the highest crime-per-population rates in Victoria.

They are followed by Turkish, Vietnamese and then Australian-born criminals.

An analysis of the police statistics and 2006 Census figures shows on average one in nine Victorians born in Somalia committed a crime in the state last year.

One in 20 Lebanon-born Victorians were offenders compared with one in 31 born in Australia.

The revelations have sparked calls from crime victims for tougher deportation and screening of immigrants.

The Rudd Government will scrap its predecessor's plan to slow African immigration ...

The Crimes Victims Support Association has called for migrant groups committing less crime to be favoured over "high crime" nationalities.

Spokesman Noel McNamara said migrants should be deported on their first offence and there should be a cooling-off period for citizenship ...

Federal Immigration and Citizenship minister Senator Chris Evans said specific immigrant groups would not face caps or discrimination.

"All immigrants face challenges when settling in a new country, especially refugees because of the trauma they have been through," he said.

"Migrants from Africa will successfully settle in Australia just as previous waves of immigrants from different backgrounds have done."

Senator Evans said the Government planned to streamline job services for new migrants to improve their prospects and prevent them turning to crime.
But they don't specify whether its "more of the same" or "more of increased numbers". Either way, more Africans are coming. I suppose it will take ten years of Labor government before we see some lurching into total frankness from Mr Rudd like Tony Blair did as he left office:
Tony Blair yesterday claimed the spate of knife and gun murders in London was not being caused by poverty, but a distinctive black culture ...

Blair said the recent violence should not be treated as part of a general crime wave, but as specific to black youth. He said people had to drop their political correctness and recognise that the violence would not be stopped "by pretending it is not young black kids doing it" ...

Mr Blair said: "Economic inequality is a factor and we should deal with that, but I don't think it's the thing that is producing the most violent expression of this social alienation.

"I think that is to do with the fact that particular youngsters are being brought up in a setting that has no rules, no discipline, no proper framework around them." ...

Mr Blair is known to believe the tendency for many black boys to be raised in families without a father leads to a lack of appropriate role models.

He said: "We need to stop thinking of this as a society that has gone wrong - it has not - but of specific groups that for specific reasons have gone outside of the proper lines of respect and good conduct towards others and need by specific measures to be brought back into the fold."
So Chris Evans will give them a job, but ignore Blair's comments about fatherless black kids and their gangsta culture. Twit. Not that Blair is right in thinking masses of blacks can be "brought back into the fold", but at least he sees the problem.


Mwangi said...

Oh Mr. Evans, Mr. Evans, Mr. Evans. You know what as a fellow human being to the other let me say hello and wish you well.

The article whereas very well quoted and cited - at a level that sadly I believe my blog can never get to - the argument unfortunately began by not making a very key distinction:

Refugees vs Immigrants
Whereas I love all my African brothers and sisters , there is no denying there is a huge disparity between African immigrants and African refugees for among other reasons the different classes of the groups and the trauma that refugees have to go through.

Secondly, there are 50+ countries in Africa each with their own tribes, languages and immigrants and refugees that they have sent here.

If we are to have honest, fair discourse, please change your article to reflect at the very least these two factors and also just what will happen to these Somali kids who have no home and no culture to return to once they are deported.

A place is never judged by how it treats its best citizens but its weakest and most disenfranchised.

Mwangi said...

Apologies, I called you Mr. Evans. I am wiping the haze of sleep of my eyes now.

Abandon Skip said...

mwangi, whilst it may be true that refugees are more trouble than immigrants, I oppose all black African intake - regardless of what part of Africa they come from.

Even if we only took in black non-refugees who committed zero crime, I would still oppose it on grounds of visual and cultural incompatibility. The very presence of blacks in formerly predominantly white areas is confronting to us.

Multiracialism is a unnatural existence - a failing experminent of modern times. Most white folk move away from diverse areas. Obviously blacks are the most disparate of races, in regards to whites, and vice-versa.

Have a look at this post, which examples the exhaustion white folk have in dealing just with the visual intrusion into their otherwise relaxed subconscious. All things foreign hit the subconscious with unease and shock. Only the hardy survive in multiracial towns. I believe this causes the turtle effect that Robert Putnam speaks about in his diversity studies - people withdraw from it.

I also object on grounds of crime and cultural erosion. Blacks are not the only immigrant group to effect both of these and, in total, we're fed up with what now amounts to an invasion of our country and the destruction of our community.

In regards to deportations, whilst I'd favour all immigrants to repatriate themselves back to where they came from, particularly criminals, I would not be in favour of deporting anyone into a situation where their life is in danger. Two wrongs do not make a right.

What I favour is white Australians campaigning for independence from the (now largely irreversible) diverse parts of Australia. I want an independence movement. I don't believe diversity works, so I favour Australia splitting up into separate states/nations based on ethnic/racial/religious lines.

Obviously individual immigrants/refugees can be decent people and I don't blame them for making the most of their opportunities. But, as a policy, I reject the intake of all incompatible foreigners.

PS - Australia is not "A place". This is how some immigrants like to describe Australia, as just another place where anyone can come. Australia is a distinct people with distinct values and identity and many of us do not want it changed.

Anonymous said...

God help Australia!
Here in the UK we see the policies of the left wing dragging us into the gutter.
When hearing the left had come to power in Australia my heart sank knowing exactly where you are heading.
Moslems cornered the drugs trade across the UK.
Africans have brought extreme violence and unending demands for more blacks in parliament.
Should you now relax medicals. due to calls of racist from the left allowing in HIV AIDS swelling numbers from 700 pre 1997 to todays 73.000 then God help your health service as well.

Anonymous said...

Mr Mwangi should perhaps return to Africa so that his skills can benefit his kin directly, as opposed to blissfulling imbibing the material benefits of an alien culture that is not and can never be his.

You are being used Mr Mwangi, as just one individual racial element engineered to destroy all homogenous cultures. That many of us oppose the presence of Africans in large numbers is a function of our awareness of a greater agenda at work.

All over the world European communities are being flooded with distinctly different people. This will ultimately destroy the things that are intrinsically European. The very reasons that you wanted to come here.

Africans should stay in Africa and rectify your own problems, not run away from them.

Abandon Skip said...

"I would not be in favour of deporting anyone into a situation where their life is in danger."

But if it was a national security issue e.g terrorists - then I might consider it.

Anonymous said...

"Migrants from Africa will successfully settle in Australia just as previous waves of immigrants from different backgrounds have done."

That sounds like a leap of faith to me. A huge one at that.

By what yardstick does Mr. Evans measure "successful settlement"? Unlike the European immigrants of old, the current wave of Asian-Middle Eastern immigrants are clearly not assimilating into mainstream Australian society. Rather, they are demanding that mainstream Australia change to accommodate them.

The ethnic ghettos in our capital cities attest to the breakdown of the assimilation process. Is this Mr. Evan's idea of "successful settlement"?

Anonymous said...

"What I favour is white Australians campaigning for independence from the (now largely irreversible) diverse parts of Australia. I want an independence movement. I don't believe diversity works, so I favour Australia splitting up into separate states/nations based on ethnic/racial/religious lines."

The problem is that European Australians generally don't think of themselves as a single ethnic/racial group. Until European Australians begin to assert themselves as a people and start acting as a group, they will continue to have their rights as Australia's existing majority population trampled by assertive, non-European ethnic/racial minorities.

Anonymous said...

Relax, everyone. If nothing else, Australia can always proclaim that they were successful in exterminating an entire race of people. Who, you ask? Why the Aborigines, of course! Remember them? The ones you STOLE your country from in the first place? The ones you've continued to marginalize over time and whose population you've effectively reduced to a mere few thousands? I know you all like to pretend they don't exist (it's much too "confronting" for you to do otherwise, I'm sure) but we abroad are WELL aware of your barbarianism with respect to these innocent people.

And by the way: separation of the races only lasts but so long. Australia will be seeing little blue-eyed African children and kinky-haired White children in no time!!

Anonymous said...

Exterminating what a laugh!! if that was true they would not be costing our government 1.2 billion dollars a year.
Why should the Australian population apoligize??? when the English arrived they were only doing what every other nation had been doing since the dawn of mankind.

The people who allow and make the decisions for poorly filtered immigrants to live in Australia are usually wealthy idealists who do not live next to the results of their decisions but in a nice comfy house somewhere..probably in toorak.

So lets have a look at Africa..does it work??? no, so why would you insist on opening the gates to that sort of mentality??
I know a Sudanese lady who came here on a humanitarian visa and shortly after the rest of her family as they cried they needed her.

Then as her mother figured out she gets a single mothers pension with her children, and the best food she has eaten the best accomodation she has lived in and free money she quickly got rid of the husband as she had no use of him. now she and her family have ruined 3 houses in excess of $80,000 in damages and move around brisbane doing the same as i am told.

i have seen first NO!! MR RUDD you are NOT helping the people that built everything that we have here in this great land.